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An Interview with Greg Erhahon, KompiTech Founder and CEO: ‘Our Aim is to Make KompiTech Blockchain Platform Available to all Organizations, Making the IT Industry More Efficient’


“Our mission is to provide all parties involved in delivering an IT service with a single source of truth in order to fully eliminate human errors, reduce IT operations costs, increase efficiency and accountability.”

From finance to construction, blockchain technology has opened nearly every major industry – with one notable exception: IT. Blockchain has immense potential to become a significant source of disruptive innovations across all industries. However, with many of the IT organizations having limited knowledge and understanding of blockchain techniques, it is essential to find a reliable partner who can assist them with unlocking this breakthrough technology’s true potential.

In light of the foregoing, we’re thrilled to present KompiTech.

KompiTech is a global technology and IT services provider supporting its clients’ IT management needs in 59 countries around the world. KompiTech offers its clients the flexibility as a partner who understands and is prepared to tackle the occasional threat that might arise within their business with the agile and ultra-secure blockchain technology.

Additionally, the company is a key member of the Hyperledger Blockchain Community developing Blockchain solutions and frameworks for developers and businesses alike.The company was incorporated in 2009 and is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. It has additional offices located in New York, US; London, UK; Prague, Czech Republic; Cape Town, South Africa; and Hannover, Germany.

Greg Erhahon, KompiTech Founder/CEO, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

Why was the company set up? And how did you expand your company and its offerings over the years?

Modern organizations undergo a complete digital transformation to thrive in our Digital Age truly. Since the transformation is a very complex project that requires many resources, I decided to quit my full-time role in 2009 and support those companies in need with my IT skills. Starting as a boutique IT Support Service Company, I started KompiTech in my little apartment in Zurich and moved to a new one-person office. I then managed to onboard a couple of clients that required my expertise and comprehensive IT knowledge on a day-to-day basis. However, due to many strong referrals, more and more customers started enquiring about KompiTech’s IT services, which resulted in great demand for expanding the company’s workforce and its portfolio to meet their organizations’ needs.

After succeeding in Switzerland, I moved the KompiTech business model across Europe. KompiTech opened new offices in Germany and the Czech Republic, where it employed a number of dynamic, bright and keen professional with a real thirst for Information Technology. The reason behind hiring a young workforce was simple – as the companies were embracing digital transformation, I believed that no-one would tackle modern IT challenges more accurately than a digital-savvy generation. This philosophy proved to be true as KompiTech very soon expanded its operations to the United Kingdom (an office in London) as well as Cape Town, South Africa.

KompiTech has recognized new challenges of the IT Management and Consultancy industry including service inefficiencies, transparency, trust, automation and responsiveness issues, which required a breakthrough solution to solve. With my constant relentless efforts to change the status quo, I decided to adopt blockchain technology and expand KompiTech’s portfolio into blockchain technology products and solutions, which gave birth to KompiTech Blockchain Platform in 2015. Since then, blockchain technology has formed a very strong side of KompiTech business strategy.

At KompiTech, we strongly believe that blockchain is the technology of the future, with the power to eliminate inefficiencies in today’s enterprise processes, transforming the way organizations transact, communicate with full transparency. KompiTech Blockchain Platform offers customer our in-house BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) along with our expert consultancy and development team that makes blockchain adoption easier for organizations worldwide. This is especially important to the supply chain, manufacturing, government, finance, and healthcare industries, where transparency, trust, automation, and real-time information access play a significant role in gaining a competitive edge.

With a myriad of players out there in the market offering Blockchain services and solutions, what according to you is the unique factor that differentiates you from other competitors in the space?

Our KompiTech Blockchain Platform is the unique factor; it comes with various flavors and tools we have developed in-house from years of expertise building enterprise-grade blockchain solutions. These tools come very handy in helping us build market-ready blockchain application for customers, beginning from the initial consultation to the product launch. After the product launch, a customer can start small and scale their blockchain resources utilization as their blockchain network grows to avoid unnecessary cost. Our blockchain platform comes with an individual, organizational approach, tailored to each customers’ needs, hence why we are happy to offer a top-end product with a competitive price tag, which other brands can’t offer. We do all this to make sure that our customers can demonstrate a positive Return-On-Investment and stay ahead of their competition.

This personal approach, in our opinion, is critical, especially if we talk about blockchain that is still a relatively new and a still maturing industry, as mentioned above. We understand that you might not have the in-depth, professional knowledge of how blockchain infrastructure works, nor a pool of fully-trained blockchain engineers – and this is why we have created a one-stop-shop for all your blockchain development needs.

There is a bonus of KBP support – once your application is up and running, you do not have to go away and manage it yourself. The blockchain industry is still maturing, and we know that what is a trend now might not be in a few months’ time, hence why the priority for us is to keep our clients’ applications ahead of the curve at all times. As a part of our blockchain consultancy services, we provide our clients with a continuous improvement, maintenance, and support to make sure that your project stays up-to-date – which is quite unlikely for our competitors.

One of the launched products powered by KompiTech Blockchain Platform is, an ITSM (IT Service Management) application available in our KompiTech BLiTS suite of blockchain applications is the first tool of its kind designed to streamline operations of IT departments. It is an agile ITSM tool that can be utilized by any organization to manage and automate their IT department.

KompiTech BLiTS ITSM application is a fully intuitive, automated solution, created to deliver an entirely new customer experiences thanks to pioneering Smart Contracts technology and an automated service delivery process. It is an innovative ITSM solution that could easily be used by organization of any size to define their IT service expectations and scale as they grow. KompiTech BLiTS is used to enforce services being delivered are in-line with defined expectations as it automatically tracks or monitors breached service agreements and applies penalties stipulated in the service agreement without requiring any manual management. In the context of the sought after transparency, our mission is to provide all parties involved in delivering an IT service with a single source of truth in order to fully eliminate human errors, reduce IT operations costs, increase efficiency and accountability.

Where do you see you and your company a couple of years from now?

We are very much looking to increase our expansion and revolutionize all industries with our innovative blockchain solutions. Our blockchain platform and technical expertise will contribute to organizations adapting blockchain technology, and it will become some sort of “ice-breaker” for organizations that are still unsure about its potential. Our aim is to put KompiTech Blockchain platform available to all organizations, making it the IT industry more efficient.

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Greg Erhahon: An Inspiring Leader

Greg Erhahon, Founder, serves as the Chief Executive Officer of KompiTech. Coming from a technical background, Greg has over 17 years of professional IT experience under his belt, working for global organizations such as J&J, HP, Covidien (now Medtronic) and UBS.

“As a part of our blockchain consultancy services, we provide our clients with continuous improvement, maintenance, and support to make sure that your project stays up-to-date – which is quite unlikely for our competitors.”