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October Edition 2019

Apex Learning: Where opportunity thrives


“Supporting success for each individual student strengthens our schools and creates stronger communities, brighter futures, a more equitable world”

Deep learning technologies will accord more power to instructors. Customizable learning management platforms will ensure that tutors can interact with their peers around the world. According to studies, there has not been much change in the human psychology behind learning over time. However, there is a continuous evolution in how the brain comprehends, retains, and receives new information. With technology entering the education domain, it will soon be possible to shape learning experiences to achieve learning goals. Learning science is a concept which when combined with IT education can help in creating a dynamic, digital, and hands-on learning experience. This experience would further be one that is tailored and relevant to a digital economy.

The traditional classroom doesn’t work for every student. Alternative learning options give struggling students ownership over their learning so they can go at their own pace and learn in their own way. With Apex Learning, they get high-quality, standards-based curriculum, and the scaffolds and supports that expose them to grade-level coursework.Digital curriculum empowers struggling students by giving them more control over their learning. In a non-traditional setting, they no longer have the frustration of trying to learn a concept or skill after the teacher has moved on to the next topic. Students all have different ways in which they learn and the challenge for educators is to provide a personalized learning experience that meets diverse academic needs. The instructional design of Apex Learning presents concepts in different ways, including interactive activities and animated explanations to keep students engaged and motivated.

Virtual learning

For a growing number of students, virtual learning provides an opportunity to continue their education when traditional schooling just doesn’t work. Districts facing resource constraints can provide classes including AP® and CTE.Whether students are homebound, work during school hours, are traveling athletes, or have other obligations, they can still access high-quality, standards-aligned courses that are fully accredited and NCAA-eligible.Like every student, every district has unique needs. Tailor virtual instruction to yours with expert help from Apex Learning professionals. From fully staffed turnkey programs, to learning content your teachers provide, to a combination of the two, our virtual programs meet your needs.

Middle School

Students in middle grades often struggle because they have gaps in their learning and don’t feel confident. Build confidence by helping them reach and exceed grade-level mastery, no matter where they start. Our digital curriculum is built for middle school attention spans, interests, and needs. To give students a foundation for success in middle school and beyond, targeted intervention and remediation is done. The company’s digital curriculum supports a variety of models, including MTSS and RTI. To ensure each student achieves a personal best on high-stakes state tests while improving academic success. The solution is built specifically to meet high standards and their digital curriculum adapts to each student’s individual learning needs. Apex learning’s flexible digital curriculum supports diverse summer programs for middle school students, from remediation to strengthen foundational skills needed for the next grade, to preparing eighth grade students for high school.

High School

Graduation is a major milestone that high school students look forward to, and every student should have the opportunity to take his or her own path to get there. That’s why it’s so important to have digital curriculum that gives districts the flexibility to provide different learning options and support a variety of programs. Students in non-traditional programs have the opportunity to earn the credits required for graduation. Effective credit recovery solutions mean that students not only pass the class, but are ready for the next step.

It’s more than just test prep. It’s instruction that pinpoints skill gaps, builds content mastery and helps students focus on the concepts that will be tested. Results show that students using Apex Learning’s digital curriculum are more prepared for high-stakes tests and actually do better by often scoring higher than students not using Apex Learning. A solid foundation for postsecondary success starts before graduation. Apex Learning digital curriculum prepares students for high-stakes college readiness exams and future careers. Innovative districts can expand learning options that give students the opportunity to recover credits, prepare for exams, take electives and accelerate their learning.

Cheryl Vedoe, CEO of Apex Learning

As a software engineer, marketer, and executive for computer companies including Digital Equipment, Apollo Computer, and Sun Microsystems, Cheryl experienced the impact of innovative technologies across industries. It was at Apple in 1992, as the head of the K-12 education division, that she first became involved with technology in education. That experience sparked in Cheryl a passion to help educators integrate technology to create new solutions to the challenges confronting schools today.

Cheryl then joined the founding team and served as CEO of Tenth Planet, a leading developer of multimedia content for elementary math and literacy instruction. Following an exciting period as CEO of Post Communications, an early innovator in email marketing, she returned to Apple as vice president of education products and marketing, heading up marketing efforts for K-12 and higher education. She also served as president of PowerSchool, a leader in web-based K-12 student information systems, and in September 2002 Cheryl joined Apex Learning as president and CEO. Drawing on her experience in both technology and education businesses, Cheryl leads Apex Learning's efforts to help schools make learning more accessible, relevant, and effective for today's students.

Cheryl holds a BA in Mathematics from Wheaton College, in Norton, Massachusetts, and an MBA from Northeastern University, in Boston, Massachusetts. She serves as a trustee of Wheaton College and is board chair of the Washington Technology Alliance.