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AppliancesConnection is Your Source for All Home and Kitchen Appliances


Founded in 1997, AppliancesConnection is delivering the best in brand name products to its consumers, at an affordable price. It offers free shipping, no sales tax, low prices and a price match promise. AppliancesConnection carries many household name brands, including Bosch, GE, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, LG, and Samsung, and also carries many major luxury appliance brands such as Verona, Thermador, La Cornue, Dacor, Smeg, and Viking. The company’s knowledgeable sales staff is trained to find the perfect product, and offer suggestions that will assist you with the new product.

The company places a special onus on high-value customer service and satisfaction, which is why it offers a variety of services including lifetime tech support and, for most products, full installation and removal services. Carrying over 30,000 products and over 175 brands, is the perfect place to meet all Home Appliance needs.

In a brief interview with us, AppliancesConnection CEO Albert Fouerti spoke to us about the importance of the company in the market. He also spoke in detail about the company’s successful distribution strategy. Read on for the excerpts from the interview.

Q. Could you tell us about your offerings?

We are a retailer of one of the widest selections of appliances and furniture on the internet today. Our appliance offerings provide a vast assortment of options for every consumer’s needs, whether they are completely overhauling their residential kitchen or merely replacing a few items. Our services include white glove delivery, installation, and removal of your old products, so customers can rest assured we have the entire process covered from start to finish.

Q. How do you manage your supply chain? And tell us about its flexibility.

We stock most of the items we have for sale, so we have a significant control of our own supply chain. Our open lines of communication directly with manufacturers ensure that we can always provide the most up-to-date information to consumers. This includes the information on when the appliances they want and need will be available to them. As we expand our warehouse locations, our flexibility will certainly increase, allowing us to stock items in every corner of the country for quick and easy delivery to consumers no matter where they are located.

Q. E-selling involves purchasing and storing a lot of inventory for sale at a given time. That means even more cash tied up in inventory, as well as storage costs. How do you control cost?

We control cost by buying in bulk to get the lowest possible price for all items in our inventory. Additionally, the collaborative efforts of our sales team, marketing campaigns, and other outreach maintain growth in our total sales, ensuring we have a substantial cash flow to accommodate industry demand while keeping costs low. Additionally, new warehouse locations will only drive prices lower as our bulk orders increase in scope thanks to our expanded storage capacities.

Q. How much control do you have over brand, price, quality, and quantity? How do you build your own brand as a distributor?

We have substantial control over brand, price, quality and quantity amongst other facets of distribution. If an item or brand has too many defects or returns, we will stop selling it to minimize negative customer experiences and incentivize manufacturers to perform adequate quality assurance on any products they would like us to offer consumers. We can simultaneously build our own brand by combining what we know about the products we sell to ensure every product meets our customers’ expectations.

Through our present and future strategies, we seek to continue expanding our range of clientele, whether they are residential consumers, interior designers, builders, or anyone else planning small or large-scale projects. Our brand’s reputation will be built upon many pillars that solidify its notoriety as a one-stop shop for swift deliveries, expert installation and removal services, and the best deals on appliances and furniture found anywhere.

Q. What is your distribution strategy? How do you create new strategies?

Our distribution strategy involves a combination of traditional forms of advertising (Pay-per-click, email, SEO) with new forms of advertising (Social media, YouTube, Instagram). We keep our finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving trends and strategies being used to engage with consumers every day. Our expert marketing team works diligently to ensure we are always ahead of the game, using every means at our disposal to provide customers with the most up-to-date information on products, sales, new releases, and whatever that else is coming down the pipeline from the brands they love.

Additionally, we have ramped up the production of in-depth blog content related to new releases as well as the top appliances available in refrigeration, cooking, and every other appliance category. This content provides in-depth, encyclopedic knowledge to consumers about the products they are considering buying as well as our expert appliance picks that they may not have been aware of. Once they know what to look for, our customers will become experts in their own right, independently navigating our site for the products they know they will be satisfied with.

Q. How have new technologies contributed to the success of your business?

We are a very technology-focused company. As an online retailer, it is imperative we keep up to date with every new technology trend in both our website design as well as our marketing initiatives. As consumers continue to transition to online shopping, we want to ensure that our customers are not losing out on all the benefits of shopping in person, such as seeing products up close and personally. We have many exciting new services in the pipeline that will provide in-depth, personalized shopping experiences to our clientele, allowing them to perfectly visualize every item they buy in the spaces these items will soon call home.

Q. How do you market your services?

We engage in a wide spectrum of both print and digital campaigns to reach the largest swathe of customers possible. Our marketing initiatives have been executed through online advertisements, commercials on streaming services such as YouTube, radio advertisements, and e-mail campaigns, amongst other endeavors. Additionally, visitors to our site have access to dedicated pages detailing our services in full, whether they are looking for specific appliance installation services, removal services, concierge services, and much more.

Recently, we have begun collaborating with notable publications such as The Boston Globe and The Retail Observer to provide educational content that reaches clients across the country. Through our content, we demonstrate to readers that we are not simply a one-stop shop for their appliance needs, but also a dedicated team of appliance experts that can answer their every inquiry. Customers want to trust they are getting the best deals from the businesses they patronize, and an essential part of building that trust is demonstrating that we know what we are talking about when it comes to the products and services we provide.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Following our recent acquisition by 1847 Goedeker’s Inc., we are expanding to multiple warehouses across the continental United States to better suit our customers’ needs and deadlines. That way, we can significantly reduce wait times for deliveries no matter where our customers are located.

Additionally, we are now allowing customers to “shop the look,” providing interactive galleries that lets customers see products in lifestyle imagery and select ones that pique their interest. For instance, if you see a French door refrigerator you like in a gallery image, clicking on it will take you to that product or a similar product’s listing. That way, you can know how the appliance will look in your home before buying it as well as be provided with information on all the exciting features it has to offer.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers?

Always something exciting on the way. As we continue to expand our offerings as well as our warehouse locations, we expect to become a dominant force in appliance and furniture retail across the United States. Customers far from major metropolitan cities will no longer be weighed down by massive wait times, exorbitant shipping fees, limited services, and lack of item availability in their area. We believe none of these factors should inhibit customers from acquiring the very best products their money can afford.

Additionally, we have begun to rollout our interior design inspiration platform. This amazing new platform allows professional designers to share their work with our entire customer base, allowing them to network with potential clients in their area looking for design services. Together, designers will collaborate with clients to create the residential space of their dreams, complete with the best refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers, bedroom sets, living room sets, and whatever else they need that AppliancesConnection has to offer.

“As consumers continue to transition to online shopping, we want to ensure that our customers are not losing out on all the benefits of shopping in person, such as seeing products up close and personally.”