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Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey with Venture Care

We are in the age of technology and innovation. Armed with quality education, many people today aspire to begin their entrepreneurial journey by addressing technology challenges through great solutions. But starting this journey can be tricky. Venture Care’s dedicated, experienced, and skilled professionals have created the launch pad, a one-stop solution to help you to start your business. 

Headquartered in Mumbai, India, Venture Care (VC) generates ideas, sparks actions, and quantifies time-bound results by providing tailored, practical and affordable solutions for the growth of businesses. If your dream as an entrepreneur or a business owner is to start as a small enterprise and reach the pinnacle, then Venture Care can help in each and every step to reach the goal and chart a growth path for you. The company is dedicated to turning good ideas into measurable change.

Originally founded in 2015, the Venture Care team today consists of Chartered Accountants, Business planner, Technocrats, Strategist, Senior Bankers, Company Secretaries, Tax Experts, and other professionals to help and guide business growth. With a vision of becoming the world’s leading Online Business Solutions Company, the Mumbai-based firm has established a culture that supports our team members so that they can provide exceptional services to all our valued clients.

The company launched its online portal in 2016 with the aim to provide business solutions easily to millions of companies and startups across India. On this portal, one can avail almost all of VC’s services and solutions online. With more than 50 services and product solutions, the company helps Plan, Launch, Manage, and Grow businesses via a distinct product portfolio that includes Idea Canvas, Launch Pad, Registrations, Intellectual Properties, On-Demand Solutions, and Digital Business Solutions. With access to these resources, many companies have been able to make the right decision at the right time.

VC can help entrepreneurs in executing their business plans and launch the company. The firm’s easy startup business ideas can help aspirants discover a business to fit their financial plan. To make this dream a reality, VC Smart-Start team gives you the necessary support through its chartered accountants, company secretaries, Intellectual Properties Expert, corporate lawyers, and business and tax consultants to cater to all the legal, financial and business services requirements in India and abroad. 

The company’s digital enterprise strategy and advanced analytics systems help it administer an all-inclusive range of quality services for a business at the lowest cost possible and with complete transparency. VC tailors its services to serve each client's specific requirements, rather than going for the one-model-that-fits-all policy. 

The VC Smart Start Package includes the five essential things an entrepreneur needs to get his/her business going. These five things are:

  • Business Model Development is the first product in VC Smart Start package. VC’s Business consultant helps you to choose the right business model which addresses the right questions of before getting started
  • Private Limited Company Registration is the second product in VC Smart Start package. Get the perfect fit of the organisation structure (business entity) for your business. Whether it’s a One Person Company, LLP, Private Limited Company, Public Limited Company or a special entity, VC registers all type of business entities
  • Logo Designing is the 3rd product in VC Smart Start package. Your Logo is the face of your Brand. Every business gets one chance to make the right first impression
  • Trademark Registration is the fourth product in VC Smart Start package. Be the owner of your Brand. Get the best Brand insurance for your business with Venture Care. The firm helps you protect your brand by trademark registration. Venture Care helps you to register your trademark and also support till registration with the Government of India
  • E-office is the fifth product in VC Smart Start package. VC helps you to take your business online with custom made all devices responsive website to full fill your business’s requirements. It includes a website, social channels and business emails. It provides advanced communication and collaboration tools to automate your business presence online

With a panel of highly skilled professionals, who are actively informed and well-networked in the industry, Venture Care also provides one-on-one sessions to address all needs of an entrepreneur over a span of six months. A detailed plan is chalked out right at the beginning, for an entrepreneur to define his/her objectives to be achieved by the end of these six months. Catering to a number of industries like retail, FMCG, IT, and e-commerce, Venture Care has an established network which accelerates a startups journey into becoming a commercial venture fast.

The Leader

CS Abhishek Kumar, Founder and CEO: Under his leadership, the Venture Care is experiencing fast growth. His ultimate goal is to reach 2000 clients and guide 500+ employees in the next 2 years. In addition to his key responsibilities of management and setting overall corporate and product strategy, he is always involved in the Business Services, Legal and Secretarial Service teams within the organization. He believes in acquiring knowledge and aligns his vision with the company's goals.

 “With more than 50 services and product-solutions, Venture Care helps Plan, Launch, Manage, and Grow businesses via distinct product portfolio that includes Idea Canvas, Launch Pad, Registrations, Intellectual Properties, On Demand Solutions and Digital Business Solutions.”