September Edition 2021

Augmentir: The World’s Only AI-Powered Connected Worker Platform for Manufacturing and Service Companies


The growing pressure on profit margins and talent challenges is felt across all asset intensive industries such as CPG, Life Sciences, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Mining & Metals, Chemicals, and Industrial Manufacturing. This pressure doesn’t just stem from the rising cost of people; these industries are facing increasing demand from customers to deliver higher value for a lower cost. Front-line workers are being asked to perform increasingly complex jobs using technology that has remained relatively unchanged for 20 years. Front-line workers’ daily activities and workflows tend to be time- and task-centric, requiring different solutions than traditional office workers. Connected workers are capable of using various digital tools and data management techniques to improve and integrate their interactions with both physical and virtual surroundings. They are able to make faster, better & safer decisions that enable and optimize a process or set of processes that they participate in.

Augmentir is the world’s only AI-Powered Connected Worker platform. The company helps manufacturing and service companies improve the safety, quality, and productivity of their frontline workforce. With its suite of AI-powered tools, industrial companies can guide workers with digital, augmented work instructions, support virtual communication and remote work scenarios with Augmentir Remote Assist, and drive continuous improvement with operational insights driven from Augmentir’s AI. The company’s approach is to democratize artificial intelligence for the benefit of people in companies of all sizes, so that the industrial workforce can perform their jobs safely, on quality, and at the highest level of productivity.

Cutting-Edge AI-Based Solutions Offered Various Sectors

Automotive Manufacturing: Digital work instructions improve standardization and quality for inspection, setup, changeover, and maintenance procedures, and help optimize workforce performance in all aspects of automotive manufacturing. Boost productivity, reduce errors, and improve uptime by digitizing safety, quality, and maintenance processes to boost productivity, reduce downtime, and continually improve worker performance with Augmentir’s AI platform. AR-based virtual collaboration tools allow manufacturers to connect factory workers with remote subject matter experts, allow 3rd party OEMs to remotely support equipment, and provide a flexible solution for activities that can no longer rely on face-to-face interactions. Augmentir helps standardize and optimize quality assurance and inspection procedures. Digital work instructions help workers perform inspection checks that involve visual inspections, meter readings, fluid level checks, etc. Helps to reduce equipment setup time and process variability and increases your flexibility to meet customer demands. Step-by-step, digital instructions help ensure upgrades or changeovers are completed correctly, and integration with an MES or ERP system provides enterprise visibility.

Consumer Goods Manufacturing: Augmentir’s digital work instructions improve standardization and quality for SOPs and manufacturing work instructions, ensure compliance and audit requirements, and help intelligently guide workers through common procedures – LOTO, setup, changeover, preventative maintenance, audits, and inspection/QA. AI-based operational insights allow companies to identify opportunities to support workforce development programs uncover opportunities for improving worker skills and driving continuous improvement throughout the organization.

Discrete Manufacturing: Digitize assembly processes to drive standardization, and continually improve worker performance with data-driven insights from Augmentir’s AI platform. Digital work instructions improve standardization and quality for assembly procedures and manufacturing work instructions and help optimize workforce performance in all aspects of discrete manufacturing. Use Augmentir to digitize a wide range of manufacturing processes. Augmentir supports a range of simple and complex assembly scenarios, including one-piece flow and batch processing. Digital work instructions help guide technicians in assembly procedures, helping to increase productivity, identify bottlenecks, and reduce training time.

The Leader Upfront

Russ Fadel is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Augmentir. Prior to Augmentir, he was the CEO and co-founder of Lighthammer Software Development where he was responsible for helping conceptualize and bring to market the world’s first application composition platform targeted at real time manufacturing. Russ successfully established Lighthammer as the recognized market leader in the manufacturing intelligence and application composition markets. Lighthammer was later acquired by SAP AG, the leader in enterprise business software. Prior to founding Lighthammer, Russ also co-founded two successful companies that design, market, sell and implement manufacturing operations software and hardware.

Mr.Fadel has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University.

“Augmentir’s AI-powered connected worker platform helps to digitize plant operations and empowers shop floor workers in consumer goods manufacturing by providing remote support, intelligent guidance, and continuous improvement opportunities.”