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Barracuda Staffing & Consulting – A full-service staffing company leveraging creative solutions to improve service delivery model


Hiring for a small business is not an overnight process. Reviewing applications, interviewing candidates and determining salaries take precious time away from a business owner’s regular obligations, which may end up hurting the company in the long run. That’s why some employer's partner with staffing agencies, which take a lot of the time and effort out of the search for candidates by providing workers for open roles. Using a staffing agency isn’t the right choice for every business, but if you’re considering working with one to meet your hiring needs. Staffing agencies often have a level of expertise that far exceeds some employers’ human resources departments. Hiring recruiters, employment specialists and an employment or recruiting manager to supervise staff could require a lengthy recruiting period to find qualified employees. Staffing agencies provide services that rival the best qualified recruiters and employment specialists, usually at a lower cost. Employees of staffing agencies generally have a higher level of expertise related to job knowledge, employment trends and recruitment practices by virtue of continuous placement of employees. They also have industry expertise if they work for staffing agencies that specialize in certain fields, such health care providers.

Barracuda Staffing & Consulting is a temporary and permanent placement personnel agency working with skilled, non-skilled, professional and contract workers in the Industrial, Light Industrial, Engineering, Construction, and Commercial fields. Barracuda Staffing serves the business client by locating qualified employees, screening and initial interviewing and administering all new hire paperwork.  Barracuda Staffing runs payroll and bills the client weekly.

The Barracuda Staffing and Consulting Advantage

Tulsa city is the home base of Barracuda Staffing, and they believe that Tulsa is a truly wonderful place to live, work and play. The company has the size and appeal of a city with the values and community feel of a small town. Tulsa is often referred to as “the smallest big city.” And it’s true – Tulsa is a community of connected people who support each other, help each other’s businesses grow and contribute to the feeling that everyone is a neighbor. Barracuda Staffing's community is full of generous, caring people who are dedicated to making Tulsa better every day. They are a city that is open to change and progress, and they always maintain that laid-back, neighborly feeling. Barracuda Staffing helps Tulsa businesses and job seekers achieve their goals through a high-touch, quality-focused approach. They are anything but a “typical” staffing firm. They are a professional staffing agency in Tulsa that focuses on people, not order-taking. The company creates an exceptional experience for both their clients and job seekers, and it shows through the commitment to making accurate matches. When you need great people, Barracuda Staffing will deliver top talent to help you achieve your goals.

At Barracuda Staffing, they deliver benefits beyond what you see in your paycheck. They want to be partners in your success, and it is their mission to help you achieve your goals. When you work with them, you get the benefits of:

Transparency: They promise to be open and honest with every interaction. When you’re searching for a job, time is money – the company will never waste your time.

Personal attention: You will notice the Barracuda Staffing difference from day one. They take the time to learn about you, not just your list of skills. And when you call their office, a human being answers the phone.

Support: Not everyone is a natural interviewer and not everybody can write a killer resume. Don’t worry – Barracuda is here to help prepare you so you can always put your best foot forward.

Safe working environments: They work with safety-minded employers and prepare you for your first day, so you are ready to work safely.

Kevin Burr | President and CEO

Kevin is the owner of Barracuda Staffing and has built the company on the principles of building relationships on every level. His main objective, whether it is with his clients, applicants or staff, is to put people in the right position to succeed. He prides himself on being able to come up with custom hiring and recruiting solutions for every client. His goal is to have everyone experience and notice the “Barracuda Difference”. The company under his direction has had substantial growth year over year and continues to get noticed as a strong growing staffing company. Kevin is most interested in developing leaders on his team and knows the strength of his business is when he has everyone pulling on the same rope. He is a family man who enjoys watching his kids compete in sports and in life. Being lucky enough to be married to his soulmate, who has stuck with him in good times and in bad, makes him motivated to do nothing but his best. They enjoy the little things together and aspire to see the world. He is here to serve the candidates and clients, and will do everything he can to provide the best service for both.

"By continually pushing each other to raise the bar, seek out creative solutions and never give up, we consistently improve our service delivery model."