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An Interview with Chris Efessiou, Alzyn, LLC Chairman and CEO: “We’re the Leader in Protecting Aging Brain Cells and Promoting Brain Health with a Unique Delivery System”


“Alzyn has been pursuing a unique approach to slow the progression of age-related memory loss by employing a unique combination of well-researched compounds that it licensed from the Florida State University College of Medicine.”

In the nineties, numerous studies began to highlight the problem of the increasing number of people with age-related memory loss in developed countries, especially in the context of demographic progress. At the same time, the 21st century is typical of the development of advanced technologies that penetrate all areas of human life. Digital devices, sensors, and intelligent applications are tools that can help seniors and allow better communication and control of their caregivers.

In light of the foregoing, we’re thrilled to present Alzyn, LLC. Alzyn is an innovative consumer health and wellness company with a novel proprietary technology which uniquely enables the delivery of critical nutrients that have been shown to protect brain cell health. Healthy brain cells are known to defend against diminished cognitive capacity. The company was incorporated in 2014 and is headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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Chris Efessiou, Alzyn LLC Chairman & CEO, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

How was the company established?

Alzyn is the fruition of research by Dr. Ewa Bienkiewicz, PhD, Research Associate Professor and Director of the Protein Biology Laboratory at Florida State University College of Medicine, the results of which were published in a major scientific journal. Her team’s research methodology determined that four naturally occurring nutrients, acting in concert, had a favourable impact on five critical factors associated with cognitive decline. ALZYN, LLC (the company) was then established and secured exclusive rights to Dr. Bienkiewicz’s science.

What is different about Alzyn?

Alzyn has been pursuing a unique approach to impede the progression of age-related cognitive decline.

Dr. Bienkiewicz selected and tested several compounds, demonstrating their efficacy in a proof-of-concept study. She and her team evaluated levels of several biomarkers associated with cognitive decline. These markers, she believes, drive the cascading symptoms of age-related memory loss as it progresses. Collectively, the observed modifications in biomarkers reflected a promising breakthrough and strategy to promote brain health and impede or diminish brain cell death. The challenge later became that these four nutrients, cannot be adequately absorbed through ordinary digestion in most people over the age of 50. To overcome this challenge, we worked in concert with a private research group, Langford Research Institute, and created the vehicle for getting these essential nutrients into the system. The solution to the challenge became a specially formulated liquid compound which enables the combination of nutrients to enter the body while bypassing the digestive tract.

Why is that a better approach, other than not wanting to swallow pills?

There are two significant reasons. Aging causes the gut to become less efficient. There is less acid secreted into the stomach, meaning that stomach contents dissolve only partially or minimally; thus, the quantities of nutrients entering the bloodstream are suboptimal.

Secondly, vitamin B12 (a component of Alzyn) is not well absorbed when ingested. In certain circumstances, people may take B12 sublingually (under the tongue) and allow it to dissolve through the tissues in the mouth. The sublingual method of administration has certain limitations as well. The most effective way to administer B12 is by intramuscular injection. In fact, in severe cases such as pernicious anemia (vitamin B12 deficiency), injection is the only way to go. Consequently, applying B12 and other nutrients on the skin for health maintenance purposes becomes the only effective, practical and convenient way to deliver them to the bloodstream.

Why does it work through the skin?

The skin has several layers, some of which allow penetration and absorption, while others do not. If you were to take the four major components of Alzyn [Vitamin B12, Melatonin, EGCG (the active ingredient in green tea) and Resveratrol] in their natural form and rub them onto the skin, none would be absorbed. Alzyn achieves absorption with the use of a licensed patented process which allows large molecules to be absorbed through the skin.

What are your future plans for marketing, investment, and strategic partnerships?

We are entering a very crowded market, but a market that is mainly unsatisfied for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is overstated expectations. Although there are dozens of products in the market, consumers have yet to find one that is effective, convenient, and practical in its use. To cut through this maze, we will not sell, but we will educate the consumer on the differences and benefits of Alzyn versus the masses. We will clearly outline what all available supplements, including ours, do and what they don’t do. Nutritionals like vitamins and other health supplements, when taken for long periods as directed, help you maintain health and allow you to keep what you already have. They do not fix something that has already gone wrong. To think that you can fix something retroactively with a supplement is a misplaced expectation. In my experience, I have found that being straightforward and setting realistic goals with your customers is always the best course of action.

Concerning funding, strategic alliances, and other forms of capital flow, I am open to all of it. My strong preference, however, is for strategic partnerships and licensing opportunities both domestically and internationally, and we are presently in discussions on all fronts.

Fostering a culture of feedback is crucial to the success of every organization. How is this true with your company?

As a science-based company, feedback is at the heart of everything we do. Once the product becomes available later this year, we’ll utilize social and digital media to collect consumer sentiment, which we will feature on our website. We will assess all comments and suggestions regularly, and we shall make appropriate changes and improvements to satisfy the end-user. I must tell you that the prospect of bringing this technology to the millions of aging Americans who are concerned about their cognitive decline has created tremendous passion and energy among the members of our team.

Chris Efessiou: A Formidable Leader

Chris Efessiou is an accomplished forward-thinking executive and entrepreneur, recognized for his expertise in transforming science-based endeavors into profitable commercial enterprises. For nearly 30 years, he has advised, managed, developed, and commercialized more than 40 new products and services in the global healthcare, life sciences, and consumer product markets, including Mucinex®, Flonase®, Zantac®, and others. Chris is a partner at Newport LLC and co-chair of its Lifesciences practice and Chairman of SRxA. He is a founding mentor of the Maryland Tech Council Venture Mentoring Service, and an advisor to the National Institutes of Health Commercialization Acceleration Program.

“Applying B12 and other nutrients on the skin for health maintenance becomes the only effective, non-invasive way to deliver them to the bloodstream.”