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September Edition 2022

Specialized solutions helping businesses find the right legal talent: Axiom Law


In the highly competitive world we live in, quick and efficient legal solutions are the need of the hour. However, traditional law firms may fall behind when it comes to finding more creative and highly specialized legal solutions. This is where companies like Axiom Law stands out. Axiom is where legal teams go to find the right talent for everything from everyday in-house tasks to complex in-house and outside counsel work.

One of Axiom’s founding principles was to create an appealing alternative to traditional law firms that offers talented lawyers a more flexible approach to legal work. Nearly 20 years later, it’s clear that Axiom’s innovative approach to legal practice has been a home run for both lawyers and its clients. Today, Axiom Law is a thriving legal community with over 2,000 employees across three continents. The lawyers who work for it love Axiom because of the quality of legal work they get to take on with high-impact clients, including over half of the companies in the Fortune 100. They also love the healthy work-life balance working for Axiom provides. The company is now one of the largest employers of lawyers in the world and is excited about working with lawyers who are passionate about helping it build the future of law.

Q. Who are Axiom lawyers?

Axiom lawyers are among the most talented in the industry and are looking for a fresh approach to practicing law. Axiom believes the traditional partner system is unsustainable and has long surpassed its usefulness. Lawyers are tired of counting billable hour after billable hour for as many clients as they can find. In addition, partnership at a law firm is no longer the dream it used to be as the payoff of making partner may not be as desirable when it comes at the expense of work/life balance and interesting work. Instead of maximum billable hours and burnout, Axiom provides flexibility for lawyers to take control of their career, choose what work they want to take on, and the ability to take a break when they feel they need it. Axiom lawyers are at many different stages of their career, but on average they have over 15 years of legal experience. Some are junior lawyers looking to build their careers outside of a traditional law firm and others are seasoned lawyers looking for a flexible career change after years of working for a law firm or in-house. They work with clients all over the world in-office as well as remotely. As a group, Axiomites are experienced, proactive, and adaptable, have sound judgment, and are committed to bringing their expertise and fresh approach to its clients.

Joining an elite legal community

The opportunity to reshape the legal industry means that top legal talent is enthusiastic about joining Axiom. The founders wanted to change the legal industry by providing an alternative to the antiquated partner system, billable hour, and cutthroat competition for partnership. This fresh approach has created an appealing place to work and a collaborative community. At Axiom, 94% of lawyers enjoy the quality of people here. Because they care passionately about the lawyer experience, Axiom only bring on attorneys that they are confident will be a fit for its clients and its culture. The benefits of being an Axiom lawyer have led to an enormous amount of interest from potential candidates and they have an acceptance rate of about 5%, lower than Harvard.

Continued career growth

Career development is an important focus for Axiom lawyers. It regularly hosts Continuing Legal Education courses and have an active mentoring program. Axiom also offers leadership and coaching in support with its Ambassador and Subject Matter Excellence cohorts. The company’s talented legal community is also a great place for its attorneys to build their network and forge long-lasting relationships with like-minded legal professionals. Because Axiom lawyers have the opportunity to work for a variety of companies throughout their time at Axiom, they often find that they are immersed in experiences that lead to impressive and accelerated career growth.

Axiom clients love its lawyers

A large part of the appeal of Axiom to lawyers is its clients. Axiom clients are the top players across almost every industry, including over half of the Fortune 100, and Axiom lawyers love working with them. Axiom’s clients span a broad range of industries, including finance, life sciences, technology, hospitality, commercial, and retail. In a recent survey, 97% of Axiom lawyers said they enjoyed the quality of their engagements, and 91% said they found their work interesting. What unites its clients is the fact that they are committed to new ways of thinking and developing innovative strategies for approaching their legal work. In addition, because Axiom lawyers can choose their engagements, they’re able to focus on the areas of practice they’re most passionate about and have developed depth of knowledge. For legal professionals who’ve worked hard to excel their field, working for Axiom can be an exciting opportunity to do consequential legal work with industry leaders. Axiom’s winning approach provides lawyers the flexibility and high-quality work they want without the prohibitive structure of a law firm.

David McVeigh, CEO

“Because you can access the world’s deepest bench of experienced, specialized legal talent, and have them work with you onsite or online as part of your in-house team. Our network of attorneys are ready to provide on-demand legal assistance for any complex legal issue.”