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Awake Security – Reimagining the possibilities and power of security using AI, machine learning, and network analytics


Many modern threats blend in with business-justified activities. Traditional security tools focus on malware, letting many behavioral threats go undetected. Most security solutions lack the insight needed to know what threats are out there and which ones you need to be most concerned about. If your security solution can't see every threat, detect malicious intent, or give you insights to respond effectively, you're extremely vulnerable to attack. Network detection and response is a security solution category used by organizations to detect and prevent malicious network activity, investigate and perform forensics to determine root cause, and then respond and mitigate. These solutions can protect against non-malware threats, including insider attacks, credential abuse, lateral movement, and data exfiltration. They also give organizations greater visibility into what is actually on the network and all activity occurring. This, in turn, enables security teams to rapidly identify and stop suspicious network activity and minimize the impact.

Awake Security is the only advanced network detection and response Company that delivers answers, not alerts. By combining artificial intelligence with human expertise, Awake models and hunts for insider and external attacker behaviors, while providing autonomous triage and response with full forensics across traditional, IoT, and cloud networks. The platform performs deep data parsing, including encrypted traffic analysis, making it more than twice as accurate as of the competition while generating less noise, as proven by independent testing. Awake Security can continuously monitor an entire environment, process countless points of data, sense abnormalities or threats, and react if necessary in seconds. The Awake Security Platform analyzes the network traffic and autonomously identifies, assesses, and processes risk giving you actionable insight to respond effectively.

Why Awake Security

Just like the human mind uses senses and cognition to recognize and react to danger, its technology can recognize and react to hostile cybersecurity threats by tracking entities, processing and analyzing real-time data, and providing accessible insights to analysts. Awake Security customers have greater visibility into the devices, users, applications, and behaviors on their networks. Awake owns over a hundred U.S. patents for advances in cybersecurity, graph mining, distributed computing, and other areas. EMA rated Awake as delivering the greatest balance between features and costs.

Innovative services offered by Awake Security

Awake Security Cognition: Understand your entire attack surface. Get a clearer view and understanding of every user, device, and application, whether managed or unmanaged. The firm offers a complete view of your potential attack surface and the business assets that are part of it. It also tracks every asset as they move across your network while detecting the malicious intent of all entities. And it creates an autonomously built understanding of the relationships and similarities between entities.

Awake Security Detection: Detect and understand the intent of every threat. The solution hunts down and focuses your attention on the most significant risks by building evidence of malicious intent for each entity and correlating all behaviors over time. Going beyond alerts and visualizing the entire incident kill-chain across entities, protocols, and time allows custom detection for your unique risks without needing threat hunters or data scientists. The firm offers unparalleled interactive language that can look at the abstract, inferred information about the environment, event-oriented activity records, low-level raw packets, and more. It also furnishes multi-dimensional modeling to connect dots across time, protocols, entity behaviors, and kill-chain stage, automating detections that today require threat hunting expertise.

Meet the formidable leader behind the success of Awake Security

Rahul Kashyap is the President and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Awake Security. Mr. Rahul has a proven track record of establishing and building disruptive technologies. Before Awake, Rahul was the Global CTO at Cylance, a pioneer of AI-based security. He drove the vision and strategy that led to a major disruption of the endpoint security market. Before that, he was EVP of products at Bromium, a leading endpoint virtualization-based security start-up. He was also a key leader at McAfee driving the advancement of the Network Intrusion Prevention technology. Rahul is a frequent keynote speaker, author of numerous security publications, and was named one of Silicon Valley's 40 under 40. Rahul sits on multiple advisory boards, including Cylance.

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