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June Edition 2021

An industry leader in Business Monitoring, an AI-driven approach that empowers businesses to safeguard their revenues and costs: Anodot


Running a business is a busy and sometimes-difficult way of making a living. There are a number of things you need to do such as creating a good product or service, selling it, marketing it and much more. However, one of the most important is to always ensure you know what’s happening within your business and can react accordingly. One of the best ways to always be “in the know” surrounding your business and operations is to utilize monitoring. This can be anything from using an SQL activity monitor to monitoring your logs or even simply monitoring your analytics over time. Globally there are various firms delivering excellent solution for business monitoring solutions, but Anodot stands out from the rest. Anodot is an industry leader in Business Monitoring, an AI-driven approach that empowers businesses to safeguard their revenues and costs, digital partners, and audience journey, experience and engagement. By leveraging AI to constantly monitor and correlate business performance, Anodot identifies revenue-critical issues, providing real-time alerts and forecasts. Anodot uses its patented technology to learn the normal behavior of all your business metrics and constantly monitor their every move. No configuration needed. Not all anomalies are created equal. Anodot scores every business abnormality by degree of deviation so you can prioritize and act based on what’s most important to you. Anodot collects data from every data source to give you the most comprehensive analysis of your business. You can integrate even the most granular data from applications, databases and streams, storage, CRM, monitoring and analytics tools, as well as IT infrastructure. Feedback from end users is collected for each alert instance to further improve the system’s ML brain. By training the algorithms with direct feedback on anomalies, users can fine-tune the system’s functionality and results.

Ensure a seamless customer experience

You no longer need a data scientist to forecast time series metrics. Autonomous Forecast automatically manages the machine learning required to create, train, tune and deploy a forecasting model. Getting started is simple: use our drag-and-drop data integration, select your metrics, and get forecasting. The solution uses deep learning to automatically optimize forecasts. It selects a model that’s uniquely suited to your metrics from a library of predictive analytics algorithms. Data feedback is used to train your model for the highest possible accuracy. Autonomous Forecast is always on. It works on data streams in real time to provide forecasts in the moment. With these capabilities, businesses can anticipate changing conditions and optimize their operations in advance, to improve customer satisfaction and seize opportunities. Anodot’s autonomous demand and growth forecasting helps you navigate the complex world of inventory, operations and financial planning so you can optimize every resource in the face of changing conditions. Transportation companies aim to optimize the number of drivers to run a smooth operation. Anodot’s Autonomous Forecast helps anticipate consumer demand and adapts the predictive analytics model as conditions change. Link weather forecasts, event schedules and other relevant factors to enhance model accuracy. Fintech businesses set aside funds for future cash withdrawals. Autonomous Forecast analyzes historical data such as customer withdrawal patterns, geographic inventory and regional demographics. The platform picks the best predictive analytics model for the data, and tunes the model as variables evolve.

Automated Anomaly Detection

Telco subscribers expect seamless delivery of voice, data, Internet, and content services from their provider. Accurately anticipating the demand on the network, both in the short and long term, is critical to maintain the expected level of service while keeping operations (opex) and investment (capex) costs from exploding. Anodot’s Autonomous forecast provides stakeholders with crucial input for optimal decisions regarding network dimensioning and planning. Get alerted in real-time when your cloud usage spikes. Anodot collects AWS real-time usage metrics and AWS CUR files to enable full visibility. Anodot automatically learns each service usage pattern, using patented anomaly detection technology and alert relevant teams to anomalous spikes or drops in real-time. Patented anomaly detection technology learns the behavior and every service you use - EC2, S3, ELB and the rest, to automatically identify any deviation from the expected usage and cost patterns. Leave alert storms, false positives, and dashboards behind and leverage the power of proactive, autonomous monitoring.

David Drai, Founder and CEO

“Our patented technology is trusted by Fortune 500 companies, from digital business to telecom.”