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An Infinite Quest for Never-Ending Success: CBIG Consulting


“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” – Steve Jobs

Founded in 2002, CBIG Consulting led by President, Todd Nash is a vendor-neutral consulting group focusing almost exclusively on providing best-practice solutions in business intelligence and data warehousing services. The company, headquartered in Chicago, is enjoying a growing global presence, with offices in San Francisco, Boston, Denver, Austin, Raleigh, Irvine and Seattle in the U.S.; Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland and Singapore serving the Asia-Pacific region; and London to attend to the needs of clienteles in the EMEA region.

Since its inception, CBIG has developed an impressive fleet of fast, scalable, easy-to-deploy solutions with toolsets that make immediate gratification, at least from a business intelligence standpoint, a welcome reality. And as technologies continue to evolve, the CBIG team continues to develop innovative BI advancements to keep up, leveraging the power of Big Data analytics and Cloud technology.

Today, CBIG’s experienced professionals are at the forefront of the industry in helping enterprises increase their value and competitive edge. Todd believes a big part of the company’s success can be attributed to CBIG’s philosophy, which stresses supporting clients and one another toward sharing and applying their collective knowledge gained in over 500 projects.

 “Our mantra, for all of us, is to continually innovate, pushing the envelope to find creative solutions that resolve the provocative challenges our clients like to throw at us. This translates to adding industry-specific solutions to our portfolio, and hiring the best and brightest talent in the industry.”

A distinguished class apart from others
Within the current market scenario, Nash says it’s the composition of CBIG’s delivery teams that sets the company apart from most consulting groups. CBIG has adopted the saying, “Different by Design,” to describe how the company offers what most consulting groups cannot—complete life-cycle solutions that integrate the talents and expertise of all of CBIG’s

professional and technical units, including Management Consultants, Business Analysts, Data Scientists, Data Architects and Engineers.

Todd maintains that CBIG’s “Different by Design” approach offers seamless control and project oversight throughout each project phase, in part because the work is managed by the same Project Principal throughout the life of each engagement. The biggest advantage? Client enterprises aren’t forced to switch from one subject matter expert to the next to execute each new phase. Todd says, “CBIG leaders learned through hard-won experience that a “pass the baton” approach invariably leads to time-consuming learning curves, scope creep, and even misaligned goals which can drag a project down or even derail the solution altogether.”


Focusing on the direction throughout the life of each engagement, team CBIG is always seeking new tech advancements that can help clienteles achieve their goals. “Our teams have committed to developing practical solutions that provide businesses with more proactive and creative opportunities to influence their own destiny,”
added Nash.

Having served diverse clienteles spanning a wide range of industries—including healthcare, finance and insurance, pharmaceutical and life sciences, utilities and telecommunications, higher education, consumer packaged goods, retail, transportation and logistics, Internet and technology, and industrial manufacturing—CBIG is currently finalizing plans to add offices that can best serve growing client demand in all regions of the globe. “We’re also introducing the more strategic programs in Marketing Intelligence and Data Monetization in the Asia-Pac region,” added Todd.

Increase Profit Margins and Revenue

CBIG can help you leverage marketing analytics to better understand your market and jumpstart profitability and business growth.

Todd Nash Sharing his thoughts on what makes CBIG a market leader..

Q. Why is CBIG a valued organization for clienteles? Tell us something about your most popular offering?

A. Most organizations have Big Data frameworks already in place in some form today, and BI initiatives focus more on smaller business units, targeting their specific needs. We are an undisputed leader today because we firmly believe that, in the current world, thinking “smaller” can, in fact, achieve greater results. We have deliberately built our practice to encompass comprehensive services that do not leave our clients hanging. We are involved from strategy, planning, implementation, and project management through ongoing managed services.

