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There has been a paradigm shift in the way people market and sell their products today. The change is quite significant in B2B marketing because of the inherent nature of the business. In a B2B business, your marketing skills are required to be incredibly strong to even survive in the marketplace, forget about growth. Since everybody uses the Internet nowadays, your B2B venture is known to so many people even before you realize that they are watching. In this situation, it is needless to say that a B2B market has to remain always on the toes if it aspires to be a market leader. The Internet marketing strategy has to be the prominent strategy to achieve grand success.

BayCreative is one such full-service B2B marketing agency, with hundreds of satisfied customers, thousands of successful projects under its belt, and a superior reputation rarely equaled by any boutique agency. Founded in 1997, the San Francisco, CA-based company has an extensive catalog of work that includes digital/web marketing, lead generation, brand awareness-building, content development, inbound marketing, new product/service launch and sales/channel enablement expertise and more! BayCreative draws on its proven ability to enhance the experience people have with companies through their marketing. This results in solid relationships with brands, and improves the likelihood of achieving defined outcomes and goals. That experience could motivate a prospective client to buy now, or a sales rep to change his/her selling style or a business partner to recommend the client’s solutions before its competitor’s. Companies like Salesforce, Cisco, Intel, Brocade, McKesson, Fujitsu, Symantec, Google, Twitter, McAfee, Western Digital, University of California, Big Switch Networks, and many more select BayCreative to develop and implement innovative marketing strategies. Service is what it’s all about. The benefits of collaboration with you form the basis of their value proposition.

Leveraging Full-Service B2B Marketing Solutions

Sales Enablement: It is essential that your sales team is aligned on your brand. They are on the front lines and often the first impression of your company. BayCreative develops the tools they need in the field as well as the resources they need to perform well. To be effective content must educate and motivate your sales team with the same clarity and quality that you expect from customer facing materials. They work with you to determine the best way to reach the sales team and keep them aligned with the brand, as well as what materials will be most useful to them in the field. Keeping sales on track, on brand, updated on offerings and solutions, strategy, and charged up is an enormous challenge at any enterprise. Assets that speak to prospects become essential tools in sales, all-hands presentations to rally and focus teams, videos to inspire and prep customers, templates for pitches, battle cards for shared learnings, and customer stories for relevant case studies. They’ve supported teams large and small with all of these.

Brand Cultivation: Your brand already exists, it’s in your ideas and inventions, your vision and mission. It’s part of why you come to work every day. Cultivating your brand is the process of uncovering the value in what you have, and developing that into something that connects with your audience. At BayCreative they will never tell you to be something you’re not, or just add bells and whistles for the sake of it. They start with a qualitative approach to fully understand your company, your vision, and your target audience. From there they work with you to develop a cohesive brand that tells your story, is rooted in your mission, and resonates with your audience at every step.

Stimulating Presentation: Their work with presentation is among the most integrated and consultative services. The quality of presentations is often taken for granted. There is an assumption that because someone knows a topic well they can also present it well. This leads to slides that are too dense to make sense of, designs that are gratuitous or derivative, and a lack of direction or purpose. Knowing what you want to present is only part of the picture, to create an impact you need a story your audience connects with and creative that captures their attention and supports your message. They work closely with your team to cultivate your presentation. BayCreative provides an outside perspective to help you hone the story, and their creative team builds engaging designs that compliment that story and the presenter’s way of telling of it.

Scott Danish Co-owner & CEO

He is a results-oriented senior marketing executive for large enterprises and start-ups. He previously worked at Cisco Systems as a Director of Marketing. Scott Danish attended the University of Oregon.

"BayCreative is a lean agency, built on the enthusiasm we have for servicing our client's needs. Our team becomes an extension of your organization — focused on your goals."