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AppShare Technologies Inc: Providing a Single Point of Accountability and Customer Satisfaction


“We provide Design Customization depending on client ecosystem and development, which aligns withour customers’ requirement and technology landscape.”

Times have changed. As businesses adopt the use of SaaS and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) applications in multiple clouds, IT is realizing that the user application experience is poor. That is because WANs designed for a different era are not ready for the unprecedented explosion of WAN traffic that cloud adoption brings. That traffic causes management complexity, application-performance unpredictability, and data vulnerability.

Further, opening the enterprise to the Internet and the cloud exposes major threat and compliance issues. It is incredibly challenging to protect the critical assets of an enterprise when applications are accessed by a diverse workforce, including employees, partners, contractors, vendors, and guests. Enabling broadband on the WAN makes the security requirements more acute, creating challenges for IT in balancing user experience, security, and complexity.

In light of the foregoing, we’re pleased to present AppShare Technologies Inc  — doing development, implementation, and support of SD-WAN thru software.

AppShare offers a unique focus on technology initiatives by combining leading expertise, broad coverage, global scale, and flexible delivery. To deliver the most excellent results for its clients—and its stakeholders—the company, remains dedicated to staying at the forefront of business and technology trends.

AppShare is headquartered in San Francisco, California..

Mehmood Syed: Interview Highlights

Q. Tell us about your services in brief.

AppShare delivers continuous value across the full solution lifecycle. Our experts can help you accelerate your business transformation, plan and establish the business case and road map for your application and technology initiatives align your business enterprises with your critical objectives, and track results to measure your success. With us, you can continuously optimize your applications and technology investments to extend the benefits of your business transformation across your enterprise.

Appshare specializes in Networking Technologies (SD-WAN), which simplifies the management and operation of a WAN by decoupling the networking hardware from its control mechanism. This concept is similar to how software-defined networking implements virtualization technology to improve data center management and operation.

Appshare expertise in Cisco Viptela is a powerful SD-WAN solution for large WANs and Silver Peak, including WAN optimization, and SD-WAN has provided cutting edge Networking Development and support opportunities across the globe.

Q. Do you provide tailor-made solutions depending on the clients’ requirements?

Yes, we provide Design Customization depending on client ecosystem and development, which aligns with their requirement and technology landscape. 

Q. How do you secure your solution and prevent cyber threats?

Applications/servers and technologies are essential to giving organizations and individuals the computer security tools needed to protect themselves from cyber-attacks. Three main entities must be protected: endpoint devices like computers, smart devices, and routers; networks; and the cloud. Common technology used to protect these entities include next-generation firewalls, DNS filtering, malware protection, antivirus software, and email security solutions.

Through 10 steps, we secure our applications:

  • Identify the Threats
  • Beware of Cybercrime
  • Keep an Eye on Employees
  • Use Two-Factor Authentication
  • Conduct Audits regularly
  • Ensure a Strong Sign-Off Policy
  • Protect the Important Data
  • Carry Out Risk Assessments
  • Insure Company Against Cybercrime
  • Have In-Depth Knowledge About Risk Factors

Q. What are some of the significant challenges you faced in the initial years? How did you overcome them?

Following are some of the roadblocks we faced at the outset:

Lack of Powerful Computing Platforms

  • Challenge– The major challenge in the growing processing power of computers has been the lack of energy and space to power supercomputers. IT managers have always been on the lookout for better and faster systems, which will help in the faster processing of the massive amounts of data available today.
  • Solution–A simple solution to this challenge would be to employ new general-purpose graphical processors or multi-core platforms. By using better systems, the existing software will have to be optimized and adjusted to provide the best results. Many projects have been started to develop faster computers which will be available at low costs and energy needs.

Data Acquisition Problems

  • Challenge– Firewalls that protect emails, applications, and web browsing can cause substantial packet losses in the TCP/IP networks. This can result in significant data loss and reduce network speeds considerably, making online collaboration impossible. Similar losses can occur due to the switches and routers which do not have the required high-speed memory.
  • Solution– IT managers need to look out for high-performance computing resources with substantial data sets and a secure bridge to collaborate with dispersed scientific teams. They will also need to employ more sophisticated means to collect, filter, and store using high-speed networks

Compute Management and Provisioning

  • Challenge– One of the biggest challenges for IT managers is the humongous amounts of data that are available today. High-performance computing of these large data sets will require virtualization and automation to avoid adding more people to these processes. The major challenge for IT managers is to simplify these tasks and speed up the processing.
  • Solution– This challenge can be solved by using distributive systems. These systems divide complex tasks into smaller independent bits, which can be processed by individual computers that are connected to a network. Grid computing consists of virtualization of resources and supports computations across multiple administrative domains and helps in speeding up the processing of complex tasks.

