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As a Co-founder and CEO at Smartiply, Inc., Kaushik Pillalamarri Brings Innovative Business and Technology Solutions to the Table

thesiliconreview-kaushik-pillalamarri-ceo-cofounder-smartiply-inc-2018Smartiply, Inc. is a startup mobile technology company transforming the industry by creating a fusion between Fog Computing and Internet of Things (IoT) to build the first Fog Network/Computing Platform that enables Collaboration and Resource Sharing among devices through innovative products and services. Addressing mission-critical challenges and enabling a superior digital experience, the Smartiply’s IoT platform leverages network, computing, and storage resources closer to the user and at the edge to invigorate IoT by enabling high availability, better performance, tighter security, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

It is headquartered in New Jersey, USA.

Core Technologies

IoT: The Internet of Things (IoT) is shaping the networked life. Cisco predicts there will be 50 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020. To realize the full potential from IoT applications, computing technology has continued to evolve, providing lower costs, and more robust data analytics.Smartiply specializes in the internetworking of every physical device, sensors, gateways, and smart devices enabling a sharing economy by leveraging idle resources on connected devices.

Fog: “Fog computing” is an emerging technology that uses one or a collaborative multitude of end-user clients or near-user edge devices to carry out a substantial amount of storage, communication,and management. It is not a binary choice between Cloud and Fog either: they form a mutually beneficial, inter-dependent continuum. With innovative capabilities, Fog computing will support a variety of emerging IoT applications and services in many vertical services and horizontal markets, including smart factories, smart cities, smart homes, retail stores, cruise lines, airlines, vehicular telematics, healthcare, ICT Green Communications, Industrial Internet, and industry monitoring. It has developed a platform to create and manage Fog Networks using Fog architecture to seamlessly and efficiently connect devices from local to the cloud.

AI: Smartiply uses Embedded Artificial Intelligence to improve operational efficiency by providing real-time Data analysis and decision making on the edge.

Overcoming Challenges in IoT Security and Privacy

Due to the lack of consensus over networking standards, IoT applications face many possible vulnerabilities and security challenges. All organizations, gathering and processing data from billions of IoT devices, not only need to protect those data from unauthorized access but also need to deal with new categories of risk and threats that the IoT can introduce. The IoT industries need to be proactive and forward-looking in risk appraisals and threat screening. In particular, while Fog computing may help enhance security in some IoT applications, it will present new security challenges in many other cases. For instance, when Fog computing platform is used to monitor and control physical assets, whether a bank ATM machine or automobile, the consequences associated with a breach in security extend beyond the unauthorized release of information, because attacks on these IoT assets can come either in the digital form or via the physical environment or both, and they could potentially incur physical damage of the entire system.

Solution Offerings

Gateway Solutions:Its Gateway solution connects multiple industrial components to collect actionable data, analyze, and make intelligent decisions. The platform givesone data-backed opportunity to improve operational efficiency through Boosted Speed, Reliable Connectivity, Data Thinning, Local Decision Making, Mobility, and Fog Networks. Its features are:

  • Reliable Connection: One can get uninterrupted connectivity for mission-critical applications with heterogeneous networks
  • Boosted Speed: One can leverage multiple available connections to boost speed
  • Embedded AI: Embedded Ai collects and analyzes real-time data, learns the pattern, and makes decisions locally to improve work efficiency
  • Mobility: One can provide on the go connectivity and value-added services with the company’s gateway.
  • Data Analytics: One can improve operational efficiency by providing real-time data analysis and decision making on the edge
  • Data Thinning: One can reduce latency and data traffic to the cloud through edge intelligence

Mobile Solutions:Its mobile solution helps clients drive customer retention and loyalty through better user experience and innovative proximity-based applications. The platform helps them efficiently leverage idle resources through intelligent sharing to improve performance, save costs, and provide unparalleled convenience through connectivity on demand. Its features are:

  • Resource Sharing:One can leverage idle resources to improve performance
  • Boosted Performance:One can combine extra capacity to provide boosted Speeds
  • Cost Saving:One can optimize mobile data consumption through resource sharing
  • Convenience: One canget unparalleled connectivity on demand services
  • Revenue Generation:One can streamline revenue opportunities by sharing idle resources
  • Innovative Applications:One can create innovative proximity-based applications

Meet the Leader       

Kaushik Pillalamarri, Co-founder and CEO at Smartiply, Inc: Kaushikis an Innovative business & technology leader with unique social and business entrepreneurial experience across multiple industries (Technology, Airline, CPG / FMCG, Agri / Agro, Airline) and multiple domains. He has built new ecosystems, managed P&L, and managed customer value through strategic marketing & technology initiatives in developed and emerging markets.

“We combine idle resources and capacity, and apply machine learning, and edge intelligence to dramatically improve the user experience for bandwidth-hungry applications.”