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An End-To-End Cybersecurity Solution Built To Empower Defenders: Cybereason


Cybereason is writing the rules on how organizations protect themselves against rapidly evolving adversaries. Today’s threat environment requires understanding the adversary and attack landscape. The layers of protection a company has are irrelevant since adversaries will always find a way to bypass them. However, after infiltrating an organization, the attackers are vulnerable. Their activity offers an opportunity to discover the attack. So Cybereason developed an endpoint detection platform that uses this insight to empower security teams.

It protectsits customers by exploiting their adversaries’ weaknesses.Since its inception in 2012, the company’s technology has stopped the world’s most advanced cyber attacks.

Creating a Difference

Cybereason instantly tells companies if they are under attack, the attack’s impact and how to immediately stop the threat. The company’s platform finds a single component of an attack and connects it to other pieces of information to reveal an entire campaign and shuts it down. Even the most talented analysts would struggle with detecting a threat and quickly building a complete attack story but it simplifies this process.

The military is part of its heritage. Many of its employees served in the Israel Defense Forces’ 8200 unit, an elite group that specializes in cybersecurity, giving them extensive experience with hacking operations. The company is applying the military’s perspective on cybersecurity to enterprise security.

For Cybereason, security is not mysterious and encompasses more than laptops, servers,and malware. It is a complex operation run by people who use a variety of techniques to achieve specific goals.

Trademark Products

Deep Detect & Respond: Cybereason Deep Detect & Respond (EDR) helps clients defend against even the most advanced attacks. The Cybereason solution focuses on collecting and analyzing behavioral data, meaning it doesn’t focus on what the data is. Rather, it focuses on the behaviors and motivations behind the data. This enables the solution to spot suspicious activities that would otherwise get overlooked.

Deep Prevent:To ensure high-efficacy malware detection and blocking, Deep Prevent, the Cybereason NGAV solution, provides organizations with a multi-layered protection stack that is comprised of signature, proprietary signature-less, and behavioral protection capabilities.

Deep Investigate: The Cybereason platform collects massive amounts of data from across the entire enterprise. Analysts can easily dive into the data and make actionable use of it by querying everything from raw information to pre-categorized data that’s been flagged as suspicious.

Deep Respond: Even with the best antivirus and firewalls in place, attackers do get in!In such a scenario, organizations need a solution that not only detects threats but enables them to respond quickly and shut them down. Deep Respond, the Cybereason response interface, presents an easy-to-understand visual attack story with insight into what active malicious operations are currently underway.

Services Offerings        

Active Monitoring: With Cybereason Active Monitoring, Cybereason security specialists examine detections, determine the scope and severity of malicious operations (Malops™), and provide remediation recommendations to clients’ security team while they maintain full control of their platform and data.

Active Hunting: Defenders are fighting a constantly escalating battle: As attackers become more ingenious, defenders are forced to constantly improve their security programs to stay ahead. Even companies with strong cyber-security programs find it hard to figure out if they’re under attack.

Advanced Analysis: When dealing with never-before-seen or complex threats, Cybereason experts will use cutting-edge research techniques to understand attacker goals and potential business impact. The services team will help organizations move quickly, effectively neutralize threats, and minimize damage.

Deployment & Training:The Cybereason team is dedicated to helping clients meet their security objectives and business goals. To ensure their success as a Cybereason customer, they will receive both onboarding and ongoing support from its team of highly experienced product experts.

Meet the Leader                

LiorDiv, Chief Executive Officer, and Co-Founder: Lior is an expert in hacking operations, forensics, reverse engineering, malware analysis, cryptography, and evasion. Previously, Lior served in unit 8200 of the Israeli Intelligence Corps as a commander of a cybersecurity team, where he received a Medal of Honor. Prior to co-founding Cybereason, Lior founded a cybersecurity services company that provided services to Israeli government agencies.

“Our adversaries are advancing faster than the industry. We can only reverse this advantage by working together and tapping into diverse ways of thinking.”