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Analytic Edge – Enabling Sharper Insights through Technology Enabled Analytics Solutions


Typically, analytics is considered to be an umbrella term for gathering insights from data. Analytics is really about actions, informed choices, and ultimately delivering success for your business through driving data-driven decisions. It’s more than just a pretty dashboard. We must remind ourselves that analytics itself isn’t the point because like most of the best technology, analytics is most powerful when it becomes invisible.

Analytic Edge provides technology-enabled analytics solutions in marketing & sales effectiveness. The company integrates technology, industry knowledge and cutting-edge statistical techniques to deliver “fast, cost-efficient and actionable business insights. The company leverages a cloud-based automated technology platform for marketing analytics which means shorter project timelines and speed to insight for their clients. The platform can be customized to adopt client-preferred methodologies and best practices. They also have flexible engagement models – project-based, resource-based and subscription-based.

Revolutionary Analytics Solutions Offered

Demand Drivers™: One of the most important challenges marketers face is determining the Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) so that marketing spending can be allocated optimally to drive maximum sales, revenues and growth. Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) is a technique that is widely used by companies across industries to measure ROMI and optimize marketing spends. However, there are several limitations in the way MMM is typically done today. Most MMM solutions are extremely time and resource intensive. Integrating and ingesting data from numerous sources, determining the right attribution models and then generating insights takes months. As a result, the insights generated are often based on data that is 8 to 12 months old. They may help in diagnosing what worked and what didn’t in the past, but are not very useful for guiding future marketing planning decisions. A second limitation is that businesses are completely dependent on specialists for every step of the process, making it difficult to generate insights quickly and on-demand. Demand Drivers is an ‘always-on’ cloud-based marketing mix platform that integrates the entire process and automates key steps to complete ROMI analyses faster, helping companies generate real-time, actionable and “forward-looking” insights to make quick marketing spend decisions.

Dynamic Forecasting: Businesses are often confronted with uncertain situations characterized by high levels of variability, complexity and ambiguity. Such situations can result in sudden or unexpected changes in consumer behavior as well as changes in underlying business drivers. Changes in consumer behavior may reflect in terms of what, where and how they buy. Some categories might see gains, while others might see sales drop unexpectedly. As a result, businesses struggle to find ways to measure, prioritize and quickly respond to the new challenges they face. In such situations, forecasting techniques that rely purely on historical data no longer deliver desired results. A more modern and responsive approach is required. The Dynamic Forecasting solution from Analytic Edge combines data integration with an Artificial Intelligence driven forecasting process that reduces reliance on historical data, reacts faster to recent trends and allows forecasts to incorporate changes in consumer behavior. It continuously recalibrates with every data update and improves forecast accuracy over time, helping brands plan ahead and stay on top in fast-evolving business environments.

In-House Marketing ROI: Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) is a methodology that uses predictive modeling to quantify the impact of various marketing activities on any Key Performance Indicator (KPI) such as sales, revenues, number of customers, number of installs etc. and allocate marketing budgets optimally for maximum ROI. However, many MMM solutions are constrained by a few drawbacks. First, solutions are like ‘black boxes’ and do not provide visibility into the models used and basis for insights. Second, companies are reliant on external vendors every time they need to run analytics and have no option to do this in-house. And third, MMM solutions have traditionally been time and resource intensive, making them prohibitively expensive to scale across the organization or update regularly. Demand Drivers is a ROI measurement solution that allows companies to overcome these limitations. It is a cloud-based, AI-driven automated platform that allows brands to run predictive marketing analytics in-house, with the cost, scale and speed advantages they need.

Revenue Growth Management: Revenue Growth Management (RGM) is a strategic analytics discipline focused on continuously maximizing an organization’s revenue. An effective RGM program analyzes shopping and consumption patterns and trends and helps determine the right pack assortment, pricing and promotions to consumers in order to maximize revenue growth. While many companies have successful RGM programs, a critical compounding factor is that sales, marketing and finance – guided by different KPIs, incentives and priorities – often have conflicting viewpoints on the optimal strategy to achieve growth. This results in decisions that don’t serve the best interests of long-term revenue growth. Analytic Edge offers a strategic three-step approach to Revenue Growth Management that focuses on the pillars of analytics capability, drivers of top-line growth and revenue management culture.

Rahul Budhraja | CEO & Managing Partner

He has over 25 years' experience in business strategy, marketing, and consumer insights, operations with P/L responsibility, client engagement, people, and vendor management. Rahul has extensive expertise in sales and marketing effectiveness in CPG and Retail industries. His diverse cross-cultural perspective and international experience helps him to lead Analytic Edge successfully.

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