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Propel your business to next generation of customer experience with data-driven creative marketing solutions: atisfy®


An average person comes across thousands of media messages every day. Some companies assume that the only way to stay on top of the clutter is by spending more money than the rest. But the truth is, an increasingly rare breed of marketers, know how to gain more exposure with minimal spending through personalization, creativity, and data-driven methodology. In marketing, using every drop of behavioral data available to inform creative involves generating and executing new ideas that can communicate the message in an original way without the drawbacks of traditional marketing, such as lack of measurement and tactics like re-targeting. Actionable data is like oxygen for marketing. It is an important part of every aspect, from how we understand the nature of the business and collaborate with people who use our products and services to creating a strategy where lifetime value rises to outpace any vanity metric traditional marketers may have relied on.

atisfy® and its subsidiaries offer complete 360-degree marketing, advertising, and business growth services. atisfy® looks to customize solutions for its clients based on budget, requirements, and strategy, making it a good fit for all brands from SMB to global enterprise. The business’ services range from UI/UX and creative animation and production to data science-driven analytics and machine learning-driven implementation and is a company known for its growth marketing and growth hacking abilities. They are also a recognized HubSpot Solutions Partner agency providing end-to-end inbound marketing services, as well as a certified Facebook Marketing Partner Agency with a 99 percent campaign optimization score. They are also a Google Partner Agency and a TikTok Advertising Manager agency. Additionally, they have mastery of over 15 programmatic platforms for any niche market.

atisfy, a data-driven technology company that powers brands to drive sales, is headquartered in Singapore and has expanded into 3 countries over 2 years.

In conversation with Hersh Bhatt, Founder and CEO of atisfy

Q. What are the factors that make your brand most ‘innovative,’ and why?

We focus on a variety of factors to make our brand the most innovative in our industry and help our customers achieve the same. This effects brand advertising success rates and effectiveness. Firstly, our innovativeness needs not just to be created as a culture and an internal core competency, but it also needs to be felt by our customers. This occurs partly through our messaging and creativity, media selection, market research methods, ability to help smaller players compete with the best and our own ability to achieve better market share through uniqueness constantly and a customer relationship-focused mindset powered by innovative creativity. We almost always focus on innovative strategies to drive outcomes such as line extension, brand extension, new brand development, business strategy, and even fight strategy – the fight strategy is about how to help challenger brands take it to their opponent, often the market leader through aggressive innovation. However, we also focus on maintaining a strong brand foundation that bleeds innovation into everything we do – enabling us to avoid simply being white noise to our customers and the end consumer we help our customers reach. When it comes to innovation, it is key to note that many new ideas do not lead to successful products or services. 60 to 80 percent fail on the market. In our vault, hidden behind a digital labyrinth is a list of ten internal criteria we use to regularly determine how to make product and service innovation successful. An efficient and scalable business model must surround innovation as individual innovation is not enough to make a successful global brand. Being proactive about creating trends as opposed to reactive is also a critical method for remaining innovative at atisfy®. Due to all of this, we empower customers with the ability to build value into their brand that communicates that innovative edge. Factors like that all play a part in the consumer’s purchase decision, and all are about creating a strong brand your b2b and b2c audiences want to be affiliated with. Being the most innovative is a differentiator in any industry. Ultimately, innovation starts at an HR, and cultural level is developed at an operational level and is then expressed through your products, services, marketing, and customer experience. Innovation is a massive factor in then generating more revenue for our customers. In highly competitive markets, building brand equity as an innovator is the most powerful advantage. We regularly ensure our entire business is there to support our customers to get themselves this edge.

Q. To enable business success, marketing strategies and operations of a business/organization should be flawless and streamlined. Do you help companies patch their internal inefficiencies?

Yes, this is a big part of what we do. We help businesses not just with the provision of plans, strategies, and implementation, but we also help them develop the core processes that will drive them to succeed as an outcome of this. We see our role and responsibility, not just to help clients with excellent marketing but also to help clients improve their business. We have a system we use called the five pillars of process. It involves hypothesizing, experimenting, measuring, executing, and analyzing. We help customers internalize this system to run flawless campaigns, and we provide services where we train up marketing teams to operate at this method with supersonic efficiency. One of the key opinions we hold is that the implementation of a marketing strategy can contribute to profitability because of implications for all aspects of a company’s operations. We contribute to business growth while promoting a streamlined approach to the company’s business model. We also focus on equipping our customers with better technology that can uplift and improve their processes exponentially. A unique approach we use called “total market” is a marketing approach used when a brand acknowledges that its message needs to be communicated to more than one type of audience, and it proactively integrates culturally relevant insights from diverse consumer segments from inception. A cohesive alignment between digital innovation and operations is critical. Innovation that cannot be operationalized is useless.

Q. How do you measure whether an organization is tapping the right opportunity? How do you make sure that your clients are increasing their success rate?

The main measure of organizational effectiveness for a business can generally be expressed in terms of how its net profitability will compare with its target profitability. Additional measures include growth data and results of customer satisfaction surveys such as NPS scores. Other key things we look at are that the right success metrics are in place to ensure the right opportunities are pursued. For example, while a CFO may insist on creating new financial measures and a CMO on creating new marketing measures, both may not in a silo help the organization tap the right opportunity. We help company leaders with their ability to translate these beliefs into a coherent way to measure the opportunities in front of them. We also utilize our database of over 2billion unique people above the age of 13 to help organizations tap into the brains and desires of millions of people in their addressable market. We also use advanced segmentation tactics on our database of consumers to unearth overlapping affinities that a business may never have realized. It is also used to constantly help our customers measure the shift in consumer reactions and actual purchase patterns. If an organization is doing work that does not tap into their greatest strengths, they are probably missing out on a massive opportunity.

Meet the leader behind the success of atisfy

Hersh Bhatt, the CEO and founder of atisfy® and its subsidiaries Game Marketing Genie® and Growth Marketing Genie, is an inspiring leader that insists on high performance teams and strong leadership principles to ensure clients receive the best solutions. A highly philosophical thinker, and a business building expert, Hersh leads the company with a hands-on approach that involves him across the business. He is an innovative mastermind who has along with COO and co-founder Kyra Broadbent, developed a new-to-the-world marketing product planned for launch in 2020. With a prolific marketing background, Hersh is one of the rare T-shaped marketers that understand all channels in the marketing world. He is constantly looking to productize repetitive processes to help brands do more with less resources. Hersh is also a problem solver, often called into meetings not just to provide direction but to solve the toughest problems faced by the business. He expects high performance not only of himself, but also of his employees, and he treats and rewards them well. Mediocrity is not Hersh’s cup of tea at atisfy®.

“We focus on a variety of factors to make our brand the most innovative in our industry and help our customers achieve the same. This effects advertising success rates, ROI and effectiveness.”