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An expert in solution provider for smarter business: Timbergrove


“Timber grove enables automation and provides a view into formerly manual business processes.”

Founded in 2006, Timbergrove is an IT Services and Consulting company headquartered in Houston, Texas. Our mission is to ensure the success of our clients’ enterprise technology projects by providing expert strategic planning, business systems analysis, and solution architecture consulting services. Timbergrove helps businesses achieve operational excellence with best-in-class IBM software solutions.

Timbergrove insist on four pillars

Simple solutions: To optimize user satisfaction, we push to minimize confusion and risk by creating simplicity in our recommended solutions. It’s also the way we like to communicate.

Stakeholder engagement: Stakeholders engage throughout a project’s lifecycle.

Change management: Change is the only constant, when organizations implement change, it should be managed to mature delivery and product quality with no shortcuts.

Continual communication: Timber grove keeps their team and, more important, their clients up-to-date

Simple and best service

IBM technology has helped make the world work better and smarter for more than a century.

Timbergrove is proud to offer expertise in products in IBM technologies like, WebSphere MQ Series, WebSphere Portal, Maximo Asset Manager, WebSphere Business Process Manager.

Websphere MQ series: Company meets enterprise-wide messaging needs and connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile devices. Simplifies and accelerates the integration of applications and business data across multiple platforms.

Websphere portal: Enables enterprise web portals that deliver a highly-personalized, social experience. Increases visitor response and reduces web operations cost while offering a range of capabilities to meet business needs.

Maximo asset manager: Manages assets such as production, infrastructure, transportation and communications on a common platform, allowing organizations to share and enforce best practices, resources and personnel.

WebSphere Business Process Manager: Provides faster time to deployment for instant collaboration and real-time visibility to drive continuous insights into business operations. Scales for better customer interactions within business processes. Apart from IBM , Timbergrove has also joined hands  to work with big companies like, Golden living, Staples, People, Canon, United, light Striker, ACP, City Sportz, ExtremeTix and many more.

Solutions to setup a firm organization

Maximo Day2 Support:  Timbergrove’s Maximo Day2 Support is an efficient, fully managed IT support service for businesses that have installed and operate on the IBM Maximo Asset Manager platform.

The right approach and best technology for your Business Process Management project: When business stakeholders have limited involvement in project design and development, projects naturally reflect a technology-centric focus. BPM is successful when a collaborative approach is taken, and both business and technology stakeholders participate in the solution design, development and on-going optimization.

Enterprise Asset Management: In today’s budget-sensitive world, physical asset management has a critical impact on the bottom line. Tracking all the components of an organization’s physical assets is a huge task, but it’s essential for improving operational efficiencies and reducing costs. Unlock the real value of your organizational data with the Internet of Things, and build a smarter business: The notion of the “Internet of Things” is still relatively new and somewhat nebulous to many businesses. Timbergrove is helping organizations harness the power of Internet of Things today, which is propelling businesses who are Makers and Operators to the forefront of their industries.

Cloud-based E-commerce: Leverage cloud-based E-commerce applications for smart business reasons: reduce costs, accelerate deployments and respond quickly to market opportunities and fluctuations. Offering easy integration and a smooth, positive experience for customers, hosting in the cloud just makes sense for today’s online sales environments.

What clients say about ‘Timbergrove’

“We have worked with Timbergrove in the past year creating a revolutionary product and we are excited about our partnership. They have delivered value every step of the way, and their vision on the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile and cloud-based  e-commerce is allowing us to jump ahead with confidence.”- Paul Abrahams, COO, Lightstriker “Timbergrove has assisted us with many projects over the last 12 months and continues to do so. I really appreciate their attention to detail and focus on communication. Timbergrove does a great job of asking questions to make sure the solution is going to solve both the immediate and long-term need.”- Tony DiCamillo, Sr. Vice President & General Manager, ExtremeTix, Inc

Meet the Master

Ian Uriarte (Founder and CEO) of Timbergrove solutions.

Ian uriarte is a thinker and problem solver who wishes to get things done. A successful social entrepreneur and serial business, who has lead business and non-profit organizations from long time. Ian has focused on business from twenty years on software services, technology oil and gas, manufacturing, transportation & e-commerce industries.  As a energetic leader, Ian has led his team  into the space of IoT for Enterprise Asset Management solutions in last few years, helping clients maximize investments on physical assets by increasing asset longevity, increasing work order visibility and creating operational excellence while reducing risk in safety, health and increased compliance in environmental. For his dedication and hard work, Mr. Ian was chosen one of the most creative CEOs by Insights Success magazine.

People behind the success of ‘Timbergrove’- Kimberly Chesser-Director –Marketing and Operations, Elizabeth Creech-

Principal Consultant and Program Manager, Paul Solano- Director, IBM Maximo & SOA Practice, Paul Abrahams – Director.

“Timbergrove stands to give better accelerating possibilities for smarter business making.”