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Transforming professionals’ lives: Annie Leib, LLC-developed BREATH Framework™, a well-designed health coaching program, creates space for innovation and maximizes performance


“Results, particularly with executive leaders at Fortune 500 companies, have been astounding and incredible to witness.”

Annie Leib, LLC is an innovative wellness coaching company. It uses the BREATH Framework to ignite professionals with breath and life, healing, and elevating souls. The company serves clients worldwide.

The BREATH Framework is a unique, unorthodox coaching modality that Annie Leib, founder, created to transform professionals into extraordinary executive leaders aligned with their core values, strengths, mindfulness, and leadership capabilities. Her process uncovers obstacles keeping executives from living their best, most authentic lives. It helps teams to become a focused, driven, and inspired collective. Leaders transform into effective, decisive, and impactful visionaries that drive change and make lasting impact in their organizations.

Annie Leib, LLC was incorporated in 2018.

The Silicon Review reached out to the Annie Leib, LLC’s Philadelphia headquarters and spoke with Annie Leib, who serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Here’s what she said.

Interview Highlights

Q. How would you describe your career journey so far?

My career journey has been enlightening as well as arduous. After working in pharmaceuticals for many years, I knew I felt like just a number or employee, not like a whole person. I knew I felt disconnected, stuck, and unfulfilled. Something needed to be done for professionals like me. I went back to school to earn my Executive MBA. During this time, I created an executive coaching firm to help guide professionals with circumstances similar to mine. I built a coaching modality called the BREATH Framework, which allows professionals to become extraordinary executives that are aligned with their core values and purpose. They find fulfillment and know-how to create lasting impact as leaders. Our coaching modality mirrors my healing and growth process both personally and professionally, which has allowed me and my company to continue to evolve.

Q. Do you think the world needs more women in leadership roles?

Absolutely, hands down, I give this question an overwhelming yes. I just finished a start-up accelerator program called ‘Get Sh!t Done,’ run by the great Alex Batdorf. This exclusive program helps women founders scale and make generational impact as it’s the number one traction accelerator for women entrepreneurs. That experience helped me understand just how much women can make a difference as leaders and how we need to support them to keep breaking down barriers. I met some truly incredible souls in this program and will continue to fight for them and women in general.

Q. Who do you look up to and why?

One of the most inspiring women ever to me is Michelle Obama. With class and grace, she taught our country how to act as the first African American First Lady. She serves as a role model for women and works as an advocate for poverty awareness, education, nutrition, physical activity, and health overall. She epitomizes loveliness as a human and that makes me look up to her.

Brene Brown is another leading lady when it comes to whom I look up to today. A research professor, lecturer, and professor, I know the most about Brene from her work with shame, vulnerability, and leadership. She is brave, speaks the truth, and brings us along on our healing journeys together. She inspires me every time I hear her speak.

In addition to these, I look up to every mom out there. Ones that work, ones that stay at home and ones that do both. Each of you amazes me with your strength, power, courage, and selflessness.

There are many incredible male leaders who I look up to. They inspire me as their kind souls reflect nothing, but goodness. In truth, many men understand and support what I do. Hence, it’s safe to mention that people, in general, are made of love, irrespective of their gender.

Q. What methodology do you use to meet client expectations?

As I noted above, the BREATH Framework is a coaching and healing modality I created for executive leaders feeling unfulfilled and lacking purpose. It is an acronym: B – BEGIN where you are, R – RECLAIM your power, E – EXCAVATE your core values, A – ALLOW not control, T – THROUGH not around, H – HEAL. This is our exclusive and signature coaching modality that guides blocked professionals to transform into whole, fulfilled, exceptional executive leaders with purpose who know their authentic selves and create lasting impact as leaders.

Results, particularly with executive leaders at Fortune 500 companies, have been astounding and incredible to witness.

Q. How responsive is Annie Leib, LLC to the changing needs of its clients?

Annie Leib, LLC as an organization is particularly flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of its clients. In our industry, we need to be constantly evolving as much as people are and that’s every day. We inspire growth in people so we must follow suit and reflect such growth. We need to stay on the pulse of what’s happening within our clients’ organizations as we use specific fear mapping techniques to deal with transformation and change within these companies and with its people. There are many coaching firms, so we need to stay relevant and continue to grow our modality and methodology.

Q. Where do you see Annie Leib, LLC in a couple years from now?

My company will continue to grow and expand in the corporate world, but our core values will always remain the same. We are rooted in love, freedom, perseverance, trust and truth and those anchors will never change. We find that staying grounded like this allows us to scale our business but remain authentic, empathic, and compassionate executive coaches. For me personally, there will be one or two books in the near future telling more of my personal story and how it led to the creation and growth of this company. I will also continue to add to my list of speaking engagements globally about healing, coaching, emotional agility, and leadership.

Q. What’s your final message to readers, clients, and partners?

I will say this and speak from my heart and soul as that’s the only way I know how. My coaching modality BREATH Framework is unique, unorthodox, and extremely impactful. It mirrors so much of my journey to a place of wholeness, alignment, and fulfillment. Every day when I wake up, I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be and that’s right here, doing this. My meaning and purpose are so much invested in this company and the impact we are making in clients and at organizations daily. It is truly incredible to watch the transformations occur right before our eyes. I can only hope and pray that we continue to make this kind of impact on people’s professional and personal lives. Aside from being a mother, this is by far the most meaningful thing I have ever done and I am nowhere near finished.

Annie Leib | Founder & CEO

Annie Leib is an experienced executive coach and businesswoman, who has as her sole purpose to align leaders with their most authentic selves, which unlocks their ability to create a huge impact in the world. She helps companies see that “when you take care of your people, your people take care of your business.”

Annie’s message and methodology for coaching leaders was cultivated from her years in the business world and her extensive personal healing experience which she has combined for the benefit of the leaders she coaches. Overcoming significant personal struggles, trials, and tribulations made her realize that coaching the whole person is imperative, rather than mere professional (development) coaching. Implementing such practices, her coaching has brought praise from companies across industries. Her clients become changed leaders that lead change.

Annie’s world is centered around her practice and her two children (Sammy and Evie) and their rescue dog, Randall. She has an Executive MBA and a professional coaching certification.

“It is truly incredible to watch the transformations occur right before our eyes.”