Improper Networks and Connectivity

  • Challenge– For any organization to work smoothly, there must be a good and reliable network in place. Without a reliable network connection, IT infrastructure management can be a difficult task for any IT manager of the organization. New software-based methods and network architecture design are required for the optimization of data.
  • Solution– The ability to migrate the IP address would help to allow application services to be migrated to other hardware. Another solution to this challenge would be to add intelligence to the wired as well as Wi-Fi network connections. This will help the networks to optimize traffic delivery to contain costs and improve the service

Q. There are other IoT experts in this field. What makes you unique/do you have an “it” factor?

The data streams in the IoT are often managed via platforms or cloud applications. Outsourced computation, an outstanding service provided by cloud computing, has become more and more popular. In the context of outsourced computation, computationally weak clients (or devices) can outsource their computation and data to a server in the cloud. While this approach has numerous advantages in cost and functionality, the outsourcing mechanism must compromise the privacy of the outsourced data and the integrity of the computation, since the server in the cloud may not be fully trusted. The ultimate goal in secure outsourced computation is to design protocols that minimize the computational cost of the clients and maintain the confidentiality and integrity of its data.

Q. What are your trajectories for the next five years?

Our plan for expansion is threefold:

  • Expand in Digital Technologies; focus on Web, mobile, CRM, and ERP.
  • Expanding in IoT and AI development.
  • Development in SD-WAN 5G Network space.

Mehmood Syed: Tirelessly Success-achiever Leader

As the chief operating officer and the general manager, the Business necessitates that the operator possesses the management, sales, and marketing skills. The competence in human resources management is also another talent, which is desired for the chief executive and chief operating officer. Mehmood Syed brings thirty-seven years of extensive experience in providing operations leadership and repeatedly produced sustained revenues and EBITDA growth in dynamic and changing markets. He has been Serving in Senior Consultant Capacity and as a Senior Project Manager for AppShare Technologies, He is responsible for collaborating with leadership and clients to present ideas and facts, coupled with influencing, managing assigned initiatives through the lifecycle. Pointing out opportunities to improve processes and best practices as they occur. Maintaining autonomy and self-direction to plan and execute on initiatives. Work with senior business leaders, provide support and implement, lead critical projects, and drive innovation and growth leading and overseeing moderately complex projects. Responsible for ensuring the necessary supporting documentation will be developed, edited, and implemented. He had consulted with ownership of IT companies and Software solution providers. He steered the growth of the said companies to the next enhanced levels. He had built a distinguished Mergers & Acquisitions Brokerage and Advisory Firm with 13+years record of progressive achievement and advancement, having served companies with a combined worth of $500,000,000. He had advised and consulted with the owners of IT Staffing Companies, Software Solutions Providers, among other retail and manufacturing and service providers firms. He has owned and operated several start-ups, turnaround companies from a broad spectrum of enterprise industries. He has owned managed Wholesale Distribution, Real Estate Management Company, Real Estate Investment Firms, Residential Mortgage Company, Quick Service Mexican Restaurants, Commercial Real Estate Brokerage, and Merger & Acquisition and Investment Banking firm. He possesses superior interpersonal skills, capable of resolving multiple and complex (sales, human resources, and legal, financial, operational) issues and eventually motivating staff to peak performance. He is highly successful in building relationships with upper-level decision makers, seizing control of critical problem areas, and delivering on customer commitments.  He is customer-focused and performance-driven. He has led and motivated teams comprised of more than 200 employees and managed P&L for Business. He had operated a chain of very successful Mexican theme restaurants in Naperville/Lisle and Lombard, Illinois. He had overseen all phases of exclusive theme QSR restaurants grossing over $21.8 million per year. He, thereby, had used a real-world approach to problem-solving & deep-well of experience to meet the challenges of this fast-paced, high-turnover food industry.  He was nominated and awarded the Illinois Business Person of the Year 2004 by RNC. He has been awarded the Most noted M&A Broker in various categories by M&A International since 20014 thru 2019. He has coined the motto, “I believe in working hard and smart until I succeed in accomplishing my target.”

“With us, you can continuously optimize your applications and technology investments to extend the benefits of your business transformation across your enterprise.”