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Ariose Software – Creating exemplary and cutting-edge performance software customized for its global client base


Introducing a new product to the market involves many steps spanning all departments in a company. The path to a successful launch is fraught with challenges. Even if the design and engineering departments develop fine products or creative use of technology, a product can still fail. The marketing team could miss out on the opportunity, or the customer service representatives may not have enough information or expertise about the product to help the buyers. Wherever the weak links lie, a chance to penetrate the market and expand profits can be missed. A company must properly send information about a product throughout the varying departments that have a hand in its success. This is where product lifecycle management becomes highly significant.

Ariose Software offers complete product lifecycle services transforming concepts and requirements into reality in a time and cost-efficient manner, helping companies and service providers improve their profitability while providing superior products to their end-users more quickly. Ariose enables you to make the best choices from panoply of mobile operating systems, based on your requirements and need. The firm helps you solve the diversity of handsets' challenges, using techniques, interface, resolutions, operator networks, distribution, server interface, security. Ariose offerings are built across a deep and broad matrix of technologies and applications. The team has many years of experience designing and developing high-end server solutions using J2EE architecture for various enterprises, enabling mobile, and cloud deployment across telecom enterprises.

Innovative products and services offered by Ariose Software

Mobile Application: Ariose's mobile application development and mobile platform expertise have provided superior and cutting-edge solutions to the global client base for over five years, delivering 200+ mobile projects. Ariose helps you make the best of choices from a wide variety of mobile and server operating systems, based on your requirements and need. The firm enables you to solve the diversity of handsets, operating systems, interfaces, resolutions, operator networks, distribution, and server interface, covering the entire development cycle. The mobile development Services offer the latest technologies to create mobile software solutions for various platforms such as iPhone / iPad, Android, Blackberry, J2ME, and Windows Phone.

Java Servers: Ariose has in-depth experience implementing mobility solutions for a variety of customer verticals. Each customer's need is unique and different. They understand, create, and integrate with various back-end systems through direct connectivity, standard third party connectors, or middleware. Ariose has extensive expertise in creating solutions for back-end systems hosted on the cloud, dedicated data centers, or inside enterprises. These solutions support complex business requirements and workflows. The Ariose team creates scalable, robust server-side, and device-agnostic solutions that help solve fundamental client problems.

CORTEX: CORTEX is a carrier-class Subscription, Charging, and Content Delivery Platform. The system is designed to provide value-added service providers and content providers a scalable and redundant core that offers multiple combinations of input and output channels, provisioning & charging interfaces, and dynamic real-time content fetching capabilities. CORTEX performs unique functions that significantly reduce the time and cost of resolving time-sensitive, mission-critical business problems.

Track On Map: Track On Map is a vehicle and resource tracking solution that brings navigation technology power to enterprise applications. The solution provides reliable wireless tracking technologies and an enriched service experience for enterprise and business customers. The solution is useful for salesforce, service engineers, courier boys, security guards, school buses, travel agencies, etc., or in short, for every enterprise with people or assets moving on the road. This out-of-the-box solution can be rapidly customized for enterprise applications.

MPower: Providing 'anytime, anywhere' access, the MPower platform presents an enterprise with limitless opportunities to extend excellence beyond the four walls of the business. It enables business users to access, query, and update corporate information from their mobile phones securely and cost-effectively. The organization will be able to ensure customer service consistency, rapidly respond to customer needs in real-time, manage and control business processes more efficiently, extend existing IT investments into the field and reduce the costs of doing business. MPower helps the organization make the most of every customer encounter by ensuring that the field team has accurate information, streamlined processes, and seamless communications. MPower makes it quick and easy to synchronize information with office systems and shortens time-cycles by eliminating duplicated effort and avoiding inaccuracies caused by freehand input methods.

Meet the pre-eminent leader

Amit Goenka is the Co-Founder and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Ariose Software. He has an overall experience of fourteen years in software development. He has extensive experience in driving products and solutions from concept to actual product delivery. An engineering graduate from BITS-Pilani, Mr. Amit brings Ariose Software a unique blend of software product and services experience. He has extensive knowledge of networking and security protocols, mobile and value-added services, embedded systems, and device drivers across various operating systems. He has managed and executed offshore initiatives for ancillary product developments, design and implementation, and customer support.

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