20 Business Excellence Awards 2020

IT Solutions aligned with your priorities: BeCloud designs a custom software solution that will meet your budget, compliance and workflow requirements


Operational efficiency is a priority for companies of all sizes, but sometimes they are not well-equipped to maintain this efficiency. BeCloud’s Managed IT services improves business efficiency by reducing the risk of breach and outage. Technology is not limited to the largest companies to compete in their respective markets. Reliance on IT is rapidly growing, and efforts are being made to increase IT support within businesses of all sizes. Essentially, managed IT services involve delegating IT tasks and operations to a third-party provider who is responsible for around-the-clock monitoring, management, and repair.

Immediate benefits can be gained by outsourcing expert IT services and BeCloud is a services provider committed to providing top-notch managed services. The company’s IT management solutions and services are a must-have, not an add-on. Technology can be expensive and a waste if the purchase does translate into increased employee productivity and competitive advantages. BeCloud optimizes cost, time, and effort for organizations implementing digital transformation projects to solve business problems. Their IT management solutions provide customers with a wealth of experience and best practices for implementing World Class Cloud Solutions based on the Amazon Cloud (AWS) and/or Microsoft 365 solutions. The expertise and optimizations that BeCloud brings will allow customers to capitalize and reap the full benefits of technology spend faster and more efficiently.

In conversation with James Phipps, Founder and CEO of BeCloud

Q. Do you provide tailor-made solutions based on the clients’ requirements?

BeCloud takes the time to understand our customers’ goals and needs when designing solutions. For example, we had a customer that had spoken with another consultant about moving a custom database application and dashboard solution to the cloud. That consultant did not take the time to thoroughly understand the requirements and therefore recommended a cost prohibitive “lift and shift” migration. We instead recommended moving the database to Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) with two EC2 webservers. The customer was impressed with our proposed solution and its dramatic decrease in cost while at the same time, the solution realized increased application responsiveness, reliability, and agility.

Q. How do you help your client stay ahead of the curve?

When you choose Becloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS), you will gain access to the most innovative tools and services in the market. With Microsoft 365, our business customers achieve cutting edge access to team-building technologies. Becloud is a Microsoft 365 and AWS partner. We combine the best of each to provide solutions to business challenges, such as new remote work requirements during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Q. Skill gap is the biggest challenge in IT departments. How do you overcome this challenge?

Technology continues to advance at a very fast pace. BeCloud employs technologist and sales teams that understand this. As a company, we are constantly training, renewing, and completing certifications. From the CEO down, IT education is one of our top priorities. For example, every employee throughout our organization must have at least the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification.

Q. How do you improve the customer experience?

With the use of cutting-edge technologies like Amazon Web Services (AWS), we leverage economies of scale and high availability that allows our customers to be more agile and better able to compete in this global economy. In addition, we internally utilize software robots and automation to be more responsive and predictive regarding customer needs.

Q. How do you deal with never-ending change?

It is a challenge. As a company, we embrace change but not just for the sake of change. There must be a strong business case, a clear strategic advantage, or economic value generated by the change. We evaluate technologies often but only recommend or implement those changes that will benefit our corporate objectives. At the end of the day, technology supports the business. By understanding our customer’s business goals, we do not waste time recommending solutions that do not fit our partner’s business objectives and needs.

Q. Do you have any new services that are ready to be launched?

We have seen an increase in questions and projects concerning migration to the cloud. Companies are starting to realize that moving services to the cloud is no longer if but when. Becloud is well-positioned to assist customers with the particulars of how this can be accomplished successfully and securely according to customer business requirements.

Q. What are your trajectories for the next five years?

BeCloud is continuing to build on our current Cloud Excellence strategies. For example, we have invested heavily in employee training and internal implementation of audit controls such as AWS Guard Rails and Best Practices. This, along with many other internal “Constant Improvement Programs,” will continue to position us as a leader in cloud migrations and cloud managed services. We are also increasing our Artificial Intelligence capabilities, serverless, and data lake offerings over the next few years.

Meet the leader behind the success of BeCloud

James Phipps is the Founder and CEO of BeCloud he has a master’s degree in information technology with a specialization in Enterprise Software Engineering. More importantly, he has over twenty years of experience in Information Technology and ten years of military service in the Air National Guard. This wealth and breadth of experience gives James the insight to lead a firm of technologists with an eye towards solving real world problems for customers.

“We pride ourselves on reducing cost, reducing risk, and providing experienced, qualified and trained IT staff to implement and support technology.”