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30 Fastest Growing Private Companies to Watch 2022

David Murrell, Astanza Laser President: “In addition to providing the best technology available for laser tattoo removal, we also focus on helping our clients learn how to market laser tattoo removal services. It allows our entrepreneurial clients to bring in more patients and earn the highest return on their investment.”


Foundation for laser technology was laid way back in 1917 when Einstein published his “The quantum theory of radiation” article. When we talk about lasers in a common room, people usually visualize images of a bank security system and lightsabers — thanks to Hollywood movies. The truth is lasers are present in almost every commonly used appliance. The laser has provided an essential and transformational tool, from communication to printing, surgery to medical diagnostics, and retail management to metal-cutting. It is undeniable that the laser has significantly driven several technological and scientific innovations in almost every facet of the modern world since its inception. Globally, various companies deliver excellent solutions using laser technologies, but Astanza Laser stands out from the rest. Astanza started because, at the time, no other company was selling laser tattoo removal technology and then supporting the device or buyer after the transaction. Ryan Lambert, the Founder of Astanza, recognized this need because he was a new laser clinic owner and saw that the guidance he needed to operate his clinic successfully–business consulting, training, marketing, clinical support, and technical support–wasn’t available. For this reason, Lambert decided to start his own tattoo removal laser company to help entrepreneurs start or add on to their businesses.

Inception and Impact of Astanza Laser

Today, you can see the foundations of Astanza Laser reflect the services Lambert couldn’t find elsewhere. Astanza Laser became the leading innovator of laser tattoo removal technology by providing entrepreneurs with proven business solutions that help them quickly become profitable and overcome the challenges faced when starting a new business or adding a new service. In addition to safe and effective aesthetic laser technology, Astanza offers the industry’s fastest technical support, in-depth training, and comprehensive marketing and business consulting, partnering with clients. “In addition to providing the best technology available for laser tattoo removal, we also focus on helping our clients learn how to market laser tattoo removal services. It allows our entrepreneurial clients to bring in more patients and earn the highest return on their investment,” says David Murrell, President of Astanza.

When The Silicon Review asked David about his company’s challenges in the initial years, he stated that “Sourcing quality laser technology and developing industry relationships can be a significant challenge. It takes a lot of time to research and find the right products and companies to partner with. High quality, consistent manufacturing is key to our client’s success and Astanza’s ability to maintain satisfied clients.” He added “Finding the right manufacturing partners has proven to be integral in allowing us to supply our clients with quality engineered Italian and German equipment. Another benefit to working with high-quality manufacturers is that our clients don’t have to worry about system failures or other issues due to the reliability and quality of the lasers we source. We have heard horror stories from clients who have purchased competitive devices and have experienced significant repair times and difficulty receiving parts.”

New Revenue Streams

Astanza’s advanced product line of aesthetic lasers helps its clients give patients more effective treatments, garnering faster results. The company’s flagship product, the Astanza TrinityTSR, is a three-wavelength tattoo removal laser system comprised of two lasers: The Duality, a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser, and the EternityTSR, a Q-switched Ruby laser, capable of removing a full-spectrum of tattoo colors. The Astanza TrinityTSR’s three wavelengths, 1064 nm, 532 nm, and 694 nm, high-energy production, and wide range of spot sizes make it the ideal choice for elite practices by safely, effectively, and quickly removing all ink colors, including resistant shades of blue and green. Astanza isn’t just a leader in laser tattoo removal; their product lineup also includes the Asclepion MeDioStar, designed to remove unwanted hair. “It has the largest spot size in the world and delivers the fastest treatment times and efficient results, which we think are very important when it comes to adding laser hair removal to a business,” remarks Murrell. Astanza Laser is the exclusive U.S. partner for Germany-based Asclepion Laser Technologies, the manufacturer of the MeDioStar. The company’s product portfolio also includes the DermaBlate, an industry-leading Erbium:YAG laser, which helps aesthetic practitioners deliver faster, safer, and more effective fractional skin resurfacing treatments to patients. This innovative system is a preferred alternative to CO2 skin resurfacing.

Upcoming Services and the Future

David Murrell foresees a bright future with many new products and exciting benefits centered on Astanza’s three core pillars of service, training, and marketing support and the company’s purpose and mission of changing lives. “It spans the spectrum of helping our clients build their business and be successful entrepreneurs, their patients feeling better, and our employees accomplishing their personal goals in terms of growth and advancement in our business,” concludes Murrell. Astanza Laser also has a strong client base in the ever-growing non-profit and corrections space. These clients can make the most significant impact by changing the lives of those with the greatest need. As recognition of the impact he has on the laser tattoo removal industry, David Murrell and Astanza were recently honored with the “Lifetime Achievement in Laser Tattoo Removal Award” by Aesthetic Everything.

“With the industry’s fastest service support, in-depth training, and comprehensive marketing support, Astanza is with your business every step of the way.”