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December Edition 2021

Axiom – Providing Talent and Technology to Help Legal Departments Adapt To a Demanding New Era


The rise of Alternative Legal Service Providers, better known as ALSP, has been significantly high in the past several years. ALSPs are companies that provide legal services apart from the conventional paradigm of legal services and systems. They ultimately use legal technology in order to provide more efficient services in a faster span of time and with a drastically cheaper price. There are numerous services offered by ALSPs. They tend to be niche companies that specialize in one or more legal tasks. These tasks usually need a certain measure of know-how and are in huge demand due to their frequent need. ALSPs sometimes offer other outsourced services under custom circumstances, however, they breakdown the general traditional process into different services depending exactly on what the client wants. The increasing demand for affordable and more efficient legal services has made room for ALSP companies to compete against regular service providers, like in house legal departments or Law Firms, when it comes to completing certain tasks, and with Legal tech being as big as ever, ALSPs are using it to their advantage. The growth of ALSPs has made a significant change in the overall client expectation. ALSPs are here to stay and are on the way towards a larger presence in the market and with innovative legal technologies to support them and to enhance their services.

Axiom is one such firm that provides leading alternative legal services. Axiom is the global leader in high-caliber, on-demand talent, with a network of over 5,800 legal professionals with expertise across many industries and practice areas. Whether it’s a single or large-scale team solution, its support is designed to meet your needs and can help you control costs, maximize speed to impact, and react to changing market conditions. Axiom provides active engagement management. Define project goals and success criteria with Axiom; partner with direct client supervisor prior to the start of the engagement. Conduct regular check-ins with client and lawyers to gather and communicate feedback and ensure the engagement is achieving its goals. Establish a governance structure, including a steering committee responsible for high-level strategy and planning, and an operating committee responsible for driving decisions and initiatives.

Providing Best Legal Solutions to Change the Way Legal Work Is Delivered

Axiom Secondee Lawyers & Legal Secondments: Augment your in-house team and work with high-quality lawyers who can deftly navigate the complexities of in-house legal work. Leverage Axiom’s experienced commercial lawyers on an individual or team basis to seamlessly support your contract needs, major initiatives, and spikes in volume. Handle challenging, large-scale legal projects end-to-end, combining Axiom’s know-how in designing engagements with an experienced team leader Navigate regulatory change and supplement new and ongoing compliance efforts with Axiom’s experienced regulatory and compliance lawyers. Effectively address changing regulatory requirements, perform risk assessments, and execute transactional work with Axiom’s experienced lawyers. Axiom’s high-caliber, diverse lawyers enable law firms to flexibly staff projects and engagements and drive efficiency and cost-savings to help meet their evolving business strategies and goals.

Lawyers for various Industries: Axiom lawyers bring substantial experience across capital markets, trading, mergers and acquisitions, and regulatory compliance to serve as trusted advisors to the investment banking industry. Ensure success during peaks in demand and supplement your team with Axiom’s experienced corporate lawyers and corporate secretarial support. Axiom's network of lawyers has extensive experience at leading law firms, enhanced by in-house experience that can be assembled into a winning team. Axiom’s data privacy lawyers serve as sophisticated subject matter experts to guide privacy policy and compliance and perform contract analysis while driving significant cost savings. Increase your team’s bandwidth and speed to market with the strategic and tactical guidance of Axiom’s highly experienced pharmaceutical lawyers who possess substantial in-house experience.

The Formidable Leader

David McVeigh serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Axiom.

“Axiom matches dynamic, highly credentialed lawyers to help you solve your business challenges across industries and practice areas.”