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Dr. Andre Waismann Founder of ANR Clinic, Speaks to The Silicon Review: ‘While We Have Forever Changed the Lives of Countless Patients, We Will Continue Our Plight to Change the Way Drug Addiction is Viewed and Treated until ANR is the New Standard’


“Our mission is focused on innovation and transforming the drug addiction rehab industry.”

ANR Clinic is the only available opioid addiction treatment that treats the root of the problem. It consists of a team of critical care physicians, senior anesthesiologists, technicians, nurses, and medical assistants who have joined together to provide patients with the highest level of medical care in the field of opioid dependency.

The entire staff has been hand-picked and qualified in the ANR procedure.

ANR Clinic is based in Tampa, Florida.

Interview Excerpt: Dr. Andre Waismann

Q. What inspired you to start ANR Clinic? Was there any prior experience that led to the establishment of the company?

Born in Brazil, I studied medicine at Brazil’s Serra dos Órgãos University Center, which I completed in 1981 and subsequently moved to Israel to serve as a combat physician. After finishing my service with the Israel Defense Forces, I worked as an intensive care doctor and took over as a Medical Director of the Israeli Police. Along with other responsibilities, I was in charge of treating hundreds of inmates addicted to opioid drugs. Instead of providing just the basic care offered at their time, I looked to improve their situation.

In the early 90s, I started Rapid Detox, and since then have kept developing the protocol, continuously improving the process. The initial success of Rapid Detox eventually led to the development of ANR, which redefined the objectives and therapeutic goals of healing opiate dependency.

Q. Could you describe your typical management style and the type of employee that works well with you?

Our management style is based around on our primary objectives: innovation and growth. Our mission is focused on innovation and transforming the drug addiction rehab industry. As a result, our employees continue to innovate new ideas to improve our processes daily, further enriching our systems and customer service. Management encourages employees to innovate and encourages them to cultivate their skillsets.

The type of employee that works best with us is someone who is not only compassionate and caring towards our patients but also can think big, and is committed to our mission of ANR becoming the premier, mainstream opioid addiction treatment worldwide. The primary management styles used by our executive team are a mix of servant leadership and democratic.

Q. How does your company promote personal and professional growth?

Our employees' professional and personal growth revolves around our values of continuous improvement and growth of the company and our employees. We believe our employees are our most valuable resource, and as a result we build them up with the skillsets needed to be successful. This leads to our employees’ natural talents shining, where they can arrive to work confidently to tackle any task at hand, all while providing superior customer service for our patients. Our employees provide extraordinary care and warmth to our patients, allowing themselves to progress in their personal growth as they partake in our quest to change lives and help others.

Q. ANR is the only available opioid addiction treatment that allows patients to avoid withdrawals and bring their biology into a pre-addiction state. How uniquely do you address your patients’ pain points per this?

ANR’s primary purpose is always the long-term health of our patients. The fear of withdrawal and the pain it brings is typically the biggest concern of those who are dependent. They are asleep during the withdrawal process and remember nothing afterward. Not only do they awaken with the worst behind them, but the cravings for opiates are also eliminated. This frees them from the overwhelming desire to use and provides them with the opportunity to live a normal, healthy life.

Q. Your company has helped 24,000 patients worldwide trounce their opioid dependency using a safe, effective, and humane treatment. That sounds inspiring! Could you share a success story or two?

Here at ANR, every patient is special. Our unprecedented results and achievements would not have been possible without our fundamental values, including compassion, and most importantly, fighting the illness—never the patient. However, some stories are particularly striking, including treating a six-year-old child who became opioid-dependent after a brain tumor removal. His story got published in the Australian publication Woman’s Day Magazine. Another more recent, inspiring story is that of three family members, all opioid-dependent for many years, who got treated together on the same weekend and now can enjoy a life free of opioids again.

You can learn more information about both of these examples by following the links:

Miracle Cure for Heroin Baby - ANR Clinic - Advanced Opioid Treatment Center

ANR gives three family members a new life after decades of opioid dependency - YouTube

Q. You say, “We have identified the biological roots of opioid dependency.” How do you interpret this further?

At ANR, we recognize opioid addiction for what it truly is: a disease of the central nervous system. Traditionally, most rehabs and detox programs have viewed opioid addiction as a personality disorder, or simply people who do not have the discipline to stop using. However, those are theories of the past. With modern medicine, we can determine that opioid addiction stems from a chemical imbalance in the brain. The body produces an inadequate number of endorphins while simultaneously developing too many opioid receptors. This leads to dependency, in which the patient takes the opioids in an attempt to regulate their bodies’ endorphin system rather than to get “high.” The brain always seeks to return to this state of balance, but with prolonged use of opioids, it becomes increasingly difficult to regulate itself. By identifying the biological roots of this problem, rather than attempting traditional rehab methods such as “group therapy”, we can address opioid addiction from a modern scientific perspective. With modern medicine, we can see heroin addiction, morphine addiction, methadone addiction—are all identical central nervous system disorders, which are reversible.

Q. What are the other services your company offer?

Our treatment program is only for patients addicted to opioid drugs. We are always looking to build and add to our ANR treatment services, particularly specialized post-care support. For example, we are starting to work with a nutritionist coach to help our patients optimize their diets post-treatment and help with their recovery. Another exciting addition that will soon be available to our patients will be a specialized app for both Android and Apple devices that will assist our patients with any questions, concerns they might have as well as help them optimize their system after discharge and make it seamless to get in touch with our team.

Q. How do you measure success, and over what time frame? How are these metrics determined?

At ANR, we will fully achieve success when our treatment is the leading, mainstream treatment for opioid addiction. Our vision for the future treatment of opiate addiction mirrors that of a dentist appointment, one where individuals would walk into their local hospital, announce that they have an opiate addiction, and would be treated right there on the spot. While we have forever changed countless patients' lives, we will continue our plight to change the way drug addiction is viewed and treated until ANR is the new standard.

Q. What new endeavors is your company currently undertaking?

As we are growing, we find that more and more people would like to treat their opioid dependency with ANR. We are currently in negotiations with a larger hospital that will provide us with more opportunities to help a wider number of patients. We are also actively pursuing an opportunity to expand our services in more states, giving more patients the chance to regain their lives.

A Notable Medical Practitioner

Dr. Andre Waismann, founder, serves as a Medical Director of ANR Clinic International. He’s currently holding the following positions:

  • Chairman ANR Clinic- Europe, Klinik Hohmad, Thun, Switzerland
  • Chairman ANR Clinic- the USA, Tampa, Florida
  • Chairman ANR Clinic- Georgia, Tbilisi Hospital
  • Consultant- ANR Hospital, Punjab, India
  • Chief of the ANR unit at the Barzilai Medical Center, Ashkelon, Israel
  • Affiliated to the Faculty of Health Sciences Ben, Gurion University

“Our vision for the future treatment of opiate addiction mirrors that of a dentist appointment, one where individuals would walk into their local hospital, announce that they have an opiate addiction, and would be treated right there on the spot.”