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Jack Owoc, Bang Energy Founder and CEO: ‘My Objective from the Very Beginning was to Intentionally Help Others, Instinctively Knowing that the More People We Helped, the More Successful and Prosperous Bang Energy Would Become!’


“We engage in an unrelenting pursuit to create trendsetting appearance and performance-enhancing inventions.”

Bang Energy is an American brand that has been producing epic energy drinks, performance beverages, and sports nutrition products for nearly 30 years.

Bang was incorporated in 1996 and is headquartered in South Florida.

Interview Excerpt

Q. Explain your products in brief.

Bang Energy’s inventions have not only transformed muscle, appearance, and performance enhancement but also set new standards of quality and scientific excellence. Jack Owoc is the owner of seven patents and is the creator of such popular iconic brands as Redline® Energy Drinks, BANG® Energy Drinks, BANG® Energy Shots: World’s First Carbonated Shot, Meltdown® 1-KETO, Redline® Noo-Fusion™, Redline® Cognitive Candy™, and BANG Keto Coffee. Bang Energy continues to utilize intense research to develop the world’s most effective muscle, appearance, and performance-enhancing supplementation, beverages, and nutrition. To date, VPX has funded more than 28 landmarks, double-blind, placebo-controlled, human-subject studies at prestigious universities such as UCLA, the University of South Alabama, Florida State University, Baylor, FIU, Nova University, and other top universities in the country. Bang is committed to serving zero-calorie, highly effective innovation, and exceeding our consumers’ expectations. When it comes to the category, we have invented the future by reinventing the game.

Q. What motivated you to pioneer energy drinks, protein supplements, and sports nutrition business?

Jack Owoc’s original mission statement was simple: make the highest quality nutritional supplements in the world, backed by scientific research. He felt obligated to start his own supplement company and set the strictest standards in manufacturing because he was tired of all the lies and deception that unscrupulous supplement companies were engaging in to purposefully rip off consumers.

Consequently, Jack developed rigorous research, development, and manufacturing standards that more closely mirrored a pharmaceutical company, rather than a supplement company. For example, all raw materials found in BANG® are received, quarantined, and then tested for efficacy in Bang Energy’s warehouses and state-of-the-art laboratories to ensure that the end-consumer receives the best products possible.

Q. Energy drinks have a generous amount of caffeine, which stimulant may cause serious heart and blood vessel problems. How do you manage to fight these side effects?

The prodigious amounts of caffeine in BANG® energy drinks can be great for vitality, mental focus, and even weight loss; but, there is also a point when caffeine intake becomes too much. The FDA defines that point as 400 milligrams a day, which is why Bang Energy recommends, among other label guidelines, that its caffeinated products not be used with any other caffeine containing products, and why Bang also created a caffeine-free version that’s good anytime, anywhere!

Q. People now are more health-conscious than ever. They prefer herbal and organic drinks. How do you manage to safeguard the public’s interest in your drinks?

Here at Bang Energy, we always listen to what our customers want, and we always focus on health and fitness! We maintain high levels of testing to ensure that all products of Bang Energy and its allied brands are manufactured to their intended design. Jack Owoc and his team also strive to continually produce products that meet and exceed the customer’s expectations, are back by evidence-based scientific research, and yield extreme efficacy and impeccable purity.

We even have NATURAL BANG®, which is a refreshing departure from the norm. Made from all-natural ingredients, including caffeine extracted from actual coffee beans (not synthetically produced in a lab), NATURAL BANG® is loaded with the kind of material your body craves — things like essential amino acids (EAAs), including branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), which are crucial in helping to build and maintain muscle.

Q. There are other major energy drinks and protein supplements in the market. What makes you better than the rest?

Bang Energy is not just an energy drink or a supplement--it is a lifestyle! Our products are ideally consumed throughout the day for optimal mind and body fuel. Bang Energy’s products alsohelp with fitness performance energy and are great for those looking to live a more health-conscious lifestyle. When energy is low, or a refreshingly good flavor is needed, consumers have the option of selecting from a wide range of our innovating flavors and products.

Q. Sports nutrition means eating a variety of healthy foods. Many people get stuck in a routine of eating the same five to ten staple foods over and over again. Also, they want adequate protein and enough carbohydrates to fuel the muscles and brain. In simple words, people need the whole package. Do you think Bang Energy is what people are looking for?

Definitely! Jack Owoc’s vision from the start more than 30 years ago has not changed: to create industry-leading supplements and innovative products that are super potent and highly effective – so effective they have the power to positively impact lives and radically improve health in a very short period of time. Bang Energy’s unrelenting pursuit of those things has helped us overtake the #3 spot in the energy drink market, achieve sustained triple-digit growth of over 700 percent annually, and outperform all other all-natural energy drinks.

Q. Do you have any new products launching soon?

Of course! Testing and innovation never stop at Bang Energy and we continually launch new and unique flavor introductions and products that match consumers’ ever-changing desires. Our newest flavor additions, for example, Miami Cola, Radical Skadattle, and Key Lime Pie are a refreshing treat when you need a boost throughout your day.

Jack Owoc: A Trusted Leader

Jack Owoc is the CEO, Chief Scientific Officer, and founder of Vital Pharmaceuticals, Inc., d/b/a Bang Energy, and other allied brands. Jack and his world-renowned team have created many trendsetting, highly disruptive supplement and beverage innovations and continue to do so. Jack and his team run Bang Energy and its allied brands with the same passion, energy, and enthusiasm as they did 27 years ago when Jack founded the company. They continue to make the highest quality nutritional supplements and beverage innovations in the world, backed by scientific research, and with a cutting-edge approach to each product they create. Jack has turned Bang Energy into one of the world’s largest energy drink companies and a top global brand.

Bang Energy’s humble existence began with Jack Owoc sleeping on an air mattress on the floor of a small store to pursue his destiny and dreams. Initially operating in 350 square feet, Bang Energy now occupies over 2.6 million square feet of real estate globally due to his relentless passion and drive.

“We maintain high levels of testing to ensure that all products of Bang Energy and its allied brands are manufactured to their intended design.”