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An unparalleled suite of integrated healthcare IT products and services: iPatientCare


‘Patient-centric information architecture for an evolving and streamlined collaborative workflow.’

iPatientCare Inc. is a privately held medical informatics company based at Woodbridge, New Jersey. iPatientCare has been recognized as a preferred MU partner by numerous Regional Extension Centers (REC), hospitals/health systems, and professional academies. It is known as a pioneer and one of the top ten most respected healthcare IT organizations nationally for its Cloud-based unified product suite that includes Electronic Health/Medical Record and integrated Practice Management/Billing System, Patient Portal/PHR, Health Information Exchange (HIE), and mobile point-of-care solutions for ambulatory and acute/sub-acute market segments. The company was founded in 1999. iPatientCare has been recognized as a preferred/MU partner by numerous Regional Extension Centers (REC), hospitals/health systems, and professional academies. It has distinguished credit of being selected as a preferred EHR vendor by more than 70,000 users nationwide, and in the past by the US Army and NASA Space Medicine.

With a long-term focus on population health management, data analytics, and providing value-added services, iPatientCare continues to thrive on maximizing revenues of physicians’ offices by providing clinically-driven revenue cycle enhancement services and quality improvement consulting services.

iPatientCare believes in nurturing long-term relationships and fostering partnerships with healthcare provider and payer organizations. For achieving these goals, iPatientCare, Inc. partners with IT infrastructure and clinical content providers to evolve a total and integrated solution for its customers. With the focus on providing a solution, instead of selling a product, iPatientCare, Inc. has been extremely successful in delighting its customers by going beyond their expectations through continuous improvement of its people assets, implementation processes, and software products.

iPatientCare offers a complete suite of integrated healthcare IT products and services that are unparalleled in the industry.

Simple, Efficient, and Secured Ambulatory EHR: iPatientCare’s simple and intuitive web-based electronic medical records software makes patient charting, e-prescribing, scheduling, and other tasks easy, so that you can devote more time to your patients. Its user-centric design and high performance architecture allows you and your staff to work efficiently, again leaving a lot of time for your patients. The patient records are securely held in a HIPAA compliant storage.

Practice Management System Software: iPatientCare Practice Management System has a workflow to bring-in efficiency in all areas of operations in your Medical Practice. From front office verifying insurances or collecting co-pays, to documentation of the visit with appropriate charge capture, submitting claims, posting payments, managing the collections and accounts receivable – all are linked together like a chain. The collaborative workflow provides streamlined communication, time efficiency and effective tracking mechanism an effective healthcare practice management software should have.

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management: iPatientCare provides end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management Solutions that enable providers to get paid more and faster through a single partner. iPatientCare’s unique approach helps you to manage the business of healthcare in every way. So you can focus on what you love the most, i.e. providing the best healthcare and save considerable amount of time and money at the same time.

Patient Engagement: iPatientCare Patient Portal Software facilitates a secure communication between you and your patients. The company’s patient engagement technology empowers your patients with the information they need to manage their own health proactively. They can update their own demographics, review personal health records (PHR), view lab results and education material, request prescription refills and appointments / referrals and send secure messages related to clinical questions.

Mobile Healthcare and Wearable Apps: In the changing Industry climate, the differentiation between a healthcare strategy and mobile healthcare strategy is dissolving. Hence, iPatientCare has developed mHealth apps to support patient-centric business models that focus on optimized clinical outcomes, value for money and patient satisfaction. These solutions are fully integrated and operable as part of a new mobile healthcare ecosystem. Each iPatientCare application is part of a comprehensive application suite developed ground-up by highly
qualified physicians and IT professionals, which gives you, your staff and your patients a high-level of experience.

Interoperability: Interoperability in healthcare means the ability to communicate, exchange data, and use the information that has been exchanged between different healthcare information systems and software applications. iPatientCare Enterprise Integration Adaptors (EIA) enable you to exploit the real power of EHR interoperability by facilitating standards-based data exchange with other EHR systems, health information exchanges (HIEs), labs, pharmacies, payers, immunization and disease registries, and public health agencies. All these exchange between healthcare information systems happens accurately and securely within the existing workflow. The EIA enhances the quality of care by delivering timely and accurate information, critical for your patients’ health.

Healthcare Coordination Analytics Solutions: A platform that allows coordination of care activities between two or more healthcare providers involved in a patient’s care to facilitate appropriate delivery of health care services. As an efficient Care Coordination Software, it helps in reducing care fragmentation by ensuring that effective referrals and transitions take place. It provides a robust foundation for community health by connecting ambulatory primary care with multi-specialty, acute, sub-acute and other healthcare entities to serve the needs for an Accountable Care Organizations (ACO).

PQRS Reporting Registry: iPatientCare PQRS Registry offers a fast, convenient, and cost-effective online tool to collect and report quality data for the CMS PQRS program. By signing up with iPatientCare PQRS Registry, all your PQRS reporting based hassles will be handled by iPatientCare experts.

Quality Improvement Consulting: Quality Improvement Consulting Group (QICG) provides you with the necessary expertise required to improve the quality of your health services, improve health outcome, cost reductions, and enhance patient satisfaction. iPatientCare has launched various quality improvement services known as MUPlus and RegistryPlus, which are delivered through technology assisted education and consulting.

Meet the Master

Udayan Mandavia, President and CEO: A very passionate, restless, technologist who understands the business needs of the healthcare in the US and globally., Udayan’s objectives are to evolve innovative and disruptive technology solutions that helps improve health of patient population, enhance patient care, and reduce per capita costs. He has been the CEO of the company since 1999.

“When it comes to Electronic Health Record solutions for Ambulatory care and Inpatient care, it is iPatientCare, Inc. which has been leading the revolution since 2004.”