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A Peruvian law firm, with over 35 years’ experience and expertise in providing comprehensive advice on industrial and intellectual property rights Bazan Martos Abogados / Attorneys 1982


Have you ever got a great idea that will completely revolutionize the entire world? The idea can be so innovative and powerful that it could be taken to the next step and developed further. If you are one of those creative people who can come up with original ideas, then you must protect them, by all means, because there would be someone that will try to copy your ideas. Generally, intellectual property is considered as the support system for many business organizations, and this means that there are many lawyers who are hired to assist people with their company matters. There exists a separate branch of law to protect the Intellectual Property (IP) rights to safeguard and promote innovation and creativity. IP lawyers are important for businesses because of their specialization in the law and practice of IP law.

Globally, there are various law firms specialized in IP protection law, but one that stands out from the rest is Bazan Martos Abogados / Attorneys 1982. The company is a legal boutique focused mainly on the area of intellectual property - trademarks, copyrights, and patents - and on administrative law such as consumer protection, unfair competition, and free competition, elimination of bureaucratic barriers, dumping, bankruptcy processes, and registrations health, among others. Since Bazan Martos has more than 38 years of experience in this specialization, being recognized throughout Peru and abroad, even its solid arguments have set mandatory precedents in Indecopi. However, the company does not limit itself to these services since it also advises on other matters such as corporate, civil, and criminal law. Bazan Martos represents clients in judicial litigation, as they have a large staff of lawyers and consultants for each particular case.

In conversation with Luiggi André Bazán Mesías, CEO of Bazan Martos Abogados / Attorneys 1982

Q. How do maintain a strong relationship with your clients?

Good question, our policy as an office is not only based on discretion and formality with our client but on establishing a friendly relationship or better said treating them as a family, with this we mean that each case that we handle in our firm, we live it as our own The commitment being to such an extent that when the procedure is successfully concluded with our clients, they themselves state that we are “family” to them, and this is demonstrated by the relationship we have had with several clients for more than 30 years. As a curious fact, even the founder, my father, is the godfather of their children or of some start of business activity of our oldest clients.

Q. Legal work requires lots of rational thinking and research. How do you maintain efficiency in your service?

This assertion is correct because many of the legal arguments have to be pertinent but without losing the novelty, since the quality and efficiency of a law firm, in general, is based on its legal strategies, and how do you obtain these strategies? It is simple, based on an exhaustive analysis of the assigned case, and from this apply the knowledge acquired through various investigations obtained both in its academic environment, as a social activity or by mere intellectual recreation of our staff; As a firm, we promote legal research through publications in specialized legal journals, on our legal blog and through the constant training of our associates, we even support them and suggest obtaining their degree through thesis, the lawyer has to innovate and produce fresh knowledge for society!

Q. Firms and corporations are crossing international borders and expanding across the globe through mergers, acquisitions, consolidation, and collaboration with foreign counsel. Tell us about your compliance model.

Our firm has a series of correspondents around the world, who meet the quality standards of our firm, both national and foreign clients are satisfied with the services of us and our colleagues abroad; Likewise, we are currently forming closer alliances with two ranked law firms, one from Ecuador, Aguirre / Noboa Law Firm, and another local in the south of the capital, Abogados B&C in Ica, because more than a mere professional relationship, we are united by a bond of friendship that has the effect that shared work is more dynamic. Regarding our compliance model, we have a statute and tools that allow us to apply strict legal remedies to avoid any leakage of information or exposure of evidence that could bring down a procedure or trial; in addition, we work with patents, a sensitive issue, for what the security check is highly polished to provide absolute secrecy.

Q. Technology has transformed the practice of law. Which are some of the technologies that have helped you to improve your services?

Currently, with the issue of the pandemic, we have largely resorted to technological means such as the ZOOM, TEAM, and GOOGLE MEETS application, but it should be emphasized that it is not only having an account and ready but having tools or gadgets at the level that allow for fluid communication, as if we were present; On the other hand, we have an electronic signature authenticated by Indecopi to be able to present documents at any time of the day, as long as the urgency warrants it in cases that exceed the working hour, this virtual procedure has helped us a lot in safeguarding the health of our collaborators before COVID-19, since their presence before state entities is minimal, since these occur only in very specific cases where circumstances warrant.

Q. How do you source quality individuals to maintain the quality of your services?

We always follow a strict control in the hiring of personnel, both in the evaluation of their Curriculum Vitae and experience; However, in the case of associates, more than all the hiring formalism, we look for the courage to grow as a professional in the field of intellectual property, their availability in training, the spirits and the resilience as a person because obviously nobody is perfect in their work, but the key is in the search for solutions to the problems that have arisen; Therefore, in the case of senior associates or junior associates, we mainly seek soft skills to train as leaders rather than bosses, and thus work as a team, since there is sincere and transparent trust.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

We believe that lawyers should look for niches in order to attract more clients and be able to expand their knowledge on topics not so common in their country; For this reason, in the merit of a vast investigation that I carry out, valued with outstanding, we decided to launch the other year -2021- the area of “biotechnology and startups” in order to collaborate with universities and small entrepreneurs. As part of my hobby, the second area is called “fashion law,” since the fashion industry is constantly booming in Peru. It is possible to advise fashion designers, publicists, and influencers on the matter; it is such a rich and broad topic! There is a lot to work on!

Q. What are your trajectories for the next 5 years?

Mainly, to expand as our own firm in Chile and in the United States, two markets that we are interested in entering through constant innovation, and with respect to our main office, to establish ourselves in our own building to expand larger areas each independently, and, finally, resume with the real estate of the two main partners, BAMECORP, which unfortunately was stopped due to the issue of the pandemic. Together we hope that the Bazán group, our holding company, continues to include more companies, the main one of which is our firm. A special thanks to SILICON REVIEW magazine for this recognition and this pleasant interview, and to give confidence to my colleagues and the general public that this entire complicated situation due to the pandemic will happen and better things will come.

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CEO Luiggi André Bazán Mesías, in his own words

I am a lawyer by profession from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Perú, graduated with Summa Cum Laude mention. , I joined the Office of my father and partner, Jonny Abraham Bazan Martos, because I was working as a legal professional, more than two years in that position, in the area of consumer defense and protection of the National Institute for the Defense of Competition and Protection of the Intellectual Property (Indecopi) -Peruvian state institution that ensures rights in the area of intellectual property, competition, defense and consumer protection, among others, basically administrative procedures-; However, I have been working in the firm from a very early age (15 years), going through different positions, which has greatly contributed to my knowledge of intellectual property and other areas of administrative law; And, since my integration, we have been working hard with our legal and administrative team to achieve great merits, which have already taken effect with two great awards, coming from England, in three categories: Best trademark firm in Peru, Excellence in service to the client and Best industrial property firm in Peru by Acquisition International and The New Worlds Reporter Latin American Business.

A special thanks to SILICON REVIEW magazine for this recognition and this pleasant interview, and to give confidence to my colleagues and the general public that this entire complicated situation due to the pandemic will happen and better things will come.

“Our team of highly skilled professionals, offers specialized expertise in the field to guarantee our clients a customer service tailored to their needs.”