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30 Fastest Growing Private Companies to Watch 2021

The perfect blend of comfort and style: Anatomie, a high-end women’s travel wear company, is the name that speaks to the impeccable fit and pioneering trends


A global traveler or an everyday adventurer needs comfortable and stylish performance apparel. But that’s not all, humanity is currently seeing a new cultural revolution, and there is no turning back because the world is slowly turning casual. The new lifestyle now needs elevated casual, and this is exactly what Anatomie delivers. Only stretch fabrics, no dry cleaning, no ironing, packable, versatile, modern, and smart – these are the characteristics of Anatomie’s apparel. 

A modern apparel company with a specialized focus on chic and comfort-conscious apparel, Anatomie, was founded by Kate and Shawn Boyer in 2006. With Kate as the CEO and Shawn as Creative Director, Anatomie has produced luxury-travel apparel in the global travel niche, outfitting women in stylish performance apparel with travel-conducive properties.

The apparel produced by Anatomie zeroes-in on the new-age stylish minimalism that helps women look good and ensures that they feel comfortable in what they are wearing. “The only trends that matter to us are the ones happening on the streets, where people live their lives in their communities and where they can/have to travel for leisure or business. For us, fashion is in the moment. What’s needed NOW,” said Kate Boyer, CEO of Anatomie.

The Origin Story

Born in Budapest, Kate earned an MBA in International Trade in France while working as a girls’ gymnastics coach. While she was doing this stint as the gymnastics coach, she dressed the team in outfits she designed herself. She progressed fast and developed private label collections for many exclusive resorts in St. Barth eventually.

Kate met her husband Shawn in Miami, where the Ohio-native was designing customized clothing for hard-to-fit athletic men. Both came together and designed sportswear for many elite brands, including Elite Models, Cigarette Boats, Lamborghini, and Nikki Beach clubs. Anatomie was their combined vision that came into being in 2006 straight from a small apartment with a single computer, and there was no turning back. Today, the Fastest Growing Company bases its business on three core values: personal connection + beyond expectation + speed matters. “This is how we go to work every day and service clients accordingly,” said Kate. Anatomie is the first and only apparel brand recognized by the Forbes Travel Guide, it is in the top 50% of Inc 5000 for 2020, and is one of the most disruptive brands to watch by IAB.

For The People

Sustainable, light-weight, wrinkle-free, and multi-functional – these words must be used to define any apparel brand today but let’s be honest, that simply does not happen. But Anatomie stands for exactly this. The company cuts out all the noise and gives people what they need—all without compromising on quality and style.

“Our easy to wash and wear pieces put minimum impact on people and the environment. It has to be built to last,” emphasizes Kate. But what inspires Anatomie to take such a bold stance on comfort? “The inspiration comes from our customers who constantly tell us what they need and expect from our end. They ask, we deliver. We cater to the most dynamic ladies and gentlemen on planet earth; we execute on all decisions with them in mind,” explains the entrepreneur.

The company is called Anatomie for a reason – its designs are body-conscious and are meant to flatter the human body. The apparel by Anatomie is tailored but yet not tight. This seems to be the checklist for designing at Anatomie. “If 5 pieces don’t fit into our small packing cube and weigh more than 2.5lbs together; we do not take the items to market,” confirmed Shawn Boyer, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Anatomie. From walking the dog to dinner to sleeping on a plane or in a tent with family, the company’s wardrobe will function. Anatomie feels no pressure of having to chase the waste of runways. “We put together fabric + fit + function in a very unique way,” added Shawn.

The company’s omnichannel lifestyle distribution strategy has contributed significantly to its success. With a focus on digital and e-commerce, Anatomie’s 300+ exclusive touchpoints worldwide in key lifestyle markets contribute to the company’s on-point branding. 

Drawing Inspiration from the Past

There have been numerous trendsetters in the apparel space in the past. While the fashion industry intermittently turns back the time to bring back the best, Anatomie bases its designs on past successes. Its design philosophy is built on creating long-lasting, classic, and versatile pieces that provide solutions that are meaningful to people, relevant to our society, and sensitive to our planet.

The brand carries over 20 styles from season-to-season. The company’s pop-up stores (like the new one in Palm Beach) are fit-studios for exactly this, and they seem to be the foundations for Anatomie’s performance dressing. They were born from past bestsellers. The base is monochromatic and neutral: black, navy, grey, khaki, white all-year-round. Fashion capsules happen for seasonal needs but in a small, smart way with pops of a simple tonal print or a nice stretchy quilted vest layer or a leather combo or a fleece-lined apres-ski wardrobe or a yacht/island capsule with shorts.

The Road Ahead

The future looks bright for the premium brand as the company looks to launch its mail-order catalog in Q1 2021. Also, there will be many more Anatomie pop-ups in Aspen, the Hamptons and the Tri- state area in 2021. With a representative based in Dubai, Kate is also tempted to try one overseas as well (Hong Kong and Shanghai may be under consideration as well). Watch out for the ultra-modern elevated casual men’s capsule on the way! 

“Our international expansion plans and game-changer travel-retail decks are being presented around the world as we speak. Anatomie is an awesome trademark, and we see licensing opportunities down the road for accessories as well,” said Tom Dietrich, President and COO of Anatomie. The company also has a new creative marketing contract signed with Preferred Hotels launching in March 2021, focusing on their Beyond Green initiative based on shared values of Luxury and Sustainability.

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The Executive Corner

Kate Boyer, Co-Founder and CEO: Kate was born and raised in Budapest. She has an MBA from France and speaks four languages fluently. Kate represents the vision for the ultimate customer experience and has been the voice of Anatomie on all fronts.

Shawn Boyer, Co-Founder and Creative Director: Shawn is Anatomie’s Lead Designer. He is a former competitive bodybuilder from Ohio whose success came with a custom athletic menswear line, which he had designed, cut and sewed, all by himself in the beginning. He has been the heart and soul of the passion for the perfect fabric, fit, and end product. 

Tom Dietrich, President and COO: Tom is also the Chairman of the Board at Anatomie. He has experience in growing NYC-apparel companies profitably from $8M to $140M ranges. He has also reported to diverse boards of $2BN+ public companies in the apparel industry. He has a marketing degree from Quinnipiac University in Connecticut.

“The only trends that matter to us are the ones happening on the streets, where people live their lives in their communities and where they can/have to travel for leisure or business.”