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10 Best Supply Chain Companies to Watch 2020

Arviem – Optimizing the supply chain visibility with IoT enabled real-time cargo monitoring and tracking


Airfreight has a vital part to play in a healthy supply chain ecosystem. Although air cargo is one of the more expensive ways to ship goods, it has one huge advantage — speed. The need to transport goods quickly is driven by customer expectations and the urgency of shipments that need to arrive ASAP. Air cargo carriers can significantly benefit from digitizing their supply chain and gaining greater visibility for themselves and their customers. This also helps build agility into the supply chain mix, providing more options for supply chain managers.

Arvieum is an internationally operating company with an innovative startup spirit; it has grown organically to become the leading service provider for real-time cargo monitoring services. It is the only service provider that offers pay-as-you-go real-time cargo monitoring services to increase global trade visibility. Arviem's services have already proved its value to numerous multinational companies across several industries worldwide. It has a global reach with the support of a Swiss-based team as international as the trade business itself is, as international is the Arviem team set-up.

Reliable products provided by Arviem

Real-Time Cargo and Container Monitoring: Arviem's core service is the condition monitoring and location tracking of cargo in transit.  Real-time cargo monitoring reveals what's happening to the cargo while in transit in between logistics milestones. Tracking the location and monitoring freight conditions verifies the quality of incoming components and oversees the fulfillment of safety and environmental regulations. Thanks to the dynamic ETA calculation, clients can plan better and take proactive action in case of delays. Real-time alerts and notifications help users to identify problems and mitigate arising risks from disruptions before they become critical. Arviem offers comprehensive options to configure e-mail notifications about shipment alarms and events according to clients' individual information needs. The firm monitors and records the temperature inside a container and notifies users whenever it surpasses a pre-defined threshold. It also provides information on the predicted ETA of shipments, calculated based on the cargo's real-time position using machine learning.

Air Cargo Monitoring: Arviem's fully managed air cargo monitoring and tracking services enable organizations to track the location and monitor air freight conditions in real-time using compact, reusable, and portable monitoring devices.  The company's air cargo monitoring service enables you to know exactly where your assets are. The conditions they are subject to even while your cargo is in the air. Arviem's air freight monitoring system allows you to take immediate corrective action to protect or recover assets in the event of loss, theft or mishandling through timely information in the form of notifications and constant data flow. Increasing air cargo visibility within your supply chain also improves operating efficiencies, drives down costs, increases security, and complies with growing regulatory requirements. Arviem's reliable and easy to use air cargo visibility service helps you monitor your shipments in the fastest and most efficient way.

Supply Chain Analytics and Optimization: The Arviem analytics component makes the effective management of an extended supply chain right down to the level of goods in transit finally attainable. The data collected by Arviem's container tracking and monitoring service generates excellent value by providing real-time visibility across the supply chain. The historical and real-time data that is being analyzed by Arviem's cloud-based analytics platform offers valuable insights for supply chain professionals. Its advanced analytics allows business professionals to gain relevant intelligence and dig deeper into their supply chain data, searching for savings. Key decision-makers are empowered to use the collected data to improve operations and to discover opportunities to create efficiencies and capture savings across the supply chain. Reduce costs in your supply chain, generate business intelligence, optimize processes, and reduce inefficiencies while saving time.

Working Capital Financing: The firm enables the optimization of the financial and physical supply chains by making goods in transit financeable through monitoring the location and condition of the cargo in real-time. It provides traceability from 'doors closing to doors opening' serving as an independent verifier for regulatory purposes and real-time risk mitigation. Arviem's unique cargo monitoring services offer a cost-efficient, real-time, and independent verification for goods in transit.  Once the monitors are activated, from doors closing at the supplier to doors opening at the buyer, it provides regular data, independently and reliably.

The mastermind behind the triumph of Arviem

Stefan Reidy is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Arviem. Before Arviem, he was instrumental in the conceptualization and development of the most innovative solution for real-time monitoring and management of global trade at IBM and was globally responsible for developing the solution.

"We work towards making global trade visible. We are passionate about what we do, and we are striving to delight our customers."