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10 Fastest Growing Data Analytics Companies 2016

Atigeo: Making data in organizations accessible & secure for discovery, insight, and innovation, through premier software platform ‘xPatterns’

Atigeo, a 2005 established company, was founded on the vision of compassionate technology for a wiser planet. The idea was formulated when Michael Sandoval (CEO and Founder) lost his wife to breast cancer when she was twenty-five years old. The company holds offices at Bellevue, Washington and Timisoara, Romania.
Motive behind setting up Atigeo
Having gone through a difficult experience and phase, Michael realized that healthcare providers didn’t have access to the most comprehensive information, if they did, they didn’t have any ability to make much sense of it. There was too much data that was too complex for any individual, hospital, or patient to understand. With his background in data science, he knew there was a better way to service the healthcare industry.
In order for a doctor to provide the best treatment to a patient, he or she must leverage individualized, specific data for optimal results. However, this is a difficult process if not all of the data is available or isn’t coherent. When he saw a young patient like his wife being treated like a seventy-five-year-old woman, he knew there had to be a better way to approach personalized patient care.
This is why he believes in compassionate technology at Atigeo, which means the ability to serve and protect within the digital world. By drawing upon global data and assets, they are able to transform data into information, information into knowledge, and finally, knowledge into wisdom. Through this discovery process, they are able to help those who want to serve mankind and affect positive change.
xPatterns is a means of achieving this—a premier software platform that is agnostic to all forms of data, which means that it is able to take disparate, disjointed data and make information out of it. This in turn leads to knowledge that elucidates problems or potential problems so that people can make informed choices from the best data and provide real, life-changing solutions.
Atigeo’ An absolute solution
Healthcare: xPatterns for Health encompass a solution suite that improves the clinical, financial, and operational performance of a healthcare organization. xPatterns makes this possible because it captures and integrates data across all providers, extracting clinical insights used for effective prediction and intervention opportunities to assure optimal outcomes.
Cyber: xPatterns for Cyber delivers comprehensive security intelligence and provides the real-time information defenders need to identify, prioritize and respond to advanced security threats. It sits on the edge and at the core of networks to rapidly strengthen existing point solutions and appliances and integrates incident response and remediation for full-scale cyber threat
Enterprise: For an enterprise, xPatterns eliminates the need to create patchwork solutions in-house, as traditional approaches require today. Instead, it offers a platform-based approach to build truly intelligent, data-driven applications — quickly, and cost effectively.
Offering excellence through ‘xPatterns’
Having a tough data problem, not easily solved by current methodologies? Then Atigeo’s xPatterns is right here to positively impact your organization in extensive influential ways. xPatterns enables the enterprise to transform insights into coordinated, tactical, operational and strategic decision making from the IT professional to the CEO. It encompasses a high-impact and highly automated solution by bridging strategic value and tactical efficiencies with operational practicality. xPatterns radically accelerates an organization’s ability to make advancements when and where it matters most. This is possible because xPatterns is a responsive and flexible platform, delivering actionable intelligence, surfaced via rapid application deployment.
Knowing the Master Brain
Michael Sandoval, CEO, Chairman and Founder
A successful entrepreneur, Michael as CEO of Atigeo drives the overall strategic and creative vision for his organization. Prior to founding Atigeo, Michael was a General Manager at Microsoft where he oversaw three Microsoft Consulting Services groups, founded the Microsoft Partner Solutions Center (MPSC), ran partner strategy and product teams, receiving numerous awards during his 10 year Microsoft career. He also led Operations and Systems Engineering for AccessLine Technologies, and worked as an R&D Scientist for Meteor Communications. Michael holds 9 patents. He is very active in local community affairs, Michael has designed and taught a Masters of Public Administration course at Seattle University in “eCitizenship,” and is an avid supporter of Seattle Children’s Hospital, Junior League, United Way, Pacific Northwest Ballet, and a number of K–12 schools
Wooing clientele with a distinguished approach
In their endeavor to solve some of the world’s hardest business problems, the Atigeo team recognized that this goal would require building a revolutionary platform which could utilize all data types at scale, to gain deep insight and rapidly deploy custom applications. Today, large operations in Government and Healthcare choose xPatterns for its illuminating analysis and rapid application deployment. This powerful combination, only available through the xPatterns platform, transforms data into high-impact intelligence for the right people at the right time.