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A Digital Marketing Agency for Startups, Beantown Media Ventures: Helping Companies to capitalize on growth opportunities


Having a digital marketing agency presence in this time of ever-developing innovation is an absolute necessity for startups and businesses around the world. Many existing businesses have discovered digital marketing agencies to be more powerful than traditional marketing. The digital marketing agency is focused on targeted customers around the world, with only a click. When it comes to the difference between the two, digital marketing achieves more customers than traditional marketing. This is the reason many startups and businesses prefer digital marketing agencies to grow their marketing networks around the world. Digital marketing is a successful way for startups to communicate to people who can get to know the new upcoming products in the market by using their marketing strategy. The best advantage of digital marketing is that it spreads the news on social media platforms.

Beantown Media Ventures (BMV) is one such digital marketing agency that leverages its expertise in public relations, content marketing, social media, and influencer engagement to help startups and challenger brands grow. Over the last decade, they’ve partnered with some of the world’s most innovative companies to bring their products to market and rapidly scale. Simply put, they ensure your startup story gets heard and engaged with to drive leads, accelerate growth, and increase valuations.

Providing Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing Strategies and Solutions

Startup PR for High-Growth Companies: Startup PR is a powerful tool for high-growth companies. BMV has developed a public relations framework to serve the unique needs of technology startups and challenger brands in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Boston, and across the globe, looking to drive customer growth and increase their valuation in the eyes of potential investors, partners, and future acquirers. Trusted by SaaS, AI, eCommerce, mobile, and cybersecurity startups backed by Y Combinator, First Round Capital, Spark, Initialized, and many other of the world’s top VC firms, the Beantown Media Ventures’ team has led PR for startups to scale growth and achieve successful exits. In addition to driving customer awareness and growth through public relations marketing programs, the BMV team is adept at creating thought leadership programs that position founders as the next visionaries within their respective fields. These programs elevate the standing of the executive leadership team while also increasing the company’s valuation in the eyes of potential investors and future acquirers.

Content Marketing: BMV leverages its expertise in content marketing to help startups and challenger brands in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, and across the globe grow. Today’s most successful growth brands are also publishers of great content. Branded content drives inbound links and leads, and allows startup brands to have direct conversations with the customers they are targeting. As a content marketing agency, BMV offers a proven team of writers, graphic designers, videographers, and data journalists that enable VC-backed startups to scale the production and distribution of high-quality content that yields tangible marketing results. Producing content for your buyer is great, but it’s also vital to examine brand editorial through the lens of what is interesting to the broader market to maximize engagement. BMV creates editorial calendars full of thought leadership bylines, data-driven blog posts, surveys and infographics that warrant broader interest. Whether you’re fully outsourcing the content or they’re supplementing your efforts, they’re adept at producing engaging and expertly crafted content. BMV helps startups build a persona for the buyer they’re targeting and identifies the content topics and storylines that will be of most interest to them and where to engage them best online.

Influencer Marketing for VC-Backed Startups: BMV leverages its influencer marketing expertise to help startups and challenger brands in Boston, Los Angeles, and across the world grow. Using its BrandCirc platform, BMV analyzes and identifies the influencers across platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook who can maximize a growth brand’s reach and engagement. From there, it designs and manages branded and sponsored content to ensure performance and return for startup influencer marketing campaigns. BMV handles onboarding influencers with contracts and setting up payments. This simplifies getting influencer campaigns off the ground for startups by enabling a single payment to cover an influencer campaign utilizing up to 50 influencers. From getting influencers to sign W9’s as contractors to assuring agreement terms of influencer engagements and securing unlimited brand content rights to any influencer-created content, BMV handles each step of the process. MV handles end-to-end management of influencer campaigns from ideation of creative concepts to the day or week of activation. This includes day-to-day communication with influencers to ensure delivery and receipt of any branded goods, the quality of their branded content post, and strategic timing.

Meet the Leader

Kyle Austin is the Founder and Managing Partner of Beantown Media Ventures (BMV). He has helped 100’s of venture-backed startups drive leads, build valuations, and achieve successful exits. During his career, he’s strategized and, executed digital marketing communications campaigns for high-growth companies to Fortune 500 corporations. He has led PR teams honored with some of the industry’s most prestigious awards including a Silver Anvil from the PRSA and the IPRA/United Nations Grand Award. Kyle has an MBA from Babson College and is a mentor at MassChallenge, one of the largest non-profit startup incubators.

" From getting newsletter programs off the ground for seed-stage startups to build an initial audience to offering media training, our team scales programs as you grow your company."