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Attentive – Personalized text messaging platform built for innovative brands and organizations


SMS (or Short Message Service) is just another word for texting. And texting is just as important to marketing as social media or brochures. The benefits of SMS marketing makes it a great choice for any kind of business looking to reach more of its customers. SMS marketing is a somewhat hidden gem amongst the advertising world. It sounds fancy, perhaps even mysterious. It’s not mysterious at all, however. It’s a vital part of getting your business’s name out there in the mobile focused world we live in. In fact, most people use SMS every single day. SMS marketing is a big part of making your business mobile-friendly and can be a strong asset to your mobile marketing strategy.

One of the biggest benefits of SMS marketing is the fact that texts are opened up to 98% of the time when received by your customers. This gives SMS an open rate higher than all other advertising options. It’s easy for emails to get lost in a spam folder and it’s simple for a customer to throw away a flier they pick up at the mall. But with the prevalence of mobile phones and the popularity of texting, text marketing doesn’t go ignored. Being able to present your business as mobile-friendly is incredibly important these days. More and more people are using their mobile devices to do things like shopping and browsing. You don’t want to lose out on that kind of exposure.

Attentive is one such company that offers a personalized text messaging platforms for organizations and businesses. The firm brings expertise in the mobile space and behavioral data technology to the next frontier of marketing that is personalized text messaging. The firm is backed by some of the world’s leading venture firms. They fuel the firm’s growth so they can continue to expand operations and provide the most comprehensive text messaging platform available, allowing its clients to better engage with their customers.

Leading-edge text messaging solutions

Playbook: From goal setting, to launching and scaling your program, the company’s team works with its customer every step of the way to maximize the channel. It continuously improves mobile messaging channel by getting a clear view into real-time cross-device performance. One can design resources to help you make the perfect experience, from on-site collection to sending rich media message content. Plus, engineering resources to build and test your out-of-the-box ideas, or connect Attentive to internal systems or third party providers. Users can view high-level overviews of creative performances, click-through rates, conversions, revenue, and subscriber growth in real-time.

Attentive Growth Platform: Rapidly grow your email and text message subscriber lists together and convert browsers into buyers at every touch point by collecting opt-in CRM data between the two most important channels email and text messaging. The firm has built its tools with compliance top of mind. It makes extensive investments in legal and regulatory features and has earned the trust of leading global businesses through proven results. Send more personalized, data-driven messages by integrating with your e-commerce platform.

Integrations: Attentive integrates with all of the tools you’re already using, making it easy to share information in both directions, amplify all of your platforms, and centralize data. One can connect directly with leading CRM software, email service providers, e-commerce platforms, customer support tools, customer data platforms, and more. One can easily merge subscriber sign-ups and engagement insights from Attentive to boost personalization in other channels. Develop highly customized segments to convert one-time customers into repeat buyers by syncing customer data across platforms with Attentive Integrations. It helps to deliver relevant offers, content, and information to create seamless communication between your business and your audience. Attentive works closely with the super carrier network to ensure that your messages reach your customer’s mobile devices in a timely manner to analyze and alert on delivery issues by carrier in real time. It also delivers messages to hundreds of thousands of subscribers in minutes.

The pre-eminent leader

Brian Long is the Co-Founder and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Attentive. He was previously Co-Founder and CEO at TapCommerce, a mobile app platform acquired by Twitter in 2014. He has held a variety of executive, product, and sales roles at Twitter, CNET, and CBS. He was named one of the Top 10 in NYC technology by Business Insider in 2014. He has a BA from the University of Pennsylvania.

“Attentive empowers leading brands to create meaningful interactions that inspire action through real-time, personalized text messaging.”