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Based in NYC, Beaulive is an exemplary luxury construction services provider with an outstanding portfolio


We often spend lots of time and effort while we try to build a brand new home. This is mainly due to the fact that it has to be perfect. The term “perfection” is even more stressed during the construction of a luxury house or a commercial unit. The furnishings’ quality, raw materials, accessories, and fittings play a significant role in luxury home construction. A luxury construction provider’s services are not just limited to the construction; they also provide an array of services for home improvements like the kitchen or bath renovations, exterior and interior makeover, designs, rebuilds, concierge, and makeovers.

Owning a luxury home is a dream for many, and luxury construction firms like Beaulive makes sure that dreams become a reality. Beaulive builds ultra-high-end residential and commercial spaces, and they even take it a step further. The company will hire a designer for the client or a designer/architect the client wants to work with and manage the client’s entire project. Beaulive provides its clients with a move-in date and will deliver their home. The clients do not have to do a thing. Beaulive will even hire a decorator of the clients’ preference to purchase their furniture. The company realized that some people do enjoy the process of choosing their finishes and furniture, so they allow clients to be involved as they please. If this is the case, clients will have only one point of contact. Each client is assigned a project manager that is dedicated to their project only with 24/7 access to this person.

Beaulive was founded in 2018, and it is based in New York.

In conversation with Ivan Vucetic, CEO of Beaulive

Q. Tell us about your material procurement process. How do you select the vendors?

Just trials and tribulations over the last 20 years. I learned very early on that cutting corners to profit hurts reputation and long term success. Every vendor we work with has been with us for a very long time.

Q. How do you recruit the right talents for maintaining the quality of your service?

I always use references when I hire a sub-contractor whom I’ve never worked with. I’ll also give them a test run on one of my personal homes or a spec house I’m building before I hire them to do work for a client.

Q. There are other luxury builders in this segment. How do you diversify yourself?

We aren’t just a builder; we are basically a concierge service. We handle every aspect of the project for our clients. While I was strictly a GC in the past, I noticed the amount of time my clients would have to spend on a renovation or building a home and the frustrations they would go through. Most people are under the impression that you only need to hire an architect and a GC, but that isn’t the case. There are so many different parties involved from expeditors to engineers to third party inspectors and so on. The service I’ve created handles all of this for our clients; they do not need to stress about these things for one second. Another great thing this service provides is giving you the actual cost from the beginning. No surprises as the project moves along.

Q. High-quality construction and renovation work comes with an expensive price tag, which scares away a lot of people and forces them to go for an affordable local agent. Do you provide fit-for-all services? How do you manage affordability and profitability?

That’s a great question. We only build high-end spaces suited for luxury, but we are less expensive than the other contractors in NYC. Since we are managing the entire project, we eliminate the GC management fees, and we negotiate terms with all designers, architects, engineers, and decorators, so we will save money all across the board.

Q. Not all architects can imagine themselves in customers’ place to design it according to their views. A builder/designer can only suggest making some changes, but they cannot completely understand customer needs. How do you bridge the gap between customers’ imagination and the final outcome?

By providing the clients with as many options via drawings and renderings until they’re satisfied. I will personally go through a thousand options until my client is happy to proceed.

Q. Tell us about the processes involved in luxury construction.

It’s all about the planning phase. As long as we put the time into the planning, the building phase becomes a pleasure to go through. We make sure we do not miss one detail before we begin. One of the worst things in this business is to start construction and have to take steps back due to inadequate planning. If you don’t put a great plan in place during the pre-construction phase, you will be forced to stop building and go back to planning.

Q. Tell us about your extensive portfolio of custom, luxury builds.

I don’t advertise most of our work because I have some very famous clients. Their privacy and safety is my number one priority. There is a ten thousand square foot spec home we just finished in Watermill NY, which will be featured in Hampton’s magazine’s next issue.

Q. What are your plans for the future development of your company?

My plan is to keep it small. I’ve learned over the years that expanding into a large company can dilute the product. At one point, I had over three hundred employees over a decade ago, and I wasn’t happy with our work. Keeping it smaller keeps the boutique feel and allows us to pay undivided attention to fewer clients building serious homes, and that’s exactly where I want to be. I want to put out quality over quantity.

Meet the leader behind the success of Beaulive

Ivan Vucetic is the CEO of Beaulive. He has been in this unique niche of the construction industry for over 20 years building ultra-high end residential homes and commercial spaces. He has worked on some of the most glamorous projects in the NYC for rock stars, pro athletes, politicians and billionaires. Ivan also been blessed to spend time with these clients (a lot of whom he has become friends with) and absorb a lot of their knowledge

“We pride ourselves on building and renovating some of the most revered homes in the country.”