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30 Innovative Brands of the Year 2022

An artist delivering excellent motivational and inspirational luxury art for business transformation: Hope Décor


Art used by businesses is not something that goes unnoticed. When properly used, art tends to play an important part in guest experience, entire brand image, and design narrative. In a thoughtfully well-crafted experience, art is uniquely placed to make the customer feel more connected and relaxed when the visit a business. Business leaders are now working with premium artists to create custom pieces for their companies so that it can show what the brand is trying to convey. Art is way more than just conversation starter. It provides a way for people to connect. It opens the curiosity of people and breaks down barriers between the consumers and business.

Globally there are various companies delivering excellent Arts for businesses, but Hope Décor stands out from the rest. Award-winning artist Lea Hope Bonzer’s passion for converting details around us into photography art led to the founding of Hope Décor. The company specializes in motivational and inspirational luxury art for hospitality, residential, and commercial properties. Hope Décor’s mission is to bring positivity, motivation, and inspiration to wall space and implement the interior design, creating an amazing impact on the atmosphere around us. The company’s luxury artwork has the ability to transform a wall into a thought-provoking centerpiece, inspiring motivation and positivity. The soft, minimalistic touch of some of Hope Décor’s luxury art will bring positivity to your interiors in a range of different ways. While some of its luxury art will give relaxed and meditative energy creating an inspirational and motivational atmosphere recreating the ambience of interiors.

In conversation with Lea Hope Bonzer, Founder and owner of Hope Décor

Q. What was the motivation behind starting Hope Décor?

My passion for converting details around us into art, creating tranquility, motivation, and inspiration led to the founding of Hope Décor. In my art, I use a wide range of styles to reflect deep emotions.

Q. Can you explain about your services in brief?

Hope Décor specializes in motivational and inspirational luxury art for hospitality, residential and commercial properties with a mission to implement surroundings while creating a memorable atmosphere.

Q. Tell us about your material procurement process. How do you select the vendors?

My favorite print material is metal, as it brings a modern, classy, and elegant touch to a space. Although Hope Décor delivers the art in many sizes, shapes, and print materials   

Q. How do you recruit the right talents for maintaining the quality of your service?

We are using a sustainable printing company that delivers first-class, top-quality products with quick turned-around to keep our goal of providing remarkable service in check.

Q. There are other major players in the luxury home Décor segment. How do you diversify yourself?

Hope Décor offers a wide range of styles suitable for any project needs, provoking positivity and productivity with a motivational and inspirational atmosphere. We believe that piece of art can dictate the mood of a room and has a significant effect on the occupants, projecting tranquility, passion, and beauty.

Q. Tell us about your extensive portfolio of custom builds.

Hope Décor luxury art can be implemented into any interior surroundings. Our art enriches productivity in a relaxing and inspiring atmosphere through hospitality, commercial, or residential properties.

Q. How do you market your services?

We primarily work with interior stagers and designers on hospitality, commercial and residential projects. 

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Hope Décor is in the process of introducing a mosaic-tile-glass as one of the options for art delivery complementing hospitality and commercial properties in a new one-of-a-kind way.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

Anticipation of Hope Décor creates more memorable surroundings, bringing inspiration and motivation to a furthermore wall space.

Meet the leader behind the success of Hope Décor

Founder, Lea Hope Bonzer was born and raised in Zagreb, Croatia. Following her passion, life took Lea on a journey, and she found life in the USA, where she established a photography business. Lea Hope Bonzer loves to create all kinds of photography art. At the same time, her favorite is Rustic / Industrial style creating the wonder of untold stories. She enjoys Macro as well, where she can bring details to life. One of her favorite nature creations is clouds, always captivating her with power, motivation, and inspirational energy. Lea wants to recreate ambiance by bringing emotions to a wall space and making surroundings memorable with inspiration and motivation. Among many awards, including Best in Shows, Judges Favorite, Editor’s Choice awards, LuxLife Magazine UK awarded Hope Décor as Best Hospitality Wall Art Décor  2021 Resort & Retreats award.

“Hope Décor goal is to provide remarkable service with unique, quality and affordable products. Our #1 priority is your satisfaction with the product, by which we stand 100%.”