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Analyze, attribute, and take action with leading a call tracking platform: Invoca


The way artificial intelligence is used in marketing platforms can seem a bit mysterious. Sometimes its functionality is overstated, and other times it’s never fully explained. When it comes to classifying thousands of call outcomes, us humans are inherently flawed in a few key ways. While we’re likely to know our businesses well enough to identify a sale, we eventually get tired and bored. Our process varies from call to call. One person will identify a call as a conversion, while another will not. And the people we often charge with dispositioning a call aren’t actually incentivized to get it right! On the other hand, AI is always consistent, never gets tired, and actually improves over time. It’s easy to say that a call tracking platform “uses AI,” but it’s more about what value said AI provides. Some call tracking solutions that claim to be AI-powered simply use IBM Watson to transcribe phone calls.

Invoca is an AI-powered call tracking and analytics platform that helps marketers get campaign attribution and actionable data from inbound phone calls. Invoca delivers real-time call analytics to help marketers take informed actions based on data generated before and during a phone conversation. As a result, marketers can dramatically improve ROI by driving more revenue-generating calls, increasing conversion rates, personalizing the customer journey, and running more efficient campaigns. With Fortune 500 customers in telecommunications, financial services, insurance, healthcare, and home services, Invoca’s platform integrates with Google Marketing Platform, Facebook, Adobe Experience Cloud, and Salesforce Sales and Marketing Clouds.

Signal AI

Conversations represent a black box of data for marketers, especially for businesses where consumers research online, but pick up the phone when they’re further along in the purchase process.Without deep insight into this stage in the buying journey, marketers are losing out on opportunities to drive 15-20% more conversions from their digital and offline campaigns. Signal AI gives marketers an unprecedented view into conversation data from high-intent consumers — such as purchases made or promotion inquiries. Marketers can quickly gain new insights from tens of thousands of conversations and take action on them in real time to drive more revenue-generating calls, boost conversion rates, and optimize the buying experience. Compared to other conversational analytics tools, Signal AI offers marketers deeper insight into the unique conversations happening between a businesses’ buyers and agents — often uncovering conversation patterns and behaviors that marketers didn’t know existed — with consumer-level data that can be made actionable across marketing platforms like Google and Facebook in real time.

AI-Powered Call Tracking & Analytics

Do more than simply count calls. Make smarter marketing decisions with real-time call analytics. Even the well-orchestrated campaigns can leave marketers in the dark when the customer picks up the phone. Without granular call attribution, it’s impossible to properly optimize your campaigns or the caller experience. The value of call data begins and ends with its accuracy, its actionability, and its relevance to your business. Once a call is placed, Invoca’s award-winning Signal AI speech analytics technology goes to work. Predictive models analyze your spoken conversations to classify call outcomes like purchases made, appointments set, or applications submitted — all customized for your business. This call intelligence can then be pushed into the marketing platforms that matter to you, whether it’s Google, Facebook, Salesforce, or any one of the hundreds of martech solutions out there. Invoca not only gives you visibility into the campaigns that are driving your calls, but provides a full picture of the outcome of every call. You can make smarter campaign optimization decisions to drive more revenue-generating calls and more efficient campaigns.

Enterprise-Ready Call Tracking Solution

Enterprise marketers trust Invoca to keep their data secure, their customer information private, and their businesses running without interruption. Businesses across healthcare, government, and banking trust Invoca in large part because of our commitment to data security, privacy, and compliance. The Invoca platform was built in the cloud to be highly available and redundant to ensure your business is never interrupted. Multiple leading and geographically diverse telecom carriers and cloud service providers to ensure coverage in case of local outages.Invoca has the scalable architecture and elastic capacity to meet your high-growth and variable call volume with ease. Invoca’s proprietary call fraud and robo-dialer protection and Call Quality Assurance Team combat industry-wide spam and fraudulent calls from reaching your call centers, skewing your reporting, and costing you money.

Gregg Johnson CEO of Invoca

Gregg is a seasoned digital marketing and SaaS leader, with over fifteen years of extensive experience bringing products to market in emerging categories, leading large teams, and working with the world’s best enterprise brands. Most recently, Gregg led Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s social marketing product line, where he integrated $1 billion of M&A investments into the Salesforce product portfolio. Prior to that he drove product strategy and development for Salesforce Chatter, helping define the nascent category of enterprise social networking and rolling out one of Salesforce's most successful products. Earlier in his career, Gregg was a consultant at Boston Consulting Group and worked in sales, marketing and product roles at several startups. He graduated from Stanford University and holds a Master’s degree from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business.

“Your highest-value customers are calling. Our AI-powered call tracking and analytics platform gives you granular analytics and insights so you can connect sales happening in the contact center to the marketing campaigns that drove them.”

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