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50 Leading Companies of the Year 2017

An intensely qualitative approach to IT leads generation based on a proprietary, scientific Call-Smart model: Beyond Codes Inc.

thesiliconreview-gaurav-kumar-ceo-beyond-codes-inc-17A proper lead generation is the backbone of a company’s sales machine. With a bad lead generation, a company’s sales won’t be stable and will crash down. A bad lead generation can even ruin a dinner time. The moment you are about to take the first savory bite of that exotic pizza with a quirky name, the phone rings and the call is about some sales thing. And this is the most annoying thing that can happen to anybody. 

If we see in terms of the corporate world, Organizations nowadays are striving to find the right new prospects and to fix appointments with key decision-makers in order to build relationships that can eventually convert into sales. However, companies that try to do these themselves are often frustrated by the meager returns they get on the huge investment of time, effort, and resources that this requires. On the flip side, handing over such a critical job to cold callers and generic sales talkers yields poor results and can also lead to shut doors.

Power Your Pipeline With Beyond Codes

A serial entrepreneur, who has cut his teeth on many successful ventures, saw the need for a solution that can save a business’s lead generation. To fill the void and to be a critical part of the industry, in 2008, Gaurav Kumar founded Beyond Codes. Beyond Codes is a dynamic Demand Generation company that delivers meaningful connections through high-quality appointment setting and research-driven contact development programs for leading IT/BPO/Product companies in the U.S., Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

Beyond Codes started its venture with a lead generation service for IT Industry in Insurance & Banking vertical. As the first project roll-on, it was very successful. But later the company realized that what it thought is the pain area, was not actually the pain area. Beyond codes got a reality check done at a very early stage and found out the real pain points and started working on them. Beyond Codes’ exceptional dedication and expertise has delivered spectacular results in a short period of time from its humble launch in 2008 to the first $1 million in a record 1.5 years, to be a global leader in IT lead generation in 2013. Today, the California based company; Beyond Codes has over 52+ customers including 14 of the Top 20 IT /BPO companies.

The Jingles Of Success

“Success isn't overnight. It's when every day you get a little better than the day before. It all adds up.” this quote by Dwayne Johnson goes well with the story of Beyond Codes.

In 2008 when the market crashed and everybody was exiting America, Gaurav got his green card and he took it as an opportunity and started the company. During the initial years of Beyond Codes, the company faced many challenges and hurdles, even after their first project, and the reasons were obvious; they were new to the market and no one wanted to take any kind of risk.

It was difficult for the company to maintain both, Quantity and Quality and it has always been a tug of war. But that was totally normal, every startup faces that. To be the “Mr. I know everything”, one has to be on the top technology. Beyond Codes, never dropped its arms, the company continued its work and took every failure as learning.

“I think it’s so much fun to start a venture and even more fun to maintain it, run it, all we need to do this is to have passion, curiosity (like a kid) and excitement.”

Gaurav’s friend, Mr. Rahul Gupta played the most important role in establishing, maintaining & running Beyond Codes. He was a mentor, philosopher, coach, friend & a guide who was always there in every phase.

The company is expanding in every aspect of its verticals and horizontals. The expansion is not only in terms of the team or the customer but also in terms of the geographies covered. Beyond Code has become a one-stop shop for IT Companies.

After so much of struggle and challenges, today, there are 318 employees at Beyond Codes, with 1 COO, 6 Delivery Managers, 14 Account Managers and different teams in Sales, Delivery, Operations, Quality, Database, and Research & Training.

A Road Map To The Future

Beyond Codes work with Tier-1, 2 & 3 companies in various geographies to help them win new customers, assist them in Sales Intelligence, nurturing leads, grow in existing client accounts i.e. Farming and Hunting. Being a customer-centric company, Beyond Codes is agile and aligns its work with customer’s goal & is always flexible to work as per customer’s strategy, tactics and target accounts criteria.

For the near future, Beyond Codes is set to roll-out its all-new offering into the market for new geographies. The company’s main objective is to help the salespeople to accomplish their goals. As per the sales pipeline Beyond Codes have and with retention of its customers, the company believes that it will witness a 100% growth in the next 2 years.

Man Behind The Venture

Gaurav Kumar is the Founder and CEO of Beyond Codes. He is a widely recognized and sought-after Demand Generation expert, and a veteran of the industry. In the 18 years since the start of his career, Kumar has accumulated experience and expertise in Sales, Business Development, Strategic Sales Consulting and Engagement Management. He possesses a special flair for Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, and Sales Strategy Consulting. Kumar has exceptional insight into the India, US, and UK markets, especially in the Insurance/Banking and Healthcare verticals.

Kumar loves music and traveling, and lives in Southern California with his wife Tripti and his daughter Bani.

“Our services and model are uniquely tailored to suit the needs of the IT services and product development industry. We have developed high-quality relationships with the buy-side market – including CXOs, Vice Presidents, and Directors at large companies who are decision-makers in the buying process.”