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An Interview with Prometheus Security Group Global (PSG) Leadership: “We’re agile and able to solve complex integration issues rapidly and in a cost-effective manner”


“We’ve deployed solutions at hundreds of CIP type facilities and DoD base-wide integrations across the globe and can integrate with virtually any Sensor System, Camera, PSIM or CCDE.”– Jeremy Freeze-Skret

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected via internet-protocol (IP) enabled devices, incidents of network attacks and cyber security breaches are a daily occurrence. Emerging technologies in artificial intelligence, software and computing bring evolutionary innovation and convenience; however, these capabilities cut both ways. Terror attacks and cybercrimes continually demonstrate foreign agents/dangerous actors and even home-grown hackers can penetrate and exploit the United States’ best-fortified systems. Protecting critical infrastructure ‘points’ is a prime focus for all; and government organizations must continually increase investment to upgrade existing security infrastructure with innovative, emerging technologies and products.

In view of the above-mentioned scenario, we’re thrilled to present Prometheus Security Group Global (PSG Global).

Headquartered in Austin, Texas- Prometheus Security Group Global (PSG Global), a veteran owned small business (VOSB) is dedicated to the mission of providing integrated security solutions for some of the world’s most important Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) and Government sites. Adding to our core Video Management System (VICADS®), PSG has recently developed and is releasing three new, innovative and unique product technologies all developed with an eye for next generation secure mission-specific applications.

Prometheus Security Group Global Leadership, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt

Q. Why was the company set up, Mr. Gross?

PSG Global was created to fill CIP and DoD market needs requiring advanced, integrated video alarm assessment for the critical infrastructure and high-value asset markets. Building on our managements past success as a Command, Control, Display and Equipment platform (CCDE), we saw the need for a robust COTS style approach for deploying Video Management in a secure, encrypted (some applications redundant) platform supporting the critical asset (CIP) marketplace.

Q. What kind of responses have you received from your customers over the years, Mr. Freeze-Skret?

Customers embrace our approach. PSG is innovative because we listen to our customer’s challenges and provide product solutions they are demanding. As technology continually evolves customers are requiring more security, mega-data management capabilities and speed. Initially, our OS and Client platforms were only available with Microsoft Windows software. However – PSG’s next generation provides customers the “best of both worlds” as we’ve added Linux OS Servers and retained MS Windows clients as graphical user interfaces ( GUI’s). This PSG approach offers “best in breed” of the OS platform world - ultra-secure and hardened servers while leveraging the big-data capabilities of the Linux world and Microsoft Windows clients as GUI’s, the user interface most familiar to customers.


Q. Between ever-changing networks, systems, and applications, many IT leaders don’t know what they really have—even if they think they do. How does PSG manage to serve the needs of this changing and challenging marketplace, Mr. Griego?

Cyber Security is an ever-evolving threat landscape, so versatility is a key concept to solution delivery. A holistic and agile approach in our products allows organizations to effectively maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of mission-critical information.

Supporting the five foundational pillars of Information Security – 1). Confidentiality, 2). Integrity, 3). Availability, 4). Non-Repudiation, and 5). Authentication, PSG’s Cyber platform features a customizable virtual appliance with robust focus on Informational Assurance (IA) architecture and compliance with Information Security – policies, procedures, guidelines and specifications, tested by government experts to meet deployment for securing CIP and even Nuclear type assets.

PSG’s Information Assurance (IA) approach has undergone exhaustive testing and certification by independent government sources. Moreover, the company’s deployed solutions at hundreds of CIP type facilities and DoD base-wide integrations across the globe.

Q. What factors make your company stand out from the competition, Mr. Thomas?

PSG’s ability to meet or exceed advanced and complex customer requirements, some requiring custom solutions. We’re highly experience in Command, Control and Display Equipment (CCDE), Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) platforms. “We’re agile and able to solve complex integration issues rapidly and in a cost-effective manner”. A testament to this is our ability to obtain certain industry first certifications, unique patented products, tested and approved by various Governmental agencies. PSG’s security solutions range from stand-alone to enterprise-wide deployments and comprise intrusion detection systems, access control, video surveillance management, cybersecurity compliance and auditing; all tightly integrated with a host of third-party products ranging from basic sensors to advanced and highly sophisticated products such as radar systems with automated targeting-tracking of intruders, personnel and vehicles.

Q. Do you have any new products ready to be launched, Mr. Bray?

Yes, we’re launching three new, unique and innovative products in 2019; (1) a hardened Linux OS Video Management System, (2) Scene Authentication – an industry first and PSG patented development providing end to end video scene verification, and (3) Talon – an advanced, FIPS encryption compliant approach to delivery of high definition real-time video and control data over an IP network. TALON assures end users their sensitive and critical information is reliably transported and securely delivered. PSG has been awarded numerous large federal and industrial contracts, is GSA certified, approved and a recognized leader in integrated electronic and Information Assurance (IA) cyber security programs. We are now evaluating “go to market” channels for our products which will include OEM licensing and Distribution-Resellers agreements.

Q. Where do you see your company a couple of years from now, Mr. Gross?

Continued product development and steady growth providing customers next generation solutions as we further expand our DoD and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) presence - (Oil-Gas-Energy, Fed-Gov, DoD, International, Transportation as well as Air and Sea ports).


Leadership | PSG Global

Rick Gross – Co-founder/CEO

Jeremy Freeze-Skret– Vice President, Engineering

Daniel Griego – Manager, Senior Cybersecurity Architect & Engineering

Kevin Bray – Director, Sales

Mark Thomas – Director, Systems Engineering

“A holistic and agile approach in our products allows organizations to effectively maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of mission-critical information.”

– Daniel Griego, PSG Manager, Senior Cybersecurity Architect & Engineering