Spring Special Edition 2022

anavo medical – Utilizing Nanotechnology to Boost Wound Healing, Cure Seromas, and Keep Skin Transplants Alive


Seromas and poorly healing wounds in general are a massive burden for patients, health care systems, and the economy. An aging society, the rise of diabetes and antibiotic resistances are bound to increase the problem. The last decades have brought little improvement in the field – most products focus on structure restoration or contain expensive biologics. Especially breast cancer surgery and tissue reconstruction patients are highly affected with seroma rates of 50-80 percent. In the best case, affected patients only suffer from pain, limited mobility, and multiple doctor visits. Many patients, however, go through infections, additional surgery, and a delay in cancer therapy delay.

There are more than 3 million patients who suffer from a seroma and its consequences every year. Seroma formation is a well-recognized postoperative complication for many plastic and general surgical procedures. Although various tissue adhesives and substances have been used in an effort to treat seroma formation, no therapies have been established clinically. After decades of research, nanotechnology is mature enough to step into the breach and disrupt the wound care market. Recently, the nano-bridging phenomenon has been introduced as a promising approach to achieve tissue adhesion and strong closure of deep skin wounds.

anavo medical is one such company who’s unique formulation-based on cutting-edge nanotechnology boosts the body's own capacity of self-healing and keeps bacterial infections in check. Its nanoparticle paste helps surgeons who want to ensure patient safety and survival by reducing wound healing complications and provide swift healing. The company has an interdisciplinary team with backgrounds in nanoscience, engineering, life science, and business administration. Its product is developed in close collaboration with surgeons and leading medical experts. At ETH Zurich and Empa St. Gallen, anavo have developed mixed metal oxide nanoparticles that stimulate regeneration in close collaboration with leading surgeons in the field. Applied into seromas, they reduce the dead space of the cavity, mimic human enzymes to reduce inflammation, and kill microbes upon contact. Due to these unique properties, they can also be utilized to support the healing of a wide variety of other wounds and complications.

anavo medical’s Novel Approach to treat Seroma

Poorly-healing wounds present a huge challenge to medical professionals. anavo has now developed a solution radically different from those currently in use: it is based on inorganic nanoparticles with antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and tissue-regenerative properties that adhere tightly to tissue and stop bleeding. What’s more, these materials are inexpensive and easy to produce on a large scale. Set on improving the standard of care for wound patients, Tino Matter, Sebastian Loy and their team are working closely with doctors at the Inselspital in Bern to fine-tune their product.

anavo Medical applies nanotechnology to the field of wound healing. ETH Zurich spin-off anavo has developed an approach that is radically different from existing solutions by harnessing the wound-healing power of low-cost inorganic hybrid materials that can be manufactured on a large scale. Their prototypes not only adhere strongly to tissue and stop bleeding, but also have additional antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and tissue-regenerative properties.

The company offers bioactive nanoparticles suspended in an easily applicable matrix with active ingredients like metal oxide nanoparticles that have anti-inflammatory and neo-angiogenic properties that stimulate the regeneration of blood vessels connecting to the transplanted tissue and reduce inflammation, enabling the healthcare and skin transplant sector to reduce the rate of complications and accelerate wound healing.

Leadership | anavo medical

Dr. Tino Matter is a co-founder of anavo medical. He is an interdisciplinary scientist with a passion for languages and coding. Mr. Matter loves working in cross-disciplinary projects where different fields fuse to create something new and exciting. He is currently building anavo medical to revolutionize the wound care market. He holds a PhD in Nanomedicine, ETH Zurich and Empa St. Gallen.

 “Our nanoparticle paste helps surgeons who want to ensure patient safety and survival by reducing skin transplantation complications and providing swift healing.”