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An Interview with Ravi Modukuri, BizNuvo, Inc. Founder and CEO ‘Empowering Business Organizations with Self-servicing and No-coding Capabilities is at the Heart of Everything we Innovate at Biznuvo’


“BizNuvo reduces the cost and distance from idea to production to enable breakthroughs in transformation execution.”

The future of every organization is totally dependent upon their ability in providing the self-service capabilities not only to their customers but also to their IT, Business and Operations employees.

In light of the above-mentioned scenario, we’re thrilled to present BizNuvo, Inc.

BizNuvo is a new, disruptive technology platform that empowers organizations to build enterprise-grade solutions without coding. This includes B2B/B2C applications, business rules and microservices. The platform allows everyone (IT, Operations and Business) to build and manage their business solutions end-to-end all by themselves without having to rely on others.

BizNuvo is a one-stop platform for every enterprise-grade solution that an organization needs. It helps organizations with digital transformation, business automation, technology simplification, and reduced costs.

The company was incorporated in 2016 and is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Ravi Modukuri, BizNuvo, Inc. Founder/CEO, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

No-Code Technology Will Lead Organizations: To Achieve Self-Service Capabilities

We are rapidly moving towards an era of No-Code solution delivery. Individuals have been conditioned to expect instant gratification and access to services at any time, any place, and via their preferred delivery channel. The future sustainability of every organization is dependent upon its ability to provide self-service capabilities to all of its customers. This includes external customers, as well as internal lines of business, IT and operations. IT delivery has seen a dramatic shift from traditional, long code development cycles, to more agile, rapid code development. The next evolution and the future of solution delivery will be delivered via robust, flexible platforms that allow for development without writing code. This is no longer a myth!

If we look back at the list of Fortune 500 firms from 1955 to 2017, only 60 of them have survived. Disruption is the new norm, and firms must adapt quickly or be left behind. Traditional business models are being turned upside down. Winners today are leveraging technology to create new markets and disrupt existing industries. Examples include upstarts like Airbnb, Uber, Amazon, Tesla and Amazon.

  • Airbnb: Airbnb has become the largest hotel company in the world but doesn’t own a single hotel!
  • Uber: Uber has become the largest transportation provider in the US but doesn’t own a car, bus or train!
  • Tesla: Tesla car drives you from east to west coast without burning a single drop of gas!
  • Amazon: Amazon has just surpassed Walmart as the largest retailer in the US and it owns zero stores!

It is undeniable that industry incumbents need to be more innovative and must continue to find ways to reduce the time and cost of meeting increased consumer expectations. No-code technology will lead organizations to achieve self-service capabilities. Such capabilities will lead the organization’s ‘Citizen Developers’ to be able to deliver the solutions all by themselves with far less involvement from IT. This will further lead to shorter delivery cycles and significantly reduce costs associated with delivering the solutions.

Empowering business organizations with self-servicing and no-coding capabilities is at the heart of everything we innovate at BizNuvo.

BizNuvo: An Emerging Leader

BizNuvo is the world’s first no-coding platform that delivers every aspect of the enterprise-grade solutions, as mentioned above. It could be a B2B application or a B2C solution.

The business knows what it needs best, and its Citizen Developers are the no-code era frontrunners. They seek (and find) solutions with or without the help of IT. With BizNuvo, Citizen Developers have a platform for all their creative sparks, within an environment approved and controlled by IT. This prevents shadow IT, bridges the gap between the business and IT, and enables innovation like nothing else.

The current low-code movement positions itself to address the demand for more programmers and faster development. By reducing the amount of coding required to develop new applications, low-code solutions have become a key element of almost any strategy for digital transformation. Simply put, low-code platforms are intended to reduce development time and costs.

But if that’s the goal, why not remove coding entirely? This is the thinking that brings us to the current era of No-Code solution development.

No-code surpasses the advances of low-code. No-code solutions remove the need for programming as the barrier between ideas and solutions:

  • Self Service: Business or SMEs can deliver and manage the solutions end-to-end all by themselves instead of getting them done by others
  • One Stop: Business doesn’t have to deal with 10’s of IT systems in delivering the solutions and supporting their operations
  • Zero-coding: Building powerful enterprise solutions with zero-code is no longer a myth. Businesses now can build their own business software applications and rely less on IT

No-code platforms leverage technology to empower the ability of humans to innovate, rather than impede it, by making it possible to build applications without any knowledge of coding. More so, it doesn’t require specialized, skilled developers.

No-code allows you to implement continuous delivery, adapt to the ever-changing market, customer, and business needs.

No-code platforms have evolved rapidly and enable us to solve the most complex business challenges in the easiest way possible.

Solution development with no-code platforms is 20 times faster than building with traditional coding or even with low-code platforms. This is because no-code solutions are a lot less complex than those based on traditional codes or low-code.

BizNuvo attracts a new kind of developer called ‘Citizen Developer’. Low-code platforms are often pitched toward developers as a tool to make their work much faster. No-code opens the door to a new type of developer: the citizen developer.

BizNuvo: ‘Our Business Intentions’

Vision: Our vision is to provide an innovative technology platform for the organizations to be able to reduce their Cost Per Customer (CPC) and turnaround delivery cycles.

Mission: Our Mission is to ensure our client’s success by providing information technology that provides a self-service economy and empowers the business.

Ravi Modukuri: A Brief Background

Ravi Modukuri is the Founder and CEO at BizNuvo, Inc (www.biznuvo.come), a startup incubated to create a digital shift and path-breaking business solutions in the global technology arena.

A firm belief that every problem has a hidden solution has been a key motivator in a zest to venture in unknown territories and far-sighted technologies.

The art to read, listen, and comprehend business problems; and resolve to collate, articulate and execute business solutions transpired to establish Service Oriented Architecture, Master Data Management, Business Process Management and Case Management concepts at the workplace.

An intention carefully thought of and well-knit with meticulous planning becomes an objective. Such was the case when an idea to conceive and develop an opportunity for enabling businesses to mitigate organizational dependencies and elevate them with an improvised value proposition in terms of “seeking what they want”; “deliberating how they want” and “gauging when they want”. Yes!!! You heard it right.

The audacity of pursuing self-belief was the propellant in relinquishing leadership role in 2015 from a financial service major and kick-start a new chapter, days apart.

Have cherished memorable moments for the numerous accolades bestowed, with Global Excellence and Innovation Leader Awards from IBM and WfMC for Case Management, 2014 as the priciest.

With several thought leadership roles in multiple financial service providers, Ravi is elated to represent a new chapter at BizNuvo, Inc as the founder and Chairman.

“BizNuvo stands out from the other no-code platforms by being easy enough that anyone can use it while boasting capabilities powerful enough to build secure, complex, enterprise-grade solutions.”