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Pablo Marquez, AOTech Security Solutions Co-Founder and CEO: ‘We ensure that each center has the optimal technological infrastructure deployment according to its needs, combining efficiency, profitability and innovation’


In the digital world we live in, cyber threats against educational institutions are on the rise. To be more precise, the education sector is ranked at third position in top targets for data breach incidents. The sheer scale of the modern educational institution makes it a daunting task to secure the network. When it comes to holding liability for data breaches, educational institutions cannot hold legal ramifications for children as they could’ve committed the mistake unintentionally or accidentally. It is the duty of the educational institution to evaluate their vulnerability and deploy appropriate solutions to keep their wards and network safe from cyber threats.

Globally, there are various companies delivering excellent security solutions for educational centers, but AOTech Security Solutions stands out from the rest. AOTech Security Solutions was formed by a team with more than 15 years of experience in IT infrastructures. The company’s leaders decided to direct their ideas and efforts towards the educational sector, which is why they have become the first Spanish technology company to specialize in the implementation of new information technologies in educational centers. AOTech ensures that each center has the optimal technological infrastructure deployment according to its needs, combining efficiency, profitability, and innovation. To do this, the company has a highly qualified technical team with a real commitment to customers and projects and a true vocation for technological innovation. In addition, AOTech is aware of the economic investment that technology projects require, so it fights its suppliers to get the best prices and financing of projects at zero cost for schools.

In conversation with Pablo Marquez, Co-Founder and CEO of AOTech Security Solutionsimage

Q. As a company, how do you break the ‘sucking sound of the core’? And what strategies are in place to encourage innovation in your company?

We are a happy, enthusiastic team of this era of speed in innovations and changing people’s minds in such a short term. The managing team combines by one side exceptional imagination and high vision of the present and future regarding technologies and social behavior and international experience in managing teams, customers, & suppliers—a strong and unique combination of passion and imagination with a former and rigorous working plan. Especially touched by the staff, the managing team believes we are all together having fun and trying to give our very best to make a better world, what it is not only making money but it is to consider the staff and all collaborators a family and take care of them, making them participate in the big decisions as well as listening to their ideas, giving them a voice and a vote on the organization.

Q. What are your focus areas? Please share an overview. 

We are specialized in IT solutions and IT architecture, but we came up with this idea when we were in lock down, with all schools closed we tried to think how we could help in these difficult times. So, it started right there the process of a design thinking of ClassInTheBox. We were buying different cameras, different microphones, setting them up, it was exceedingly difficult… too many things to think about for a teacher that his purpose is to teach and inspirate pupils. So, one of our team said: What about putting all this in a box? And that is how it all started. Now we are focusing on this product to create a huge success all around the World.

Q. AOTech Security has become the first Spanish technology company to specialize in implementing new information technologies in the educational sector. Splendid. How uniquely do you plan to serve this sector?

We love working in Education because that is a sector where world can be changed, we can help teachers and students to become better citizens. WE feel very proud on working manufacturing products in Spain, prioritizing the quality and competing globally. We are creating distributors allies worldwide with important agreements reached in Spain and South America. With a patent granted and international protection to the invention we are now expanding the agreements also in US, UK and Europe.

Q. Who are your other clients?

Our product ClassInTheBox is also perfect as a corporate solution for all those companies that have homeworkers. Our four effects are great for video conferencing. Our main claim is The quality leap you deserve is here, and it´s all in one box because it is that way. We wanted to make a simple solution, nothing sophisticated that requires technical skills, and we want an easy way to make more dynamic video conferencing (with just one click, you can switch the image source); microphone canceling ambient noise is perfect for those working in noisy ambient – with small children, pets, neighbors, traffic jam…) and also for keeping the concentration on the online people, so they are not disturbed by anything.

Q. Trust is one of the most important currencies of leadership that requires authenticity and consistency to maintain. What’s your take on this?

We believe in people, as we have said before, we believe in having good relations with our customers, our suppliers, our collaborators, and our staff is considered as our family. Only with time people knows that you can be trusted, it takes time to get this achievement, but we cannot think in another way of doing business because there is no other way for us. It is simple.

 Q. Is there anything else you want us to highlight?

Yes, the product itself, I would recommend you look at our website where you can find some information about the product and why it is having so much success.

Meet the leaders behind the success of AOTech Security Solutions
AOTech has 2 Co-Founders: Pablo Marquez CEO of the company, an absolute technological leader and Lorena Sanchez CFO, businesswoman with wide international management experience. Pablo Marquez is an IT engineer with passion for people, he loves to observe, create, and help people. His first business successfully sold was a co-working space in the Great Recession, again he wanted to help small entrepreneurs to start again, and after that he started AOTech Security Solutions starting to create important customers which trust in AOTech is for sure, now visionary of ClassInTheBox and alma mater. Lorena Sanchez is a Business administrator speaking 4 languages and lived in different countries while working. Expert in manufacturing process and managing teams. Big compenetrating between them makes the perfect union for AOTech Security.

“Regardless of the platform they choose, our customers only have to pay attention to which one best meets their needs. We develop the infrastructure to make everything work.”