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November Edition 2021

Providing Responsive and Tailored Contract Manufacturing Services to Pharmaceutical Innovators and Drug Developers: Avara Pharmaceutical Services


Contract Manufacturing is a form of outsourcing, in which a company entrusts its entire production to a contractor, rather than outsourcing parts of it. With the growing importance of contract manufacturing firms, there has been a considerable increase in the quality of their services. Contract manufacturers will produce medicines quickly and they may have multiple customers and can offer reduced per unit costs via the economy of scale. So, the benefits of contract manufacturing are quality, cost, speed, and safety. Moreover, they can assist your bottom line and help you compete in the market.

Avara Pharmaceutical Services is one such company that offers contract manufacturing and packaging of oral solid dose and liquid sterile drug products. It is an international pharmaceutical services company that delivers world-class contract manufacturing and technical services to the pharmaceutical industry. Avara’s facilities provide commercial scale contract manufacturing and packaging services to global markets. The company understands clients’ individual needs and focuses on providing an exceptional outsourcing experience by delivering on commitments in terms of scope, schedule, compliance, and price.

Cutting-Edge Contract Manufacturing Services Offered

Sterile Fill-Finish: The company offers liquid and lyophilized fill-finish of aseptic injectable products from its facility in Liscate, Italy. Its experienced teams have the flexibility to support both your clinical and commercial aseptic drug product manufacturing needs, including terminal sterilization and containment capabilities for potent compounds. Drawing on its extensive experience and strong regulatory track record in these complex and highly scrutinized processes, they are able to safely and efficiently advance your sterile drug product. Clinical and commercial-scale oral solid dose (OSD) drug product manufacturing is a core capability of Avara, including potent compounds and targeted release formulations in a variety of OSD formats.

OSD Drug Product: Oral Solid Dose (OSD) pharmaceutical manufacturing has long been a core capability of Avara, and they continue to invest in specialized equipment and flexible capacity to support projects across a range of product types and classifications. The company offers clinical and commercial-scale manufacturing of OSD drug product manufacturing, including potent compounds and targeted release formulations, from facilities with a long history of serving global pharma supply chains. In line with its commitment to invest in industry best practices, Avara has expanded its OSD manufacturing capabilities to include DEA licensing for Schedule II to V controlled drugs, hot melt technology, tri-layer tablets, increased encapsulation capacity, and other custom tablet and capsule drug product manufacturing.

Integrated Packaging: Avara offers specialty pharmaceutical contract packaging solutions for your OSD and sterile drug products, with each of its global sites providing integrated packaging for the dosage forms they manufacture. Its packaging capabilities include primary and secondary packaging services, automated inspection, specialty pharmaceutical packaging lines and serialization to international requirements. Each of its CMO sites provide integrated pharmaceutical contract packaging for the dosage forms they manufacture, including primary and secondary packaging services, automated inspection, specialty packaging, and serialization to international requirements.

The Visionary Leader Upfront

Larry P. Lee is the Chief Executive Officer of Avara Pharmaceutical Services. He is a proven leader with over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and the unique ability to combine a successful company culture with proven business results. As CEO, Larry is responsible for Avara’s global manufacturing facilities and is actively involved in system integrations as well as creating added value across their sites and continents. He has a strong focus on operational excellence within all facets of OSD manufacturing and packaging.

Larry has held various management positions in laboratories, quality assurance and information technologies in the pharmaceutical manufacturing space. He has led global initiatives for multiple pharmaceutical companies, including Avara, and is skilled at managing complex teams under the regulatory authority of Europe, Japan and the U.S.

“We will apply the broad industry knowledge of our diverse team to advance your project. We will draw on our extensive regulatory track record to implement industry best practices across the life of your project.”