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50 Most Admired Companies of the Year 2021

An expert in the wealth management segment with highly commendable services: Fremont Bank


In the highly uncertain world we live in, wealth holds an important place in our lives. We spend a majority of our lifetime accumulating wealth and saving it for our future, our near and dear ones, and the next generation, which is why we must take the necessary measures to ensure that the wealth we earn is taken care of properly.

Globally, there are various retail and commercial banks delivering excellent wealth management services, but Fremont Bank stands out from the rest. Fremont Bank ( is a leading retail and commercial bank, California mortgage lender, and award-winning top philanthropic business, and it consistently ranks in Bay Area News Group’s “Top Bay Area Workplaces.” The company is deeply committed to contributing to its clients’ goals and empowering the communities it serves. Fremont Bank was founded with the belief that a bank isn’t just another company; the company’s role is to support long-term prosperity for the communities where we all benefit. Over the past decade, Fremont Bank has thoughtfully grown its Financial Services offerings and has robust capabilities to help its clients manage their money and plan for the future.

Leandro Vicuna, JD, Managing Director of Trust & Fiduciary Services joined Fremont Bank in 2018 with the goal of building a dynamic team and growing the Trust Department. Mr. Vicuna initially approached this significant challenge by asking himself, “Why would anyone need our fiduciary solutions?” Understanding the “why” was everything, so he set out to implement meaningful structural changes, recruit the right team of seasoned professionals, improve the marketing approach, lead new business development, and deepen collaboration between internal bank partners. The result was a drastically improved client experience and growth in the number of clients served, and a department that is now positioned for success for years to come.

The Fremont Bank Difference – Interpersonal relationship with clients

Fremont Bank is proud to be one of the few family-owned, privately held financial institutions in California. Being privately held means Fremont Bank is not driven by short-term profitability, and it can work with clients in a highly personalized manner. Whether you are looking for a trustee of your own trust or a beneficiary of a trust, Fremont Bank can provide the highly personalized service you deserve. Many clients, not just the very wealthy, have trust needs, and Fremont Bank takes pride in having a lower point of entry (only $500,000) than many of its competitors.

Fremont Bank has strong relationships with several partners. Together, they are able to deliver a meaningful and unique client experience. The company’s approach has a lasting impact on clients because they always have access to one main point of contact that delivers a seamless, comprehensive suite of sophisticated services engineered by various subject matter experts.

The company’s seasoned trust officers are subject matter experts in estate planning, and they are genuine and caring about satisfying clients’ various needs. The Wealth management Group manages over $1 billion in assets, with over $500 million in Trust and Estate Services. Working with Fremont Bank Investment Services affords you access to dynamic financial professionals and access to a variety of investment vehicles, delivered with a personalized, relationship-based approach.

Future of the Trust Services Department

While Fremont Bank has built a strong Trust Services Department, there are exciting developments planned for the coming year. While talking about the company’s upcoming plans, Mr. Vicuna revealed that Fremont Bank is planning to launch Legacy Planning/Family Wealth Services, which will focus on estate planning, family governance, succession planning, multi-generational engagement, tax/gift savings strategies, and socially responsible investing. “As a family-owned bank that serves family-owned businesses, we know these are among the most pertinent topics for our clients, and we are excited to add these capabilities to further help us be a trusted partner in their succession planning,” said Vicuna.

“Fremont Bank is a family-owned bank with a family-owned feel. We are deeply committed to contributing to our clients’ goals and empowering our community.”