30 Fabulous Companies of the Year 2020

ARMOUR COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED: Secure Communications for Everyday Devices


Armour Communications Limited is a UK based organisation and provides government-grade encryption for secure communications (voice, messaging, video and data) on everyday smartphones and tablets across all popular platforms.Supplying cost-effective, easy to use technology combined with advanced security techniques to deliver cloud-based and on-premises solutions for Governments, Finance and Enterprise markets.


Armour's technology operates over data-enabled networks including EDGE (2.SG), HSPA, CDMA/EV-DO (3G), LTE (4G), Wi-Fi™ and satellite, and is optimised to run on Android™ and iPhone® devices.

  • Voice and Conference Calls
  • Text/Messaging
  • Video
  • Data


Armour’s technology has been fully reviewed by third parties and has achieved FIPS, NATO and CPA accreditations. Armour works with innovative partners to provide solutions when higher assurance is required. For specialised requirements such as Push-To-Talk, its solutions are compatible with 3GPP MCPTT.


GDPR means customer details must be protected even when being discussed on the phone. By using Armour’s technology, communication of customer details will be protected in compliance with GDPR requirements. Their easy to use messaging capability allows you to quickly send any document/file to other users or groups


A flexible approach to unified communications provides a secure conferencing solution for large numbers of participants. Armour’s scalable architecture based on Docker containers allows you to quickly scale up your infrastructure for any number of additional users. Automatically keep your secure contacts up to date with Active Directory integration capability. Armour provides a secure communications channel in the event of a cyber-security attack.


MOBILE: Secure yourmobile-to-mobile communications between off-the-shelf mobile devices.

DESKTOP: Secure your mobile-to-desktop communications between off-the-shelf devices.


CLOUD: Once you have licensed your mobile devices for our Cloud Service, you can start making secure voice, video, conference calls, and messages

ON-PREMISES: On-Premises allows you to configure and manage your secure communications service in total privacy, restricting any outside connections


Armour Comms solutions are intuitive and easy to use and are downloadable from the app stores for iOS and Android devices as well as Windows 10 Desktop. They provide optional PBX and Skype for Business integration so that landlines and IP/desk phones can be connected and part of the secure communications platform. Armour Comms provides a highly scalable, secure cloud-based service, or they can provide an on-premises solution, for ultimate control and privacy of your communications and metadata. All Armour solutions comply with the Secure Chorus interoperability standards


Their flagship product, Armour Mobile provides all the functionality of consumer-grade apps but with considerably greater security. It provides secure voice calls, video calls, one-to-one and group messaging, voice and video conference calls, file attachments, sent/ received/read message status and the option for messages to automatically delete once read or after a set time (Message Burn).

Most importantly they protect not only the content of communications, but also the associated meta-data. This means no-one even knows you are having a conversation, let alone what that conversation is about. Armour Mobile prevents mobile communications whether voice, text, video or conference from being intercepted by devices such as IMSI catchers, or hacks using the SS7 protocol and others. It enables secure collaboration between trusted colleagues when discussing commercially sensitive information such as corporate intellectual property, financial transactions, and customer details.

With Armour Desktop, which works with a Windows 10 softphone, and integration with Skype for Business, organisations are able to take advantage of the reduced costs and increased flexibility provided by Voice over IP.


Based on Armour Mobile, Armour Blue provides sector-specific functionality like Push to Talk.  Armour Blue enables operatives in the field to collaborate securely with each other and to communicate with colleagues back at base via the Armour Blue Dashboard.

Suitable for use by Emergency/Blue Light, Law Enforcement and Covert Ops, Armour Blue users have a direct channel, always-on audio radio, where they do not need to dial a number to speak to others in the group. In addition, Armour Blue provides connectivity with wearables via Bluetooth and maintains usability and compatibility with 3GPP MCPTT standards. Calls can be managed centrally to determine priority, enabling a more streamlined approach when handling emergency situations.

Armour Blue is available for commercial off the shelf (COTS) devices which mean there is no requirement for a ‘special’ phone, making deployment easier and more cost-effective, and providing a greater level of anonymity for those in the field.


Armour technology can be blended with 3rd party hardware and software to provide specialist solutions that deliver additional security features, for enterprise and higher assurance levels, up to SECRET.Armour technology enables a wide range of secure, cross-platform communications by identifying and authenticating the endpoints.   


Andy Lilly, Director and Co-Founder of Armour Communications has a proven track record of delivering challenging, leading-edge research and development solutions into global markets. Having held leadership positions at multi-national organisations as well as VC-funded start-ups, Andy has been instrumental in delivering military-grade secure communications systems as well as solutions suitable for use in commercial environments for over 25 years. As of April 2018, Andy has been elected as Chairperson of the Secure Chorus Technical Standards Committee.

David Holman, Director and Co-Founder of Armour Communications has held a variety of sales and general management positions within international organisations in the IT and security industry. David has been a Non-Executive Director for a number of start-up companies in the security industry more recently, CEO and co-founder of Becrypt, where he was instrumental in growing the business to £10m revenue and profitability. David has sat on various Government/industry committees including CIPCOG (chaired by the Cabinet Office) to promote the importance of security products.