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‘ARC is proud to remain one of the only relocation companies with independent ownership and is 100 percent focused on employee relocation’: ARC Relocation


“ARC has combined machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the Ethereum blockchain to bring transparencies and efficiencies to the relocation industry that has not existed previously.”

ARC Relocation is an innovative third-party relocation company specializing in cost-effective relocation management domestically and globally. It takes the stress out of corporate relocation—for you and your employees. The company's comprehensive relocation service covers everything from policy development to post-move support.

ARC Relocation was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia.

Interview Excerpt: William M. Mulholland, SCRP, GMS, Owner and Founder of ARC Relocation

Rewind: How it All Started

In 2000, William M. Mulholland graduated from George Mason University and took a job with The Associates Relocation. His father was an FBI agent, and William was offered a job working on the FBI employee mobility contract. When they were still in business, The Associates was one of the largest relocation companies in the world. He worked for them for five years and learned all of the ins and outs of the employee relocation industry.

There he saw several voids in the industry and opportunities for innovation, new products, and services. "I came to my managers at the Associates to share my ideas, but no action was taken. I was young, passionate, determined, and knew firsthand the voids our clients and customers faced. This ultimately led to my decision to start my own company," said William M. Mulholland.

The belief was that if ARC delivered these highly needed products and provided the level of service the clients needed and wanted - ARC would be a huge success. One of the key ideas when starting ARC was to roll out a "realtor rebate program" for relocating transferees. Realtor Rebate programs were common with Military members of USAA (through the "Buyer's Advantage Program") but had not yet hit the Federal Law Enforcement community. The incentive of a cashback rebate after closing (simply for using a realtor in the network) would drastically increase the use of the broker network. It would also lead to more organic business through "word of mouth" referrals. William started ARC with a small loan. Within two months, the company was cash-flow positive, and within four months, the loan was paid back.

The founding principles of inspiration, innovation, and hard work all remain company core values to this day. Today ARC is rolling out the most advanced technology in the relocation industry. ARC is dedicated to constantly improving and evolving. The firm is committed to bringing its clients and customers new options, products, and resources.

ARC Relocation: Revolutionizing Employee Relocation sector by Offering Class Services

Since its inception, ARC has grown from a company of one to an industry leader with offices across the US and in Latin America servicing both the US Government and Corporations around the globe. ARC's innovation and obsession with customer service led to growth and opportunity. William further added, "We believe that our commitment to reinvest in the company, our technology, and our people is what has led to our industry awards and accolades and is what sets ARC apart." ARC is proud to remain one of the only relocation companies with independent ownership and is 100 percent focused on employee relocation.

ARC has combined machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the Ethereum blockchain capabilities to bring transparencies and efficiencies to the relocation industry that have not existed previously.

ARC's services can become infinite as each relation is unique. The most common relocation services that ARC offers include: home purchase & home sale services (both buyer value option and guaranteed buyout programs), affinity rebate program, mortgage services, shipment and storage of household goods, expense reimbursements, payroll tax reporting, lease breakage, temporary housing, settling-in services, concierge services, rental assistance, car rental assistance, property management, benefit & policy counseling, spousal employment assistance, cost of living reports, and more.

Navigating Relocation Process through World-Class Technology

ARC steers the relocation process efficiently by leveraging its proprietary in-house software. ARC provides both the client contacts and transferring employees with private credentials to login into the ARCportal. This access gives the client and employee real-time updates during the relocation process. The portal can be used on a smartphone, tablet, Mac, or PC. The portal is programmed with "triggers", "controls", and "automation" to ensure that industry best practices are followed on every relocation without failure. Artificial intelligence is leveraged to gather accurate and efficient cost estimates. Blockchain technology is used to record "smart transactions" and documents to resolve disputes.

Through the ARCportal, transferees have access to initiate services and instant transparency on pricing and options. The portal offers efficiency and resources with tools such as online move pricing real-time through "Agoyu", lump-sum requests, direct reimbursements online, mortgage calculators, cost of living calculator, real-time MLS home search, census bureau statistics, school system statistics and information, vendors ratings and analytics, ARC employee ratings and analytics, latest industry trends/updates, best practices, policy controls, forums, and blogs.

