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50 Most Admired Companies of the Year 2022

An excellent team with a proven and solid track record of influencing customer relations at all levels and in matching talent with opportunities: The Bandish Group


The Bandish Group is not a contingent firm but rather a boutique life sciences executive search firm. The company conducts exclusive searches with a hybrid model of retained services that is both efficient and cost-effective for their clients, as paying more in fees does not change the candidate landscape. The firm’s goal is to find your best fit, not just any fit. The Bandish Group specializes in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Diagnostics, Medical Devices, CDMOs, Life Sciences Construction, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Digital Healthcare industries. The company is headquartered in the greater Philadelphia region with satellite offices in Metro Cincinnati, Ohio, and Phoenix, Arizona. The firm’s recruiters bring over five decades of combined recruiting experience with an average tenure of 12 years at The Bandish Group.

The Bandish Group’s recruitment team is recognized globally for its success and proven capabilities in building and expanding teams for the life sciences industry. The company’s main motto is to provide a wholly customer-focused recruiting experience with a professional yet personal touch. To meet the market’s and its clients’ ever-changing needs, the firm offers exclusive and retained services tailored to best meet your business needs. The Bandish Group is networked specifically within the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Diagnostics, Medical Devices, CDMOs, Life Sciences Construction, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Digital Healthcare industries. This concentration allows the firm to build solid relationships that it can call upon when scouring for top talent. Since its inception, The Bandish Group has built long-standing partnerships with its clients and candidates. It is these relationships that have brought it and continue to bring it to repeat and referred business. The company stands behind each of its searches, offering a replacement policy tailored to the search.

In conversation with Jackie Bandish, Head of Life Sciences Recruiting & Operations at The Bandish Group

Q. What was the motivation behind starting The Bandish Group?

Honestly, it was survival mode. I had my master’s in human resources and several years of industry experience, when I thought I was signing up for the toughest job of my life…being a stay-at-home mom of identical twin girls. My twins were five months old when my late husband quit his job for ethical reasons. I learned a lot from this experience and in helping him, I knew I was meant to continue my life passion of helping others. Amgen hired me as an external recruiting consultant, and I filled the position in 3 weeks. My HR mentor at Amgen suggested that I incorporate and take the path forward. I grew a business based on my values, ethics, and morals and then surrounded myself with a team of the same high standards. Today we have been in business for over 26 years!

Q. Do you maintain a database of candidates already pre-screened to accelerate the search process without affecting the quality of your service?

We have an organic database that we have built over the past 26 years. We maintain solid relationships with our candidates and clients alike. We stand behind our name, our service, and our open and honest relationships between all parties involved in the recruitment process.

Q. How do you create a Purposeful and Consistently Executed hiring process?

We provide our clients with a customized and tailored recruiting approach:

  • One Point of Contact (POC) for our Clients
  • Full Client Assessment
  • Dedicated Search and Research Resources
  • Biweekly Feedback Team Meetings
  • Dual Prescreening Process
  • Candidate Assessment Presentations

Q. How do you verify individuals to protect the interest of the customers who hire professionals?

We do a “3-touch point approach.” First, we go to our leads and present ‘the story’ of our clients and ‘the why’ they would want to consider the new opportunity. We follow up with a packet of information inclusive of the client intake meeting, the job description, and all recent press releases for their review. We then schedule a first-round follow-up interview, and then if chosen, the candidate moves on to the final interview process with our team to see if they are one of the best to present to our client.

Q. How do you market your services?

We have been truly blessed with a great team over the years that all take pride in the services we provide. We have found that word of mouth and ‘referrals’ has brought us over 90% of our business. The new business comes from others searching the internet and reading our reviews.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

We will continue to learn and evolve with the new innovative science and technologies being introduced into our industry. We will make an impact on both the careers of our candidates and the lives of the patients our clients represent. We will remain boots on the ground and continue to share our insights and lessons we learn with our candidates and clients alike. We will always keep our personal and professional approach and stay a trusted go-to partner.

Meet the leader behind the success of The Bandish Group

Jackie Bandish is the Head of Life Sciences Recruiting & Operations at The Bandish Group. Her team was interviewed and had the following to say about her: “she is a straight shooter who stands behind her word. When she takes on projects, you have her and her team’s commitment and dedication. In her office, you will see a sign that reads ‘If you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life.’ Her passion for recruiting is demonstrated through her years of success. Jackie’s enthusiasm for her work is immediately evident from the first minute that you speak with her. Her work ethic is next to none and a combination of all these qualities has helped build the success of The Bandish Group. Jackie is a one-of-a-kind recruiter with a magnetic personality who beautifully combines industry knowledge, professional experience, human connection, along with a sincere desire to help others find their best fit, whether it be client or candidate. With these skills and a keen eye for talent, Jackie has built a dedicated team around her that operates with the same commitment and grace, distinguishing the Bandish Group as being in a class of their own.”

“I am passionate about helping individuals achieve their career goals. My strength is identifying the right fit for both the candidate and client alike. I am very passionate and dedicated to my life purpose of helping others.”