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October Edition 2020

With dedicated R&D teams, Apriorit is revolutionizing software development by providing more than just programming skills.


There are plenty of IT companies providing highly demanded software development services. But only a few can offer the unique skills and rare expertise necessary for creating innovative products. Apriorit is one of them.

For more than 18 years, Apriorit has accumulated hard-to-find skills in reverse engineering, penetration testing, and low-level programming. These skills have made Apriorit a trusted software engineering partner behind several leading cybersecurity products. In addition, the company excels at driver development, quality assurance, complex data management, and large-scale cloud platforms.

Mature agile delivery processes are another advantage that makes Apriorit stand out. Thanks to the company’s mastery of flexible project management practices, each project benefits from clear communications, self-driving teams, and measurable performance.

Research and development teams at Apriorit are enhanced with business analysts and quality assurance experts to make sure clients get exactly what they need and within the agreed deadlines. Unique skills and an obsession with quality are what make 98% of clients choose Apriorit for subsequent projects according to founder Dennis Turpitka.

For those in need of innovative solutions, Apriorit has much to offer. The company actively works in ambitious new technology domains including artificial intelligence, embedded software, and the blockchain.

Founded in 2002, Apriorit has a headquarters in Delaware and six offices in Europe and Ukraine.

Excerpt from a conversation with Dennis Turpitka, CEO of Apriorit:

Q. What kinds of services does your company provide?

Apriorit provides expert software engineering services to technology companies worldwide, covering the entire software R&D lifecycle. We build custom solutions for cybersecurity, virtualization and cloud computing, IoT, artificial intelligence, and blockchain.

Our specialties also include security testing, remote access and network management, robotic process automation, as well as data and system management.

Q. What makes your company stand out from the competition?

We have accumulated rare technical skills and a significant knowledge base, providing our clients with a great competitive advantage when outsourcing software development projects. Being true professionals with niche expertise in a range of technology domains, we can solve even the most challenging tasks with a high level of transparency, predictability, and control at each step of the way.

Q. How do you ensure the quality of your solutions?

We’ve developed formalized internal coding standards, guidelines, and review processes that ensure the high performance and reliability of our software. Our quality assurance specialists are certified with ISTQB, which enables us to check our products with any kind of security testing, including penetration testing.

Q. A major challenge of software projects is getting complete and clear product requirements. Do you have a solid process and line of communication to ensure that the final product meets all of a client’s expectations and requirements?

At Apriorit, a business analyst is an essential part of each managed development team. The main goal of the QA is to clarify and validate the needs of stakeholders based on their objectives and concerns. Once business analysts understand all expectations of project stakeholders, they formulate product requirements and pass them on to the R&D team. So business analysts act as a bridge between clients and developers to provide a clear understanding of how the work needs to be done and why it needs to be done in that particular way. And to exclude any risks of miscommunication, Apriorit business analysts always communicate with our clients directly.

Q. Most organizations have seen projects that didn’t end on time, went over budget, or changed in scope. How do you estimate your projects to meet both clients’ deadlines and budgets?

We have been refining our delivery model for many years. When it comes to estimation, we understand that a project requires more than just coding and testing. To ensure successful delivery, we also plan activities such as research, code review, pre-release integration, code refactoring, reporting and communications, and risk planning.

We always provide granular estimates with detailed explanations, taking into account some or all of the activities I just mentioned. We also schedule strict milestones when they’re crucial for a project’s success and do our best to meet them.

Meet the leader behind the success of Apriorit

Dennis Turpitka is the CEO of Apriorit and a charismatic business leader with a strong desire to improve the world — and specifically the software industry. He’s an expert in designing and developing business security solutions and carrying out virtualization and cloud computing R&D projects.

“We are open-minded, communicative professionals who possess unique technical experience and understand the business value of your projects.”