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Analytic Partners – Helping top-tier companies adapt to the rapidly-evolving world of data, analytics, and strategic and tactical decisioning


Analytic Partners is the leading cloud-based, managed software platform which provides adaptive solutions for deeper business understanding and right-time planning & optimization for marketing and beyond. It turns data into expertise so that its clients can create powerful connections with their customers and achieve commercial success. Analytic Partners has built a global organization infused with local experience. With offices in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, its global network coupled with its extensive in-country experience allows the company to deliver actionable insights at local, regional, and global levels. Analytic Partners offers a client-centric, partnership approach. Its organizational model and operating culture is one of collaboration. The company and its team work with the clients to help drive action and fully benefit from the insights identified through its work. Analytic Partners is a certified Women's Business Enterprise. See for more information.

An adaptive unified approach to enterprise-wide decisioning

Commercial Analytics: Represents every aspect of the user journey as data, providing a unique and transformative lens through which brands can understand and engage with their customers. Commercial Analytics identifies and measures the impact and return of all your business activities. This transforms the accuracy and impact of scenario planning and forecasting. They integrate your enterprise-wide data with competitor, economic and other touchpoint data to break down silos and provide accurate and timely insights on the real impact of specific actions across the business, not just marketing. Go beyond media and marketing optimization and identify all the factors that affect your business performance. Answer more questions, in more ways. Adapt for strategic, tactical, corporate or functional needs. Always-on, models provide performance metrics and real world scenario planning and predictions.

Customer Franchise Value: Understand key customers, reveal early indicators of churn, increase personalization, and optimize investment for short term and long-term strategies. It offers value-based approach for the short and long term and identifies marketing and non-marketing touch points and experiences that drive the greatest long-term customer value. Leverages machine learning and predictive analytics to uncover meaningful customer segments and enable optimal experiences. Integrate multiple touchpoints including internal and external datasets so that you can adapt for the impact of both controllable and non-controllable factors. You can surface insights before they’re needed with its intuitive, easy-to-use, always-on platform that leverages updated data using live models and augmented analytics. By viewing your business holistically, you can break down silos, create cross-functional relevance and implement sustainable organizational change. It gives marketing a seat at the table.

Marketing Mix Modeling: Relying only on easily measurable data in Marketing Mix Modeling can lead to poor decisions. Analytic Partners' ROI Genome shows that most media's effect is not immediate. Any marketing mix must factor in the response over subsequent days and weeks following exposure and overall halo effects. Media exposures may drive immediate incremental conversion, but much of its influence is often misunderstood or misattributed in the short and long term. Therefore, a holistic view of media effectiveness, including the long-term effects and indirect impacts, is necessary for an accurate and effective Marketing Mix Modeling strategy. The diversity of marketing activities and the proliferation of media and channels has made measurement more important, but also more complex. Today brands need a pioneering measurement approach that ingests enterprise, competitive, economic, touchpoint and other data to provide real-time, actionable, forward looking insights that improve customer connections and drive growth. Analytic Partners is named a Leader, having received the highest overall scores across 35 criteria, including topping technology platform, product vision, support, and methodology.

Brand Impact: Brand Impact integrates multiple, full-funnel KPIs into a Commercial Analytics program to measure marketing’s short-term and long-term impact on sales. This enables companies to balance different brand and performance objectives to optimize revenue and shareholder value. Finally, marketers can connect brand metrics to hard currency. Balance your brand marketing and performance marketing investments with actionable insights into both short-term and long-term revenue. Leverage first and third-party data assets for Brand Impact measurement. In addition, get easy access to brand metrics through their partnerships with YouGov and Google. You can analyze different scenarios in the platform and optimize for different short- and long-term brand investment strategies.

Pricing Optimization: Analytic Partners understands the short-and long-term drivers of sales, and optimizes the price, which can reflect the value of products and services for customers. Analytic Partners advanced live-modeling tools analyze and predict the potential impact of different price points on long term revenue and growth. Understanding what customers’ value, at what price point, ensures correct pricing and more sales. Use their Pricing Optimization tool to identify and implement the optimal price point. Access an easy-to-use dashboard within GPS-Enterprise to understand which marketing channels are driving your brand performance, and view both short- and long-term ROIs.

About | Nancy Smith

Nancy Smith is the Founder, President, and CEO of Analytic Partners. She began her career as a brand marketer, and she identified a market need for better data analytics to drive enterprise growth. Her experience struggling to turn data into actionable intelligence inspired her to launch Analytic Partners in early 2000. Since then, Smith has built the company into the global leader in analytics, with offices around the world, from the Americas to EMEA to Asia and Australia. Along the way, Smith has transformed Analytic Partners from an analytics consultancy to a technology firm with an industry-leading commercial analytics software platform, GPS Enterprise.   

Nancy was named the Ernst & Young LLP Entrepreneur of the Year 2020, Florida Award. Ms. Smith has an MBA degree from the University at Buffalo School of Management, where she focused on Econometrics, Marketing, and International Business.

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