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Axis Securiy – Elevating secure access to power a modern workplace where people, and technology, work in harmony


Security Service Edge (SSE) is a relatively new term used to describe a set of integrated, cloud-delivered, security services that broker secure connections between authorized users and business resources by using identity and policy. First introduced by Gartner in 2021, Security Service Edge (SSE) represents the future of security connectivity. As more and more users work outside the corporate perimeter due to hybrid work, adoption of SaaS apps (i.e. M365, Salesforce, Box etc.) increases, and private applications move to public cloud, IT leaders have realized that it no longer makes sense to backhaul user traffic to a corporate network. Because of this, many IT leaders are looking to replace traditional network security appliances (i.e. Firewalls, VPN gateway appliances, web gateway appliances etc.) in an attempt to better protect data, deliver a better experience and reduce costs for the business.

SSE platforms are the modern alternative to traditional network security technologies. They extend secure connectivity out to the users location through cloud services – without connecting users to the corporate network, exposing applications or IT infrastructure to the Internet, or requiring complex network segmentation. Instead, a Security Service Edge (SSE) platform allows IT to provide end users with secure access to private applications from anywhere, safely access the Internet, and quickly access SaaS apps used for work. SSE services that include Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) can even boost user productivity by making it easier for network operations managers to monitor application, device and network performance.

At Axis Security they believe in a world in which workplace connectivity is always secure and seamless. Through their Security Services Edge (SSE) platform comprised of over 350 points of presence, and their policy tagging system, the company makes securing access to business resources impossibly simple. By doing so, customers like Nvidia, Kayak, and Copart, are able to make hybrid work simple, turn digital experience into a competitive advantage, and can better protect their data from cyber threats – even as it moves to cloud.

Atmos – All of Your Secure Access Needs in One SSE Platform

Security Service Edge (SSE) platform, Atmos, provides a variety of solutions for customers. The below tool recommends the proper Atmos edition for you based on the specific pain you’ve identified, and the desired outcome your team is aiming for.

Atmos ZTNA: Created in April of 2019 by Gartner, the term Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) represents a set of new technologies designed for secure access to private applications. Also referred to as Software-defined perimeter (SDP), ZTNA technologies use granular access policies to connect authorized users to specific applications, without the need for access to the corporate network, establish least-privileged app-level segmentation as a replacement for network segmentation, and without exposing the applications location to the public internet unlike a VPN concentrator.

Gartner expects that by 2023, 60% of organizations will even replace their VPN with ZTNA service. This has led ZTNA to become the fastest growing zero trust product in the industry, and often making it the beginning point for IT leaders looking to adopt a secure access service edge (SASE) architecture. Make securing access to your crown-jewels seamless. Atmos ZTNA ensures that authorized users get the access to private apps they need. The most advanced Modern Day ZTNA service in the industry, the service provides an elegant alternative to traditional VPN and ZTNA 1.0 solutions by providing secure access for any user, any device, and any private application. Secure access to modern web apps (SSH, RDP, Git, DB etc.) or legacy thick-client apps (VOIP, ICMP and AS400 etc.)

Atmos Web Gateway: Protect against the vast array of advanced attacks, and prevent data leakage. Atmos Web Gateway ensures that authorized users get fast, secure access to Internet while protecting the business from harm. Atmos Web Gateway is a secure Internet access cloud service. The globally-distributed service sits between your office, branches, mobile users and the Internet, inspecting traffic and brokering the fastest connection possible. This allows you to finally replace outbound gateway appliances.

Atmos CASB: It allows IT to identify, manage, and control the use of cloud services. The service mediates connections between users and cloud applications, and helps discover Shadow IT to apps to ensure sensitive data in remains protected. With inline CASB for data in motion, uncover shadow IT, prevent data loss, and enforce controls. Apply access controls i.e. Upload, downloads, and share activities – and automatically adapt based on changes in context. Make private apps invisible to the Internet, keep users off the network, and deliver a safer connection to SaaS apps. API-based CASB integrations allow automatic scanning of SaaS apps and IaaS platforms for protection. View the entire access story with centralized management. Control what a user can access, download, and share

Dor Knafo | Co-Founder & CEO

Dor is a five year veteran of the elite Unit 8200 of the Israeli Army Intelligence Corps as a senior software engineer for advanced cyber security, and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from IDC Herzliya, graduating cum laude.

"We are committed to enabling a world where access to any business resource, from anywhere, can always be simple, safe and reliable."