For business organizations that rely heavily on data to drive profit and growth, the biggest challenge involves discovering what can give them the most bang for their IT investment buck. Responding to this increased client demand for more strategic direction at a minimal investment—in both time and financial resources—we developed our CBIG Discovery™ Workshop and CBIG Discovery™ Roadmap services. These initiatives are a low-risk/high reward approach, specifically designed to allow firms to engage CBIG in days or weeks. Led by CBIG’s management consultant specialists, clients learn to think along more strategic lines and gain constructive guidance using their own unique circumstances as proof-of-value case studies. The client will achieve a roadmap that points to practical solutions offering the best chance for success—faster results, better ROI and long-term growth.

We also have a formal, company-wide KnowledgeShare program where we review and critique the latest advancements in both software and hardware technology. It’s an all-hands-on-deck approach that lifts all boats—our clients, our professional staff members, and our business as a whole. Our practice leaders also maintain strong relationships with software solution partners, professional associations, and educators in the field. We continue to grow our collective knowledge and expertise gained over the years to help enterprises increase their value and competitive edge.

Q. How do you contribute to the market at large?

When it comes to Big Data, success or failure in today’s highly competitive global marketplace revolves around developing a rapid-response mentality. Based on our experience with a growing number of organizations, gaining the ability to get real-time, reliable information invariably achieves positive gains in profitability and market share. Our services are thus designed to give enterprise business units the freedom to be self-sufficient in managing their own information needs at their own pace, giving their IT departments the freedom to focus their expertise where it is most needed.

Q: Can you give us a brief overview of the products and services offered by your company?

For larger BI and Big Data endeavours, our services typically employ CBIG Assessment™ and CBIG Roadmap™ as the logical starting point. Currently, much of our work involves more strategic analytics. Today’s economic climate demands that most businesses be somewhat more discriminating when considering improvements to their business processes to take advantage of everything their data assets have to offer. For that reason, our services stress starting with smaller, more manageable business objectives. Some of these aims include Data Monetization, Marketing Analytics, Competitive Intel, Predictive Analytics, and Sales Analytics. These services help our clients improve and maintain their competitive edge. CBIG’s service modules are increasingly employing CBIG Lean™ Analytics with our Cloud expertise. Combining CBIG Lean™ technology with our CBIG Cloud™ solutions provides transformative results, employing a streamlined approach to data management and analysis that gives stakeholders faster access and overall control of their data, in real time. All of these products and services give users better access to data, with dashboards and other analytic tools designed to work via any web-enabled device.

Q. How has CBIG’s journey been so far?

A. Even before the term “Big Data” was coined, CBIG was developing BI frameworks that steered our clients toward thinking about their data assets in new ways. Once our clients adopted the fundamental concept that they were sitting on a potential gold mine of business intelligence, these enterprises started demanding more creative methods to extract valuable metrics out of raw data, which could in turn help guide their business in more profitable directions. The key for all—meaning client stakeholders, CBIG’s management team, data professionals, and software partners—proved to be a willingness to embrace change and trust in new innovations. CBIG continues to carve out a leading role in advancing more proactive strategies that solve specific challenges and drive our client businesses forward.

With regard to our firm, CBIG’s founding partners had collaborated in some capacity or were colleagues before forming CBIG. Recognizing a growing need for more rules-based, reliable data storage architectures and data management services, they joined forces to share their expertise in what was the prevailing technology at the time. The partners realized early on that breaking out of this niche market and expanding these services could lead to unlimited possibilities. With an eye to the future, managing partners consciously invested in growing a team of talented professionals—management consultants, data analysts, scientists, engineers, architects, and programmers—who brought singular skill sets and experience, as well as innovative ideas, to help clients capitalize on the sheer volume and variety of their data resources. Our team continues to give new life to these data assets, developing advanced tools and processes that offer client enterprises a much better perspective of their business and measurable opportunities to change, grow, and succeed.

“The CBIG team believes that the driving force and differentiator in our work is the Principal leaders’ involvement from start to finish, with an emphasis on creating clear, strategic roadmaps before developing the technology to get there. To maintain the integrity of this strategic roadmap, the company then brings in the technical delivery teams for solution development and deployment, and finally turns to its ongoing support services professionals to achieve truly sustainable, complete life-cycle solutions.”