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Automate Your Recruiting Life Cycle, From Front Office to Back Office: BullHorn

thesiliconreview-art-papas-founder-ceo-bullhorn-2017Originally launched as an online marketplace, Bullhorn was used by creative types such as designers, artists, and copywriters to search for contract work. After speaking with a friend, Founder, and CEO, Art Papas discovered that the system closely mapped to a staffing agency’s typical relationship management workflow, so he began pitching it to recruiters. Shortly thereafter, Papas coded the software himself, interviewed recruiters and built in the CRM functionality that they wanted. Ever since Bullhorn’s leadership team has been focused on delivering dynamic and secure solutions for the staffing industry built in collaboration with agile development and user-centered design.

Bullhorn’s commitment to innovation-driven design and development has been at the forefront of its products and service offerings since inception. This philosophy and strategy has been a constant driver throughout the life of the company and will continue to be a competitive force moving forward. As a company, Bullhorn understands the market and exactly what its customers need to maximize performance and boost top-line growth. The company knows that putting the best tools in front of a team of professionals is crucial to its success, and that is exactly why Bullhorn is dedicated to cultivating a strong innovation pipeline.

Today, Bullhorn provides cloud-based CRM and operations solutions for the staffing industry. Its automated data capture and customer insight technology help companies engage candidates and win customers. Headquartered in Boston, with offices around the world, Bullhorn employs over 600 people globally. The company is founder-led and backed by Insight Venture Partners.

Technology That Fuels More Productive Relationships

No matter the size, specialty, region, or diversity of business needs, Bullhorn offers recruiting solutions that improve the company’s efficiency in staffing. Choose from Bullhorn’s applicant tracking system, VMS integration, back office, onboarding, and relationship management solutions.

Applicant Tracking System 

Bullhorn provides the most comprehensive, powerful and easy-to-use applicant tracking system lets one manage the entire recruitment process from a single interface. From job submission to candidate placement, the Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System eliminates wasted time on manual data entry, streamlining the end-to-end recruiting process and enabling the team to move faster and work smarter.

Sales CRM

Bullhorn CRM is an industry-leading relationship management solution designed to help one pursue and win new business while getting the most from the existing customer relationships. It helps in improving sales productivity and builds the pipeline with patent-pending relationship tracking software that powers customer and prospect engagement, allowing the user to grow the business and drive customer success. Regardless of the industry, Bullhorn has a solution that's right for everyone.

Back Office

Bullhorn Back Office streamlines manual, time-consuming activities and helps eliminate expensive and frustrating errors. By moving the back office online, one can access the records anytime, anywhere. It automates manual back-office tasks to lower costs by 75%, save time, and get paid faster.

Bullhorn’s Back Office sales specialists help staffing firms identify the best option for their business.

Onboarding Software

Bullhorn Onboarding is an electronic document management platform designed specifically for staffing firms, eliminating manual data entry and frustrating paper documents while providing a great candidate experience. The software let the user create as many forms as the client's demand, populate fields on forms automatically with job and candidate data, and provide an excellent candidate experience with a secure portal to complete and sign documents.

VMS Access

Bullhorn VMS Access connects the ATS to more than 40 leading vendor management systems. It is designed for staffing agencies of any size working on any volume of VMS job orders.

Bullhorn VMS Access pricing varies based on the volume of job orders processed. Contact one of Bullhorn’s VMS Access sales specialists to learn which option is right for the business.


Bullhorn Canvas allows its clients to explore the business in ways it couldn’t before. With the ability to report on a wide range of data and build any type of report or visualization, Companies can have the flexibility necessary to uncover new insights that are important to the business. Also, one can now see how its business is trending against historical data, industry standards, and future goals.

Success across Every Size, Region, and Specialty

For the past fifteen years Bullhorn’s CRM solutions have helped make its clients the most efficient and profitable agencies in their respective industries. Bullhorn currently serves more than 7,000 clients in over 150 countries.

“I think the greatest area that Bullhorn has helped us improve the client experience is that . . . we’re able to be much more proactive. We’re able to plan much farther down the line . . . and make sure that we’re in front of where our clients’ needs are so that we can create solutions for them proactively instead of reactively.”

– Kim Sperber, Director of National Accounts at Apex Systems​

"Bullhorn was adopted by our company much faster than I thought it would be. . . . It was just so easy to use, and it was so customizable, that we could make it fit our exact business model. We could incorporate our lingo and our processes and everything about our business into Bullhorn, and that made a huge difference in the adoption rate."

- Ann Bartnik, Vice President of Client Services

Meet the CEO

Art Papas is the Founder & CEO of Bullhorn. Art has led the company through more than 15 years of consecutive growth. Art was the original architect of Bullhorn’s flagship Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which now helps more than 7,000 companies around the world run their businesses. He is the Chairman of the Board of Career Collaborative, an organization that strives to end working-class poverty. Prior to starting Bullhorn, Art started his career as a software engineer at Thomson Reuters. Art is a graduate of Tufts University, holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics.

“With an entrepreneurial approach and great passion for the customers we serve, Bullhorn has been leading the staffing software industry for over a decade with a variety of product offerings.”