ARC's Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

Under SPOC, ARC designates one (1) relocation counselor who will serve as the main point of contact for relocation services to be provided to the client. Although the relocation counselor at ARC has an entire team internally supporting them, they act as a Single Point of Contact for our clients' transferees for efficiency in communication. Clients' employees will have a single point of contact to manage their relocation to assist with all administrative services and associated deliverables throughout the entire relocation process.

"All of our relocation management practices are designed to abide by and be in accordance with the client's relocation policy. Additionally, at ARC, we foster the philosophy of a smaller relocation counselor 'caseload' while our certified and experienced personnel manage the entire relocation process from start to finish. This allows our relocation counselors to 'own the process and ensure a white-glove service at a discount price!"

Recently one of ARC's counselors, Andrew, went above and beyond for a customer's move. While Andrew was driving on vacation, he made a point to stop in at his customer's homes while they were packing and loading their household goods. Andrew ensured everything was going well and that the customer had everything they needed. That simple gesture and demonstration of ARC's white-glove service truly showcase how much the counselors care about going above and beyond for their customers.

Achieving Unparalleled Success

The tree central factors that differentiate ARC from its competitors and allow ARC to be successful ahead of its competitors are:

Independent Ownership: ARC is completely, independently owned, and operated. We are not bound by ownership or franchise restrictions in any way. One hundred percent of ARC's income is derived from relocation. ARC was not opened to drive more business to a parent company. This independent ownership is extremely rare in the relocation industry and allows ARC to partner with top providers at the best pricing every time.

Advanced Technology: ARC has written and provides proprietary software that no other relocation company offers. By utilizing blockchain and AI technology, "Agoyu," an online pricing platform that grants its clients and transferees access to international moving rates by a multitude of movers. Similar to online pricing platforms like Expedia and, Agoyu allows movers to upload and update global moving rates in real-time. This platform allows for pricing competition and instant rate quotes. There is no other relocation company that offers technology comparable to Agoyu.

Unmatched Access: ARC has access to a multitude of resources that make ARC unique. It is one of the only four-move managers for the US government. As such, ARC has access to the published rates and pricing for every mover on the GSA Schedule. Access to this information gives ARC and our clients a considerable advantage. ARC has the ownership, technology, access, and customer service to provide the highest level of service to the client.

Awards and Accolades

ARC is proud to be considered an industry leader in several key areas: customer service, technology, and innovation. ARC is honored to be recognized year over year as one of the top performers in this industry. Today ARC reports the second-highest sales to the US Government for Employee Relocation Services. It is the recipient of the 2021 HRO Baker's Dozen list for the #1 Employee Relocation Company (as voted on by the HR Industry). While the company is relishing this moment, its team understands that it is important to keep moving forward.

The Road Ahead

William emphasized, "We believe through a blended model of technology and service, ARC will become the largest employee relocation company in the world." In 2021, ARC has signed exclusive relocation contracts with some of the largest clients in the relocation industry. These new clients have highlighted its technology, customer service, and flexible approach to relocation as key decision points.

William concluded by saying, "We foresee ARC continuing to lead the industry in technology best practices and relocation counseling while remaining committed to our obsession with customer service and our company core values."

The Leader Upfront

William M. Mulholland, SCRP, GMS, is the Owner and Founder of ARC Relocation, LLC (ARC). In his role, he oversees all aspects of the relocation process for both government and corporate clients, domestically and globally. Bill graduated from George Mason University with a BA in Psychology and has been in the relocation industry since graduating from GMU in 2000. Bill has earned both his SCRP and GMS designations from Worldwide ERC®, was the 2012 President for the Greater Washington Area Employee Relocation Council (GWERC), a member of YEC, YPO, and Worldwide ERC®'s YP40 (Young Professionals under 40) Committee. Most recently, Bill received the 2012 Meritorious Service Award from Worldwide ERC®.

“Agoyu allows movers to upload and update global moving rates in real-time. This platform allows for pricing competition and instant rate quotes. There is no other relocation company that offers technology comparable to Agoyu.”