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Axis Security – Enabling organizations to leverage tightly managed global access to their partners and stakeholders through a purpose-built cloud security platform


The number of enterprises migrating their applications and data to the cloud has been increasing consistently. A number of studies suggest that the cloud platforms provide enterprises with a more secure outlet for storing applications and data. But no enterprise can leverage the benefits of cloud computing without ensuring the security of its software applications and data. They need robust security solutions that meet the frequency and speed of cloud deployment. Also, they must leverage the latest security tools and implement advanced security protocols to eliminate the disastrous impact of targeted security attacks.

Axis Security is one such firm that provides access to business applications through fully managed and secured based on modern architecture, innovative technology, and a zero-trust business-centric approach. Its technologies transform open networks and vulnerable applications into fully protected resources that the business can leverage and trust to grow in a myriad of ways. Axis Security is accelerating work-from-anywhere, partner collaboration, and digital transformations with a simple managed cloud solution for access, security, and control.

The company was founded in the year 2018 and is head quartered in San Mateo, CA.

Why Axis Security

Accelerate Your Business: In seconds you can empower end users (employees and 3rd parties) with easy-to-use, instant access to apps and resources. Users can leverage the flexibility of a cloud solution for access that can automatically scale with enterprise. One can reduce the amount of time and effort they spend on administration by taking advantage of centralized management. It improves organizations security stance with automated adaptive policies.

Easily Connect Users to Applications: The firm easily connects end users, even with unmanaged or 3rd party owned devices, to any app or resource wherever they are located.  It delivers secure access without endpoint agents or reconfiguring clients’ network. It is easy to enable user access with centralized presets or allow users to enable themselves through federated self-service. Clients can access both easier and more secure with brokered connections, centralized controls, and adaptive policies.

Industry leading cloud security services offered by Axis Security

Secure Access for Employees: Forced home, employees need easy access to critical applications and resources, wherever they are, to keep the business going, right now. VPNs can’t meet the moment. Their hardware won’t scale to instantly support all employees.  Axis Application Access Cloud is a scalable, enterprise-grade service that delivers brokered easy-to-use zero-trust access to business apps and resources for all employees everywhere. It can be deployed in minutes without making network changes or installing client software. A centralized cloud console manages all users, apps, and policies. Unlike network layer solutions, Axis offers full visibility and granular control over user activities at the application level. Axis further protects applications from attack by isolating them from users, endpoints, networks, and the Internet.

Application Access Cloud: Axis Application Access Cloud instantly, simply and safely extends application access to partners and third parties securely enabling them anywhere. It protects the enterprise by enforcing granular controls over user access permissions and isolating applications from users, networks, and the Internet while brokering and sanitizing user requests. Deployment is lightning fast with no network changes, agentless, and a central cloud console manages it all easily through centralized policies.

Secure Access for Mergers and Acquisitions: The easy, low-risk way to extend secure application access to users across separate organizations without IT exposure or consolidation. Axis Application Access Cloud instantly and simply enables low-risk zero trust access to applications and resources across organizations without merging networks. This highly scalable service broker’s easy-to-use agentless access to resources located anywhere, while isolating them from potentially compromised users, devices, and networks. Deployment is lightning fast with no network changes and a central cloud console manages it all easily through cross-application policies.

Secure Access for Cloud Migrations: Migrating apps to or between clouds is complicated. Reconfiguring your VPN and network to access a newly relocated application can be complicated and disruptive to users. It also means accepting ongoing management complexity and infrastructure traffic better offloaded to the public internet. Axis Application Access Cloud is a scalable enterprise grade service that lightens the load on your existing network resources. With Axis, you reduce the risk of disrupting user access to critical resources and you avoid reconfiguring your infrastructure by using the same centrally managed access solution and policies before and after migration. Axis also improves your security by isolating your apps and sensitive resources from users, networks, and the Internet. 

Dor Knafo, Co-Founder and CEO

“Axis Security enables organizations to deliver secure application access to employees anywhere they work in a faster and simpler way.”